TOP NAME, TOP FORM: Fans were excited to learn that Pierre Douton 
has registered to compete in this year's IFNB Anaconda,
bringing one of his best overall packages to date.  

When you see the thick muscle of super pro naked bodybuilder Pierre Douton, all men are stricken with envy and intimidation.  yet when you add to it the hole-ruining super cock, you can see why he aggressively insists all men pay him tribute.  Known to literally slap fans in the face with his seemingly perpetually-hard dong, Douton is deeply compelled by the power his perfection holds over men.

How does Douton get away with such unyielding – and sexually humiliating – exertion over his fans yet remain so popular?  His body chemistry is so altered due to years of chemical enhancements that he emits levels of male pheromone that literally renders those within a short distance of him sexually docile and intensely – even frantically – hyper aroused.  That's right: his very body chemistry as a beast-muscled, beast-cocked mega man incites automatic arousal and submission, undermining even the most ardent of resisters.

It is a common side effect experienced by man top pros, resulting from the mega-cycles of secret experimental chemistry they use to become our physical superiors.  And Douton has built his impressive winning career using on this power to assert his superiority over men.  The results are a system of training and competition prep that have kept him among the most elite ranks for the IFNB pro circuit.

It is understandable, then, that Douton remains one of the most unpredictable competitors on the professional naked bodybuilding circuit.  Drunk on his own physicality and possessing a libido that seems inexhaustible, he represents a true alpha in body, in dick power, and in attitude.  And this predisposes him to be one of the biggest opportunists in the sport, often experimenting and surprising peers with his aggressive and intense methods.  Sometimes they have worked against him, yet clearly they mostly work in his favor.  Douton knows this sport.

Which is why when the brute appeared unannounced at and registered in the Anaconda, fans were simultaneously shocked and ecstatic.  Mouton traditionally reserves his best competition form for latter in the year, but apparently has decided on an early-season pro event – and he is coming in looking amazing!

Thicker and fuller than even his impressive appearance at the last Mr. Alpha, Douton's dangerous fuck stick looks even more terrifying than every.  Clearly his cock training has shifted to girth, and his pain-inducing hole-raper is the kind of truly male con the judges will undoubtedly favor.  Considering Douton's posing and cum work is typically his best asset, it is exciting to see him in the ranks of the South American contest.




    One of my favorites and he is looking SOLID this outing!

  2. I am waiting anxiously to see how many consecutive loads he can let off

  3. I am waiting anxiously to see how many consecutive loads he can let off

  4. I have to say that on the whole I am not a great fan of Douton, However, this shot of him makes me think about revising my views. He really looks magnificent here and it is great that we are moving towards competitors with massive,well proportioned fuck-meat. What a magnificent cock Douton has! This is a testimony to the Blog mantra that biggest is best; but always providing that it is well proportioned and Douton certainly is that. He will surely give Neuville a run for his money.

    I quite like the Russian guy too but the previous winner of the Anaconda is not at all to my taste. He is just too disjointed in his muscularity. And he grabs his dick which makes it difficult to judge just what his fuck-stick looks like. From the shot we see above, my guess is that his cock is too long and too thin to be a real winner. I could be wrong of course. Who was he up against last time when he won?

    nce again, the pose is everything. and to make a sensible judgement we really need to see all the guys in a similar pose. Whilst it is, of course, a rock-hard shaft which we all like to see, it would be worthwhile showing all contestants with their meat soft. Some guys look terrific when hard but have cocks which hang there like a limp dish rag when soft: totally unattractive. But others, who are lucky enough to have that wonderful rubbery quality to their tools, can look very atttractive when soft as their cocks leave their bodies and hang down in a sort of parabolic curve rather then just hanging there limply. Perhaps we could have some shots which concentrste just on the contestants cocks. Let's face it fans, cocks are of prime importancce in this sport.

    1. Mouton can be easy to dislike, but as a champion he doesn't even care. He sees himself as a male superior and – let's be real – he truly is that. But even still, not every fan of the sport is a fan of Douton.

