A TASTE OF SUCCESS?  The youngest-ever IFNB Pro, Yann Perrod, in a promo shot for the new party service
enterprise he is signed on with.  Period has a short history with pro naked bodybuilding, but a long history 
with attempts at  creating instant fame.

One of the longest cocks in the IFNB game belongs to a naked bodybuilder with one of the shortest careers, the young Yann Perrod, who made history being the first teen naked bodybuilders to turn pro.  Yet before he became a pro, Perrod was growing in fame due to his enormous cock and huge size for such a young man.  But much of his career has been colluded with privatized labs and industry sponsors who have funded the young star's rapidly rising career.  When he was still very young, Perrod was at one point signed by seven labs and 6 corporate sponsors, earning him the dismissive nickname of "Lab Rat" by fans not won over by the excitement of the idea of a teenage pro.

While Perrod's disparaging nickname is not as frequently used and his fan base grows, his lust for attention and fame continues to lure him into more and more enterprises, some of which succeed but many of which falls far short of winning him respect on the circuit.

For example, last year his ads for the ThrottleBench, a bench press with a motorized "anal stim" machine saw the hapless young muscle in the ad video trying to bench press 430 lbs while a fuck machine with a 20" dildo throttled his ass.  ThrottleBench failed as a company, but the videos of him being machine fucked remained out there, which many felt were an embarrassment to a man trying to represent himself as a muscle alpha.

Then there was his misfire working in a cum bar in 2015.  on the open market, enhanced sperm like Perrod's is so potent as to sells for roughly $1,200 per ounce, but price was not regulated in his contract and the pro semen was often sold at an embarrassingly low price of $150 per ounce.  Stuck in his contract, Perrod's high value spunk was undersold for three months before he was able to get out of the deal.

But in spite of these blunders, he has had successes as well.  And he is hoping being hired as the newest naked bodybuilder spokesperson for SpunkParties, LLC will be one of those golden opportunities.  SpunkParties is a high-price catering service that provides "cum-based cocktails and naked muscle entertainers" for high priced party-throwers.

"We are so exited to have young Mr. Perrod as the first ever IFNB pro naked bodybuilder to work for our premium service," the SpunkParties press release stated.  But why is Perrod the first?  Mainly due to the frequency of times SpunkParties wealthy patrons hire muscled studs to be used as fuckholes at group parties.  Most pro bodybuilders, eager to secure their perception as male alphas, try to tear clear of reputations that maker them seem less than dominant.

"I't amazing serving my cum to dozens of hungry men at these events," Perrod told us.  "I am one of the most perfect men in the world, and my perfect cock deserves that level of attention.  I think it's a great company."

When asked if he had yet been one of the aforementioned pass-around fuck bitches at a private party , Perrod dodged the question: "No matter what, I am an alpha," he said.  "SpunkParties is a great sponsor, and they bring muscle directly to the clientele in a real way."

As always, it's hard to tell if Perrod is a savvy self-marketer or a naked bodybuilding sell-out.



  1. Personally I see him as a savvy young self promoter. I would love to see images of him being used as a fuckhole at parties. He is a pro NB and older. Now for someone who is green.
    One of my NB college team members originally wanted to be an assistant NB. Because of his age, I talked him out of it. He read Lifestyle 5 and called me. First, as the coach of a community college NB team I am not promoting substances from labs. That's a choice my students can make upon graduation. The 18 year old has a large cock and is making considerable progress on his muscular body. I've plowed his asshole many times to give him anal stim. He loves to be pounded by large, muscled, huge dicked bodybuilders. One workout session he brought in a Throttle Bench fuck machine with a 15" dildo and was impressively fucked while doing bench presses. He had an enormous hard on and bathed his workout partner's body, hands free, with cum, when he finished his sets. Some of the team members lined up to be fucked by the machine. The 18 year old would like to contact Spunk Parties and be used as a fuck hole at group parties. He sees Yann Perrod as a role model, and sees himself as on his way to being an alpha male. He would like Yann's massive cock shoved us his asshole. His father, who supports IFNB, sees him, and his team member brother, as alpha males. He fucked them at a recent visitor training session to prove they are alpha. The father would also like Yann's dick to impale him doggy style. I would recommend that the 18 year old wait until he graduates to contact Spunk Parties.

  2. For me, Perrod belongs to that group of young studs who, a few years ago, went all out for cock length rather than balance. Another guy who has the same problem, is the now forgotten Chris Garter. Just look how unattractive Perrod looks grabbing at his dick. It gives the impression that it is not strong enough to stand up by itself.

    Fortunately since the Perrod phenomenon when he dominated the scene, we have learned much more sense and to appreciate balance much more. And that goes for muscle as well as cock.. I reckon Perrod is going to fade into obscurity as far at the sport is concerned. There are lots of studs out there who are a darned sight better looking and better equipped. Sorry Yann, but I call ‘em as I see ‘em.

