POWER DRIVE:  IFNB Pro Jeff Paulette, a/k/a "The Club", could only stay covered so long!

When you are a top pro naked bodybuilder, you train your cock so intensely that it begins to take over.  The demands for sexual release a pro level enhanced cock places on the body are literally overwhelming.  And this is the most true of the biggest muscle brutes of the IFNB game, the megaweights.  These men are so dedicated to the sport they spend every day focused on lifting weights, flexing, eating and fucking with their monster dicks. For this reason, many top pro megaweights set up lifestyle where they can be naked all the time.

So what happens when these hyper sexual muscle brutes is forced to operate in real life?  Well, recently on a travel posing trip, Jeff "Buck" Paulette – known by fans as "The Club" – was forced to drive himself around in a rental car, and apparently a trip that should have taken only 20 minutes to drive took almost 2 hours due to the fact that Paulette had to pull over and jerk his monster cock several times on the way.

Paullette is used to living his life naked, with access to getting off whenever he likes.  Being unfairly forced into a "real world" scenario where he had to cover up was apparently too foreign to the muscle cock stud!



  1. Yes. PNB should be allowed at gyms: membership, college, and garages with doors open, and beaches. It would be great to see studs getting off in public, shooting loads of cum and fucking assholes. My college NB team is growing in interest and support. At our last visitor session 50 naked, sweaty friends, brothers, dads, and uncles attended. Nudity was mandatory. Visitors volunteered to suck cock of team members while they worked out, and offered their assholes for pounding. One father offered to fuck his 2 sons who are team members. He supports their training to become alpha males and said they should think of him as a huge cock to provide anal stim. As he pounded them team members fucked their mouths. The dad came in both his sons. One straight attendee asked to become a member. He willingly sucked cock and let me pound his asshole. He screamed at first, cried, moaned and grunted, but he took it. He believes in NB, wants a larger cock, bigger muscles, and to be an alpha male. He is naked as much as possible. At the end he left naked with his team member friend. The father and 2 sons, and many of the team and visitors left naked. The evening campus security guard at the gym is a friend of mine. As usual I left naked, with a naked uncle. I took him to my favorite bar and pounded his asshole in public. Five of my naked gym buddies were there, stripped, and roughly fucked me and my guest. All cocks were in both our assholes and mouths. We left the bar at closing and cum leaked from both our assholes on the car seats. I pulled over and we sucked and swallowed the cum out of each other's assholes. I had uncle suck my cock on the way to his house.

  2. Sounds like you had a great night at the gym and afterwards, wish I could have been there.

    100% mandatory nudity is the way to go. Working out and getting all that anal and oral stim at the same time are the best. That really keeps the testosterone amped up. So does watching all the other horny dudes getting pumped and jacked and blasting out loads of man juice.

    Did you say it was father's first time at an NB workout with his sons? Damn fine dad for him to give them both anal stim -- and come in both their pussies -- in public while 50 other dudes watched on his first visit to your gym. Shows he is a caring dad who is interested in his sons' athletic development. How many loads did his sons swallow when they were fucked in their mouths? Who got to lick dad's cock after he fucked his sons' assholes? Of course, dad spunk is one of the best natural enhancers, especially when taken up the ass, so dad's huge cock giving them anal stim on a regular basis should be good for the young athletes.

    Seems like you have a friendly bar to go to after your workout and training session. And your uncle sounds like a great guy. Pounding his asshole in public was a good way for you to relax, then the orgy when five of your naked gym buddies fucked both your assholes and mouths shows that you have the virility and stamina of a he-man who enjoys having his physique, his muscles, and his holes worshiped and used by other manly men.

    Got to say this. Good thing you and you uncle didn't let five loads - six for you when you count the load you blasted into his man-cunt -- dibble out of your assholes and onto the car seats. That's potent man-seed and it builds strong bodies. Glad to know you slurped out of each others anuses.

    Just one last question -- when your uncle sucked your cock on the way to his house, were you in the car or were you on the sidewalk on the way to his front door?

    1. Answers for Pumpspurt: The father had been to a previous visitor session and volunteered to have one of his sons pound him. Since then he and his sons have been plowing each other with their large cocks for anal stim at their home gym. The father has been working out naked with his sons since they were in middle school. Now that they are 18 and older he always cums in their assholes or mouths and the sons give each other cum. They all believe that family cum is more potent for muscle development and increased cock size for young NBs.
      With 18 other team members, each brother swallowed about 6 loads. Together the sons licked
      their dads cock after he fucked them.
      To eat my uncle's asshole I pulled the car over in an industrial area. It was after 2 am. In turn we each leaned over the trunk and sucked the other out. A buff young man walking down the street could not believe his luck- 2 naked, muscular, hung men sucking out each other's assholes. (My uncle is 10 years older and coaches a bodybuilding team at a university.) My uncle and I lay side by side and had the now naked young man go back and forth to suck out the last traces of cum.
      I told him about the public gym and bar. I'm always recruiting.
      My uncle sucked my cock as I drove and my huge load shot deep in his throat.
      Since this last training session, I now require each team member, at the end of a training session, to suck out the asshole of one other team member. Don't want to waste any cum.

    2. Thank you, Liftingwts. You have helped me and other readers to appreciate how much you know about and live the NB lifestyle.

      In future posts in other parts of the blog or here, I hope you will write about how you and your uncle got into NB. Did he mentor you, or did you bring him in after you became active in the sport? What keeps you together?

      That's just one topic. What you have posted so far suggests to me that there is a lot more to be interested in and that will be valuable/useful firsthand information about how you live an NB lifestyle, especially because you write about your own experiences and how you live.

    3. Pumpspurt, my mother became a widow when I was 10. She felt my uncle would be a good male figure and he agreed to be like a "big brother." In middle schoolI I became interested in weights. My uncle invited me to join him for coaching and workouts. He always wore a skimpy pair of white nylon shorts (liner cut out and commando) which showed off his bubble butt and large cock. When he sweated the shorts became transparent. I was in heaven. One day, when I was in the 10th grade, it was so hot he asked if I would mind if he worked out naked. I told him I remember my father working out naked, and I would too. After that we always worked out naked, hugged naked and showered together, but we never had sex.
      When I started the NB college team, I told my uncle about it, my regular gym and the bar. I invited him to join me at the gym. On his first visit, as we worked out naked, he grabbed me, shoved his large cock in my asshole, and came before he could pull out. He had to release all those years of sexual tension. Then I fucked him and came in his hole. I sucked my cum out of his asshole, spit it into his mouth, and he swallowed. We agreed that sealed our bond.
      My uncle will soon start helping me coach my NB college team and we look forward to more public fuck sessions at the bar. He is also now living naked 24/7.
      Other topics: 1) I put gas in my car naked in the late evening. I leave the door of my suv open so I only have to check the sight lines behind me. 2) when a repair MAN comes to my house I stay naked. If the worker protests I offer him a tip to do the job. Rarely do they leave, especially if the guy gets a good look at my large muscles and huge cock. Sometimes they stay longer.