A CHAMP REFLECTS: The 2015 Overall Champion of the IFNB Anaconda, Raul Rubenez, quietly nurses out a thick load while awaiting registration.  Rubenez, who has been encouraged 
to step down from competing in the Anaconda, has been noticeably contemplative during registration.

There is something primal and amazing about watching a muscled brute flex his muscles so arrogantly that his cock spontaneously erupts in a flood of self-lusting cum.  The only thing more masculine is a bigger man with bigger muscles and an even bigger cock.  And when a pro-level naked bodybuilding contest receives "Elite Ranking" in the IFNB, bigger cock and muscle is exactly what shows up.  A contest that contained lesser pros and little fanfare can quickly explode into a majestic and epic battle of muscle and cock.  This has been the fate of the ever-expanding IFNB Anaconda, who has this year earned ranking as an Elite Pro competition and thus attracting big names like Douton, Neuville, and other mass and cock beasts to it's main stage.

Yet what does this sudden advance mean for the lesser pros?  Often they are forgotten quickly and must suffice with "Base Ranking" pro-level events. Rarely does a mid-range pro do well in Elite level events, which is why you so rarely hear these names until they achieve Elite status as a pro.

Which is why it is such a high risk that Raul Rubenez is competing in the 2016 Anaconda.  When he won the contest last year, the Anaconda was not yet an Elite event, and the level of competition, while pro-level, was not nearly as intense as the roster is growing this year.  Rubenez won and competes as a light-heavyweight, which also puts him at an added disadvantage against the larger competitors.

Many pro level trainers think Rubenez is only going to embarrass himself, and should instead stay content with having been the overall champion of 2015.  Early assessments suggest he couldn't break into the top 10 of the overall this year, considering the quality and size of the men competing.  Such a blow would be a humiliating defeat for a defending champion.  In fact, his primary competitive sponsor, Hackelberg's Domination Securities, Inc., is reportedly NOT funding Rubenez for the Anaconda  (Rubenez remains securely under contract with DSI, and does not lose his sponsorship package overall, however receives no specific funding for this competition.) Rubenez does have other sponsors, but the lack of Hackleberg funding will undoubtedly hamper an already shaky standing in the ranks.

Rubenez is known for working hard, and often uses his overwhelmingly potent sex drive to compensate for lack in size.  Under best conditions he has been known to time up to 14 cumshots perfectly at the peak of flexing (at the 2014 IFNB Cock Show), yet also very recently gave a lackluster showing with only 4 blasts in a final round (last year's Banho De Esperma, where he had a strong showing the previous year).  Even with a horny personality, Rubenez's competitive history as a pro shows that, with solid backing, he makes consistent improvements to his muscle and dick.  However, there is a reasonable argument to be made that that progress is uneven, and he can't represent a dominant position consistently.
  • 2010 Beef Boy Classic, Middleweight Teen 14th place; earns first sponsorship
  • 2012 Beef Boy Classic, Middleweight Teen 8th place
  • 2013: earns IFNB pro card at the PECS Sao Paolo Naked Bodybuilding Competition
  • 2013 Anaconda, 4th place Light Heavyweight 
  • 2014 IFNB Banho De Esperma, 2nd place Light Heavyweight
  • 2014 Anaconda, 2nd place Lighheavyweight and 4th Overall
  • 2014 IFNB CockFest Expo, Winner Rapid Reload event at the CumGames
  • 2014 IFNB Cock Show 1st place Lightheavyweight
  • 2015 IFNB Anaconda Overall Champion
  • 2015 IFNB Freakshow, 11th place Lightheavyweight
  • 2015 IFNB Grande Mexico, 1st place Lightheavyweight
  • 2015 IFNB Banho De Esperma, 9th place Light Heavyweight
Rubenez seemed completely positive when we spoke with him, yet when on his own during Anaconda registration seemed visibly reflective. This is truly a far reach for the young competitor, and his choice to defend his title may be a massive dent in his ability processing the pos-level sport.

"I love to fuck any hole," he smiled to us. "I will fuck anything, and the only thing I love more than fucking is when people admire me fucking. That is what got me started in this sport as a boy, and it still helps me improve. The muscle comes easy for me, and so I use my special gift of a cock to keep aheads. And I have wins to prove it."

But there no matter how potent a cock, his size may be a problem, We asked if he would use any new, rapid-growth chemicals in competition.

"RG [rapid-growth] cycles are unpredictable and I have never used them to win," he told us. "The require your best research and labs money can buy. I would never rule out an edge like that because some of the top elites have shown high grade RG dosing can be a huge advantage. So you never know with a man like me. I could rely on the amazing gifts I have, or you may see something totally surprising. But either way, I will not be defeated easily. You can believe what the critics say, but I am as Elite as any of these pros, even if I don't yet have Elite pro status. And that is all I have to show out there!"



  1. As Cockwatcher has pointed out in his commment of April 14th under S.A. Championships 3 - Pierre Douton, this photo of Rubenez and the previous one of him, with his muscles bulging out every which way, could be of two different studs. This reinforcess Cockwatcher's point that the pose is very important in allowing the fans to make a judgement.

    In fact I hated the first shot of him and I would have thought that the negative comments made under this second shot were more appropriate to the first picture of him.

    In fact, I think he looks quite good in this pic. But, he seems to be what Cockwatcher i am sure would classify as an "inveterate cock grabber". And so,once again we really have no clear picture of what this guy's cock actually look like. In this shot it looks pretty samll wheras in te first it looks stretched to breaking. As he seems to be the only "local" guy around at the moment, could we please have a full frontal nude shot of him with an erect tool clearly visible, similar to those of of Neuville and Douton in this same series, so that we can see what he really offers on the fuck-stick front. Big cocks tend to be an important component of winning, so what does this guy actually have by way of man-meat?

