CAN'T KEEP A GOOD COCK COVERED:  While the reigning Mr. Alpha JK Roher shows great patience
 tolerating the need to wear clothed in certain places, he nonetheless refuses to cover the official top cock on the planet
while crossing the tarmac towards his latest flight on his Perfect Man Lecture Tour.

The common rules of body exposure are an everyday life are a problem for all top professional naked bodybuilders in the game, but perhaps no one has a harder time with it than a reigning Mr. Alpha.  While the average pro naked bodybuilder can commend financial sponsors to create living spaces where they can exist nude nearly all the time, the Mr. A's are often traveling out of their personal freedom zones.  And it is in this travel that any naked bodybuilder struggles with being suddenly dressed, let alone the angst caused by covering up what is considered the ultimate alpha male body in the world!

Recently, the fan-savvy reigning two-time Mr. Alpha, JK Roher, held one of this traveling tours.  Eight cities, small audiences and high price seating are a theme he has used before in his many, many publicity junkets, so fans were not surprised to learn that each leg of the tour would allow only 100 fans attendance for exorbitantly high pricing.  (Recently a ticket was resold for $12,000!  While that is NOT the selling price, it shows how desperate fans are to experience the perfect make power of Roher in the flesh.)

Sponsored by Kneel Cock Training Systems, the brand responsible for many popular pieces of cock training stim equipment you'd see in any cock training session, The Perfect Man Tour is hitting smaller cities and venues which means Roher has had to deal with local pushback on his ability to be naked during travel.  While all his flights are in private jets, his problems have not been in the air but on the ground: at airports he has been requested to get dressed – and as we all know it is deeply disrespectful to request a perfect alpha to do something agains their will, certainly not cover their perfect male bodies!

But Roher, always a man friendly to his public, has taken it all in stride with a sense of humor.  "It's their loss," he quips.  "Gazing at my perfection is a favor to anyone who sees me.  If an idiotic moron requests not to see how amazing I look, they are only harming themselves!"

Roher has been stubborn about his willingness to cover up one piece of anatomy, however: his monster cock.  He has frequently let his thick fuck pole wave proud and hard as he crosses the tarmac, refusing to be pressured to cover his frightening-yet-hypnotizing dong.

"What makes me better than all of you is not just my amazing body or my amazing cock," he smiles.  "What makes me your superior is that I have the best combination of muscle and cock.  Either one alone is amazing, but my combination is why you all love me.  So in a sense, my dick is my edge, and I refuse to hide the thing that brought me to the point of superiority that I am.!"



  1. What I really love about these guys, is their modesty!!! Although I admire their bodies a their cocks, I reckon that to spend any time, one on one, with many of them would make me sick. I don't think I could stand their self adulation.

    1. I think it's great. Always showing off his cock proves he's an alpha pro. In the photo it looks like women and girls are boarding. I am assuming he got off with a warning because of his friendliness, youth, good looks, and most importantly, his sense of humor. I almost always live naked 24/7 . I want others to see my large muscular body and huge cock. I am an assistant coach at a community college and I am naked a lot in my office and in the locker room. I know my nickname is "Long Dong Boner." My nudity helped locate the original members of my NB team. At night I am always naked for the following: driving including getting in and out of the SUV, the NB workouts with the team, workouts at the gym which supports NB, my favorite bar, the nearby convenience store, visiting friends, jogging - walking in the neighborhood, and running on the campus track. During the day (naked) I leave the windows open, go in my backyard where I can be seen from the path on the hill above, work in the garage with the door open, and drive naked. During the day I only wear micro mesh shorts with the lining cut out so when I walk or jog and sweat they become semi transparent and my huge cock can be seen. I avoid women and girls because I want no trouble. On hiking trails my friendliness has prevented problems when I accidently run into females. I also promote being naked 24/7 to my NB team. All of them arrive naked at the gym at 10 pm. Because they are budding alpha males, some have reported working out naked in their gyms with the door open. They also want to promote NB and inspire young men to join. The father of 2 team members attended Roher's Perfect Man Lecture in Palm Springs at a downtown hotel. Roher's and 100 men were naked. In the course of the lecture, 24 attendees had their mouths fucked or their assholes plowed by the monster cock. Roher's decided how his monstrous cock would be used and with whom, and when, whether the attendee was ready or not. The dad was violently pounded and almost passed out, but said it was worth the $10,000. he paid for the 2 hour session. Men not chosen were disappointed. As Roher was leaving the Palm Springs Airport, he was asked to put away his massive dong. The gays in attendance booed.