    1. I agree with a lot of what you said. And it's good to have a fellow long-time fan on here who remembers 5-6 years back the young dudes all trying to grow long dong without balance.

      But the only place I disagree is whether Perrod will disappear. Two reasons: first, since he has turned pro, he has done a lot of tweaking to his cock/muscle balance and is a lot better than when he was younger. Second, his young age: he has a LOGN career ahead of him> And last: his relentless self-promotion.

      I think we're prolly stuck with him for a while. I get tired of his false-alpha antics frequently, but have realized he is probably gonna keep popping up, along with that monster long fuck pole off his.

    2. You may of course be right about Perrod. He is and ‘under your nose’ type so he may well be successful, but he and his ilk are not for me.

      What I find a bit sad about the blog, which is a terrific site, by the way, is that we seem to be revisiting what I might terms ‘the old lags’ all the time and new faces and cocks, often interesting, appear only once and are never heared of again. I find this particularly sad, for many of these ‘one timers’ are younger less well developed guys who are clearly not Alphas but who are nonetheless really attractive young studs. Couple this with the notes provided by the editors on each new shot, I think the blog frightens off young amateurs studs who would like to develop their man-meat and bodies but who have not got the time r money to do so fulltime. It’s no good telling young guys that they need to spend 24/7 on the sport. It just puts people off.

      Let’s face facts, with the amount of dedication needed to become a Paulette or
      a Monza, the sport has to become your whole life, but many guys, most in fact, have to work for a living. So I think that the site ought to try to encourage younger amateur guys to adopt the sport at a different level of intensity. Among these many guys will be one or two who will drop their other commitments and become fulltime pros.

      Now for such young amateurs, it is precisely the younger less well developed guys who figure on the blog for time to time, who might act as role models. Such guys just do not have the intimidating physiques of the true Alphas and show young outsiders what they could reasonably aspire to as amateurs.

      To give you a specific example: I just love the young guy Greg Corvin with his slight physique and truly lovely cock. 2014 Mr. Alpha. Alphafest Expo 1. He actually merited a better pic than this one, where his trainer, Will Enevet, stands beside him with his dick sticking out of his jeans. He just looks totally ridiculous. Why the fuck do they do tthngs like that? If they are on the blog in such shots, then they should be stark naked.

      Anyway, this young stud has all the characteristics of a role model who could inspire amateurs. His physique and his cock are both at levels which young amateurs could eventually aspire to themselves. They are not intimidating like the true Alphas. Take a look at Douton’s latest shot and ask yourself whom that would inspire. He would just frighten off any aspiring NBB. – he actually frightens me…... So what has become of Greg Corvin? Who knows? He is just one of those guys who appeared once and then disappear forever. Frankly I would like to see more attention paid to such a potential role models than to rehash the old faithfuls all the time. But I suspect mine is a voice in the wilderness. So shut up Cockwatcher and just watch cocks!

    3. Actually, I disagree that what you find discouraging is a drawback to the site. I actually find it a GOOD thing.

      I follow "non naked" bodybuilding (as it is referred to here – the "real world" bodybuilding), and there revery, very often guys who get promoted who aren't the best, dudes who keep popping up who are obnoxious, and other dudes who are amazing that seem to just disappear from the scene. That is one of the quirky elements to "real" bodybuilding that this site always captures really well. To those of us entrenched in what bodybuilding is like, this only makes the IFNB world seem all that much more realistic. Sure, it would be more fun to only see the guys and pics and stories that are the most personally interesting, but the fact that they put the flaws in the mix makes this world seem more realistic.

      In real life, you can't always get what you want, even when getting served up what you ordered! I think it is a clever and canny ploy that the creators of this world had that insight; that to make this seem more real to us, the fans, they had to also make the IFNB world follow some of the rules of the "real world."

      So, I empathize totally with your yearning and frustration that they emphasize some athletes more than others, but it is the sheer fact that they don't that makes this site so compelling. You;re not guaranteed a home run every time – just like real life. But what is clever is how the sew these "flawed" storylines and characters into he mythology of their world so authentically. It truly mimics real life, and that is why this fantasy site is so much more compelling than typical muscle sex fantasies, which just serve up "only the good parts' and none of the reality.

      What keeps this serial going is what keeps any good work of fiction rolling: conflict. Things aren;t perfect in the IFNB world, nor in how that world id "covered' by the IFNB Report. And this creates a sense of conflict, anticipation, eagerness and excitement beyond just the hot pics and tales.

      As much as I agree with you, Clockwatcher, that it would be awesome to see certain things and characters more than others, in the end I would rather it the way it is because of how it makes the world seem more believable.