      I was like your for a long while, and didn't like the dude. But he has 100% won me over these past few years. I still think he can be a little bit of a loose cannon, but overall he improves and dominates in a way that I think is exemplary of what this sport is all about - ESPECIALLY in attitude, but certainly in physique and cock.

      And I agree that what he seems to be bringing to this year's Anaconda is Douton at his best.

      But WHY DIDN'T HE BRING THIS QUALITY TO THE MR. A LAST YEAR???? While I can't answer why he didn't, it does show how Douton is his own man with his own mind in this game, and so sometimes does the totally unexpected.

      And where he wins is his posing. He is one of the best posers – especially cum poses – in the game today, and a photo can't do is work justice.

    2. I did say that I had revised my views on Douton having seen the above pose, which shows him in a very good light. The previous recent pose of him in a car with his cock sticking out of his pants makes him look totally unpalatable,in my view. But I would,like to make a point I have brought up several times in the past, which is that the pose we see influences our (mine anyway) judgement enormously. One can read what one wants into the supposed ability and performance on stage to cum at will and to synchronise it with their flexing (Look mom! No hands!!) BUT we the fans do not see that. All we see are the images presented to us by the blog and I make my judgement based purely on these as the rest is just hear-say.

      So from the present crop of pics, I would say that in my eyes, Neuville is without doubt the top cock, equal to tha magnificent "iron man" posee of Monza we saw some time ago. For me he has the edge on the mighty dick of Douton. In fact for me he is the top contender at the moment; I simply like him better that I like Douton. And to cite another case, the guy who won last time, Rubenez looks terrible in his first pose as one fan commented about that shot,(and I agree with him) but today we have another shot of him and he looks quite luscious even though he is still grabbing his dick (I would forbid it totally as one gets no true impression of the size and shape of a stud's man-meat when it is distorted by being squeezed in a hand).

      And so I come back to my regular assertion: the pose is everything and can greatly influence what we the fans think. I do hope that the editors take heed of this and show us all the top guys together in the same pose - and with no grabbed dicks either !!!

    3. Well Cockwatcher, in the absence of Neuville from the latest line-up, if you read my latest comment on the latest line-up pic number 16 of today's date, then our friend Douton here is top cock. He has never been exactly my favourite person, but to be fair, he is a terrific stud and what a cock!

      But just to pip you at the post, I am sure you would nevertheless give the top cock award to the unseen Neuville, as his dick is dead straight, whereas Douton's has a slight curve: a very slight curve, but at curve nonetheless which detracts from perfection. But me, I’d forgive the curve as Douton has asuperb set of balls, which more than compensate for other slight “imperfections”.

      But what the line-up shot shows is the importance of seeing all the competitors one against the other in the same pose. It the only wa we can make a rational judgement.

      I had just written the above when I back-tracked and saw the latest news about Korzoev outdoing Paulette So what the fuck do any of us really know? . This blog is one surprise after another, which ia waht makes it so fascinating,

  5. So, RealBBer, Jason and Cockwatcher, we have all , in fact, thrown away our initial reservations about Douton and come around to the same view: Douton, in spite of his less than attractive ways, is at the end of the day a really great stud. One of the absolute winners of the present day line up.

    And just look at him in this shot. He has a perfect physique, which is beautifully balanced and symmetrical and as for his man-meat. It is all but perfect (I know Cockwatcher what you would say; to be 100% his cock should be dead straight. But come on, CW, give credit where it is due. He looks absolutely terrific the way he is and he has a marvellous set of nuts to boot. I think that the thing about this pose by Douton which makes him so attractive is the fact that he is not exaggerating his muscles by adopting some exaggerated stage pose. He just looks so beautifully natural. Now it may well be that this is not enough for an on stage performance, but it conveys very graphically what an exception figure this guy cuts. I just love this shot of him.

    What is surprising is that so few fans have thought it worthwhile to comment on this superb shot of an Alpha. I never understand why some shots attract few comments and others many.

    1. I just want to add that I think that it is great that some of us fans are willing to modify our first thoughts on a guy in the light of subsequent revelations about him It is great that we do not all have our initial thoughts engraved in immutable stone.

      What I find sad recently is the utter venom with which some fans present their views. I won't name names, but I am sure that we all know to whom I am alluding.