    2. Some guys have fantasies about dominance.
      Some of those fantasies include men who are cocky and arrogant.
      This site is full of that version of the dominance fantasy.
      I find it hot. A lot of guys do. Especially when coupled with sexual aggression and massive muscle.
      And apparently, the creators get off on it too.
      It's cool if you don't like depictions of arrogant brutes, but this blog seems to cater to a different taste. It's so consistently the way the IFNB is portrayed, there's no use in constantly pointing out how you don't like it. These guys do, and they're doing this (presumably) to get off on their fantasy. Not your style? No worries. But no need to disparage what is not only a lot of guys' fantasy persona, but also what this series is themed on.
      You're like someone in a hardware store complaining about the lack of dishes.
      If you are turned off to cocky, arrogant, aggressive, self-assuming power studs, then you are not turned on by a major theme that runs through this blog.
      The rest of us find it dead sexy.

  2. Roher is right; keeping his amazing body covered is a loss. And it is too bad that antiquated morality does not allow these phenomenal paradigms of masculinity to truly show why they need to be revered. I think in some cases, the only route to challenging and changing the prudish and unenlightened is what Roher and the other NBBs are doing – getting in their faces, forcing them to see their amazing cocks, and proudly cumming on themselves and those around them when they feel like it and when they have to.

    We all know the story of why the Denver airport lets bodybuilders be nude – then Mr. Alpha, Dan Otter was returning home through the airport, completely nude, at the same time a plane of Colorado state delegates were returning. The outraged governor, state attorney general and Denver police chief confronted the nude and hard Otter in the middle of the concourse, leading to a rumble. However, due to the overwhelming pheromones released by Otter and his posse of trainers and assistants, the rumble “devolved” into a muscle and cock worship orgy. The resulting scandal ended all of those politicians’ careers at the time, but not before the governor passed the appropriate legislation to let Otter (and his ilk) to show themselves fully to the public. The attorney general upheld the ruling, though ultimately left politics and his wife to work as a cock trainer after getting hooked on muscle sperm.

  3. Now that the Community College in Los Angeles where I coach NB has a Phys. Ed. dept. that is totally clothing optional, my team members and students are allowed to be naked from the time they arrive and until they leave the dept. This became possible when students petitioned the president of the college, who happens to be its biggest doner. His 18 year old grandson, Elwood Cooper, has joined my team and at 6', 4", with a 12" dong and muscular body, he is quite popular with the team. His straight grandfather has committed to giving him anal stim., and jizz, anally and orally, to give him potent family jizz to help with cock and muscular growth. With a 12" dong, team members and students in the wrestling and NB daytime courses, seek him out for sphincter stretching. In addition to the weight room, Elwood has been seen fucking students in the hallway, the locker room, sauna, showers and in the parking lot. He admires Roher and wants to live the life of an alpha male. He's taken to living naked 24/7 throughout the entire campus. As the grandson of the president, the owner of a thick 12" cock and envious physique, no one complains. He has been seen stroking his dong in classrooms and outside the Phys. Ed. area. He likes his 15" hard dong swinging as he strolls around campus. Some of the other NB and wresting students have begun testing the waters and walking about campus naked. Their muscular bodies and 8" + cocks indicate they are the NB and the wrestling coach's students. I've also begun getting about campus naked once I heard about my students. I want male students to see my naked muscular body and fat 11" dong, in order to promote NB. The 60 year old president, a bodybuilder and in excellent shape, recently walked naked from his office to my office with his 12" cock swinging. The students in general are familiar with the campus' tolerance for nudity, so the president was met with jeers, which made his cock an erect 14". When he got to my office, he plowed my asshole in order to release the tension. His jizz spurted in my hole. I cleaned his cock with my tongue.

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  5. At Community College, an unwritten policy allows NBs to access the entire campus, classrooms, and the cafeteria, naked at all times. This was something a student by the name of Andrew Martinez tried to get support for years ago at Berkeley. On campus he was naked and in class he wore only a bandana. My newest NBA is on a tennis team. Because he is a NBA, he can play naked and is the only one. Showing off his body has given him an inner strength and his playing has gotten better because his nudity intimidates his opponents. Attendance has spiked upwards and the tennis team is receiving larger supporter donations. Doners like taking selfies with the muscular, hard dicked, tennis player. Some of the NB team and class members, and even myself, have begun attending matches. We are popular with the crowd and also pose for selfies. I like attending because people quickly find out I am the coach for NB and it gives me the opportunity to promote NB one on one. At the matches and on campus young men frequently stop me to ask questiions and admire my large, muscular body and 13 erect inches. I now live naked 24/7. I work out naked at home with the garage open so the neighbor's can see, I leave my blinds open, I shop on-line and meet delivery, and repair men naked. In the early mornings I jog naked in the neighborhood. In the evening I get gas, go to my favorite convienence store, go to my favorite bar, go to gyms, and always drive naked. When friends and family visit they know I will be naked. I am a strong, real man, and I want my naked muscular body and cock to be seen. I am proud of it and I've worked hard. I am committed to NB and I want to share my body in public and with as many NBs as possible.