      And believability seems to be one of the things they play with in this serial. SO as much as it is frustrating to see certain guys and stories over and over, I don't see ti as a lag at all, but rather as a clever way to bring believability to an amazing idea.

    4. I appreciate your long and thoughtful commentary. What I find a bit sad is that we so often see really super-looking young studs (at least in my eyes) who have but one appearance and then like the snow in spring, disappear without a trace. I would like to see more follow-through on this type of 'non star' competitor. Don't get me wrong; I really like the blog, but, but that does not mean that it could not be improved.

      For instance, what has happened to the delicious looking Greg Corvin or that other Greg, Greg Stone, I think as his name. He was the guy who provoked an avalanche of comments when he appeared wearing (in my view a very handsome and becoming) triple cock ring. We saw him once again, at the Dragoncock, I think it was, but since then he too has disappeared. So what happens to guys like this?

    5. I am betting that the most accurate response is two-parts; one style and one substance.

      These guys take pics from around the web and photoshop them together. That process is not as easy as they make it seem. (Which is why some shots occasionally seem a little clumsy while others are amazing.) So I imagine that sometimes they have a face or body from a photo and no other duplicates around. With only ONE photo of someone to modify, you can't get upset that they can't make more. It's not like they have models and photographers providing new shots of people. So the shot of Greg Corvin was probably just that – a single shot they found, enhanced, and posted, but they have no other way of really creating any NEW Corvin shots. Expressing frustration over and over is unfair; these guys can;t always control the stock they work with, and some to be working really hard with what they got. Perhaps what you should be upset about is that they can only FIND one photo of Corvin. It is NOT some neglect or deficit on the part of the creators, so you should probably stop pointing it out as if they are willfully not pursuing one guy or another. They simple can't "create" shots that don't have an original to work from.

      The second reason may be style, as I mentioned in my previous comment. I think there is NO need for improvement, as there is no deficit created when you get a one-off. That is realistic; in the "real world/ this happens. As frustrating as it is to not get more of what we want, that is just reality, and the fact that they play it off so well is actually an ASSET. Would I like to see them pursue more of the characters they create? Sure. Do I think it is a problem that they don't? Nope. That makes it real.

      Rather than obsessing about a shot or two from long ago, and constantly dragging down the mood because things don't fit what you like, maybe look at the REAL situation these guys are working within. I've worked in photo manipulation myself, and what they are accomplishing is a TON of effort and wildly effective.

      Let it drop. Let Corvin drop. It was a one time deal; they prolly only had a photo or two of that dude to work from.

      It's one thing to suggest an improvement to what they CAN control. But don't suggest a improvement for something that is, literally, impossible for them to accomplish.

  3. My college NB team feel they would be great role models. They would like the editors to come to a training session and take photos of them working out, sucking, fucking, and shooting cum. They also want to go to the fall Freaxpo and strut naked with large raging hardons among the fans to show off their development and to inspire other college students. Their work as role models began Friday night at our first annual Community College Competition in the gym. The campus is closed for spring break. Over 90 audience members attended naked: friends, brothers, dads, uncles, my naked gym buds, and some of my bar pals. With no privacy in the gym, attendees mingled among the team members and volunteered to provide oral and anal stim. The team members behaved as true alphas, roughly fucking mouths, pounding asses and demanding to be fucked by the largest cocks available. A father and his 2 team member sons shoved their large cocks into each other's mouths and assholes. The father believes that jizz from a family member gives a bigger boost. The straight team member prefers anal stim and stayed hard during the entire prep hour. During the second hour the 16 members posed, flexed and shot cum using hands, on the appreciative audience. Prize money was donated by the dads and uncles. The younger son fucked by his dad won first place, cumming 2 times hands free. 2nd place was a tie - the older brother cumming once (family jizz seems to make a difference) hands free, and the straight student also cumming once hands free. Afterwards, the 3 winners got to savage my asshole before the crowd. Then the other 13 members held me down and each ripped into my asshole and each shoved their large cocks into my gagging mouth. When they were done, the straight student shoved his face into my ass and sucked out all the jizz and swallowed it. He wanted to consume the cum of budding alphas. The first place winner pounded the asshole of the straight student as the latter emptied my hole. Not to be outdone, the winning brother shoved his father down on all fours next to me and pounded his asshole brutally. I accepted 4 new large dicked, muscular students as members, after I pounded each one, on the spot, and also started a waiting list. I told the crowd to be alpha and go home naked and stroking. Most of them did, some walking. It was after 2 a.m. The competition started at 10 pm.