    1. I totally agree with the above. This guy is,up agaisnt some massive cocks this time. Douton and Neuville and possibly others, so we really need to see exactly what he has to offer. So please can we have a shot of him full frontal as Jason requests above?

  2. It all sounds very "iffy" about Rubenez. But as Jason says above he looks quite good in this shot. I'd go one further and say that I think he looks deliciously fuckable even if he is out of his leauge with the big guns (and monster dicks) depth. What the hell, not everyone can be a winner and Rubenez is a very attractive stud in his own right. I'd love to see some pictures of him in the gym, cock training with an NBA. If you've not got the message yet: me, I really dig this stud; his muscles just turn me on and given half a chance I'd fuck him myself at the drop of a hat.

  3. I think we should never rule anyone out, especially a performer with years of shows under his belt, and one that has (however inconsistently) thrown a huge cum game in the past. That said, because of his weight class and inconsistencies, I think it would be a long shot for him to pull to the top ranks with these other international level muscle stars. But Brazil, even at the top ranks, has traditionally been more appreciative of sexiness and actual sex stamina in its bodybuilding performance rankings, so that definitely plays into Rubenez’s strength as perpetually horny and utter shameless about his public sex acts.
    I know that in his spare time, Rubenez has been a proponent and spokesman for an off shoot of traditional capoeira called Dominio, that is done hard and nude, and involves not just dance-fighting, but also dominance-insertion and fuck-fighting between similarly athletic men. Gaining in popularity after being a rather underground phenomenon for years, the exhibition matches have finally started to be a part of the annual Carnival celebrations.

    1. Dot tell us more about fuck-fighting. I had never heard of it. What do the contestants actually do?

    2. Jason, Dominio looks like Capoeira, except the focus is on the contenders trying to force penetrate each other, and also be able to stand it.

      The moves are fluid and look similar to martial arts and dancing. However, many moves position the fighter with mouth wide open or ass checks spread. It is up tot he other contender to take advantage of these moves before the opponent changes position, and jam the full cock in throat or ass as FAST as possible and then start fucking as long as possible. The receiver must succumb and can only break off should the pace and rhythm break. Then the two continue the dance/fight until one or the other can force penetration.

      Often the penetrations are rigorous and even brutal. But the male honor of the game is maintained in being able to handle what is put upon each other.

      In Capoeira, often "winners' are assessed by the peers; those others watching decide the winner. This tradition is true of Dominio as well. The winner is chosen based on when an opponent misses a move or "falls" out of a move. The winner is declared by those in the circle, based on how well the fighter dealt with penetration, or how often the fighter penetrated.

      It is a simultaneously beautiful and yet erotically brutal form of sex fighting.

    3. Hey, RealBBer,

      Do you think Rubenez was trying to put some Dominio moves on Korosoev during Anaconda 9?

    4. pumpspurt:

      Nope. Not at all.

      Bodybuilding posing is a craft as much as a competitive sport. How a competitor executes is personal preference, and often takes cues off of their athletic history. Rubenez has a history in Dominio, and so obviously probably incorporates movements into his posing.

      But NO pro at THIS level would undermine his naked bodybuilding game by interfering without he sport's conduct. This is a sport; and as much as the alphas in the sport are the bosses of the game, they also maintain that domination over us by respecting and upholding the rules of that game. Competitors who have sex on stage or who detract from the proceedings are not just downscaled, they are often even removed from a chance at the win. Why would Rubenez – a seasoned pro, even if not Elite pro status – throw off his game just to "show off" skills in another sport that is not at all related here? makes no sense.

      However, of course, his movements are no doubt informed by his work in Dominio, definitely.

      But from what I have seen over the past five years of watching this sport: most of the antics and stories people post here are false, and while these pros definitely get into some intense sexual entanglements off stage, they do not disregard the sanctity of the sport as much as the fans gossip they do. Rubenez is a good competitor, and I am certain he is in this sport 100% to do his best and not detract, especially while on stage in competition.

  4. Now that Emmanuel Neuville, Hugo Cortes, Pierre Douton, and Yori Korozoev have discredited themselves on the eyes of many fans and judges, Rubenez has a better chance of a high placement in the Anaconda. And he has national pride on his side, he's a Brazilian and the Anaconda is being held in Brazil. Also, he takes an interest in Dominio, a uniquely Brazilian sport, and he enjoys the easy-going life of the country, especially the frankness about public sex. These are external factors, not specifically about muscle mass, cock size, posing, and cum shots, but Rubenez has those talents, too. He is a former Anaconda champion. He did it before, he can do it again.

    I'm not putting all my cards on the table for Rubenez ... yet ... for one thing, I want to know what he was up to when he was posing on stage with Korozoev. Depending on what he did, he might score points with me big time. But I am shying away from Neuville -- of whom I once had great hopes -- Cortes, Douton, and even Korozoev, of whom bonerbroXXXL wrote so well in his post to Anaconda 8. By their actions, these four men have shown that they do not have the character required of and IFNB champion.

    Paulette is strong, Coach Cox has posted about Buck's admirable behavior at Universidade do Rio.
    Or Ramierez might rise up. His goofy smile, big ears and lop-sided scrotum don't work in his favor, but his physique and cock are manly, balanced, and powerful.

    With Neuville, Cortes, Douton, and Korozoev having shamed themselves for the unprovoked attack they made on Os Quatro Galos -- even though no charges have been brought, itself an outrage, nor any reprimand or punishment from the IFNB, another outrage -- the field seems open for a new generation. Let it come.