    1. Correction: The actual title was 2016 Naked Bodybuilding Community College Competition. As coach, I am promoting naked bodybuilding, huge cocks, big muscles, total nudity 24/7, and being an alpha male. My program is a stepping stone for students wanting to get into amateur, Teen, and pro IFNB competitions. Following is how some of the 18 - 20 year olds are dealing with their commitment to NB. The team meets M, W, F from 10pm - 12 am in the college weight room for intense muscle workouts, and cock and anal stim. No enhancements are used by the team. Once a student leaves, he may choose to use them. Prospective team members must have at least a minimum cock length of 8" soft, a muscular body, and to prove alpha potential, must submit to having their asshole pounded by my huge cock. I know most of the team will not go pro, but as much as possible they want to live the lifestyle. Upon graduation, some of them will continue training by joining the gym I go to where NB is supported. I am there T& Th nights and my workout buds are eager to have their mouths and assholes pounded by the large cocks of the naked college educated studs. Others will continue to train on their own at home gyms, and in garages with the door open, to display their huge cocks and promote NB to neighboring young males. Friends, brothers, fathers and uncles are volunteering to act as assistants. I've heard some friends and brothers are fighting to see who will have a cock shoved down their throat or their asshole plowed first. Students still in college train on their own on T & Th. The 2 brothers supported by their father have lived all their lives naked 24/7 except in classes. They have worked out naked with their father since middle school. After attending a visitor training session, and since his sons are 18 & 19, he has begun pounding and cuming in their assholes and cuming in their mouths with his enormous dong to provide stim and to give them an edge on cock growth with family jizz. The sons also plow their father's mouth and asshole with their huge cocks to build their alpha maleness. The father will financially support their path to becoming IFNB pros. The straight student doesn't have the support the brothers have, but he is a true alpha with an enormous cock and will do what it takes to become a pro. He realizes he will be groped, felt up, and fucked by many men as a college muscle stud, but he knows he has "to keep taking it and let them train his hole until one day he is a top muscle pro," (Clark Frez, USA, Amateur Spotlight 8, 4/14/14). He has also acquired a taste for cum and supports (as the rest of the team does) my belief that cum swallowed and taken up the ass helps with cock growth. He has swallowed and taken cum up his asshole from me and all 15 of the other teammates.For the above 3 students I am providing them the environment to transition to an IFNB alpha.

    2. After reading your long accounts, I ask myself what your comments have to do with this blog. You tell us about what you and your buddies are doing, but I don't see that this is relevant to this blog at all. Surely the comments section should have remarks relevant to the subjecr matter of the blog and not just be a forum for people like you to tell us about your ongoing copulative activities.

      It is allfantasy as you yourself said in one of your many pieces somewhere, but, frankly, your fantasy is just so totally unbelievable that I recommend that you 'TELL IT TO THE MARINES' Please spare us any more stories of how you wear out your massive cock in the interests of your 'students'

    3. Anonyme, have you read the Participation Guidelines? I feel I am following them. I answer the questions and use them as a jumping off point to incorporate elements mentioned in the guidelines, older blog entries, "accounts of my own naked bodybuilding," as well as my own fantasies, in keeping with the theme of the questions. You are the only person who has complained about my entries. When I read your remarks I sense anger and impatience. If I remember correctly your main focus is massive cocks, but the blog is broader than that, and the editors would like more participation. I was concerned your negativity killed off the blog when it took over a month to see new entries. I love this blog. If you want to "control" a blog, create your own. I will continue to contribute and as the editors say: "help us flesh out this world and make it always seem more real for you." I AM guilty of long entries. If you don't like what I write, skip my entries. Encourage men, support their fantasies, don't tear them down. The editors work hard and deserve lots of viewers and participants. From "Aspects to Keep in Mind," Please don't harsh on people's enjoyment to grind your own personal axe of distaste."

    4. So you have now added clairvoyancy to your many other attribute.

      I have really no idea how you get the idea that I am pro massive cocks or how (you flatter me) my negativiy, as you put it could have killed off the blog. Get Real. I am just one voice labelled Anonyme among many many others. So how you attribute figments of your imagination to me, I have no idea, Perhaps you wouold likke to site chapter and verse of my verse where you feel that I, Anonyme, am guilty of the 'crimes' you accuse me of. Unless a comment is signed with a name, we the readers have no idea who has written it.

      But by all means do continue with your repetitive outpourings, As you say, I don't need to read them.

      And for the record, I am on this occasion, the Anonyme whose crticisms above provoked your ire. And that, my dear, big dicked sir, is the only concrete thing you can say about Anonyme.

    5. Hey Liftingwts, don't be discouraged by the negative comments posted by Anonyme. He doesn't even have the balls to identify himself with a name/handle. Keep posting. As you wrote, your comments "flesh out" the world of Naked Bodybuilding. You provide personal experience; you are telling us guys, who probably will never attend an international competition or meet a NB pro, that it's possible to live an NB lifestyle on a local level. Keep it up.

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