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It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.



THE SWAGGER OF A PRO: Sensational new pro IFNB naked bodybuilder Emmenuel Neuville
arrives at the  pre-contest registration for the IFNB Anaconda South American Championships
with no cloths, and no bag – the way the true alphas arrive!  Self-assuming he has permission to be 
nude simply because of how beautiful his body and cock are.  

Sliding into the role of pro-level alpha muscle, Emmanuel Neuville arrived at the competition hall for registration into the 2016 IFNB Anaconda completely nude, confidently strolling in and through the building to the registration tables.  His monstrous cock was clearly excited by the gazing attention of fans, throbbing rock hard in front of him, swinging dramatically with every step of his thick torso.

Neuville has never competed yet in the pro circuit, having recently qualified as a pro-level naked bodybuilding in the AFNB Amateur Mr. France.  Having caught the eye of many wealthy sponsors, the young competitor has fast-tracked himself into the Anaconda to be sure to get some pro-level competitive experience.  But with the admirably arrogant overconfidence he exhibited, one is left to wonder if he even needs the experience to keep the spotlight on him!

Insiders are not surprised that the native French muscle god decided to fly to South America fort his first international pro naked event.  His recent clandestine meeting with multi-trillionnaire naked bodybuilding mogul Hugo Hackelberg tipped off fan followers that he would be in the next event that Hackelberg bankrolled.  And as Hackelberg has invested quit a sum of money into this year's Anaconda, it's no surprise Neuville has chosen this as his first pro competition.  However, to be under Hackelberg's sponsorship and competing at a Hackelberg-funded event may raise suspicion of favoritism.  Did the superheavyuweight muscle beast sell out on his first foray into pro competition?

We could not ascertain exactly who is bankrolling this amazing stud's first pro event, but we saw no clear signs of Hackelberg's usual high-profile branding among the Neuville coaching entourage.  While he played coy when we asked, Neuville did playfully explain how he is affording such an expensive first pro outing.

"I have this contest bankrolled by several wealthy bitches who believe as I do," Neuville grinned.  "That they owe me their money as tribute for the privilege of my presence.  And so I take it from them to do as I want; to do the thing I love: flex and cum for the world.  You see, there are two types of men in the world: alphas, and the bitches who beg for their attention.  Bitches have the money, but men deserve it.  I am amazing enough of an alpha to not worry about where the next check will come from, because let's face it: everyone wants to be associated with a man like me!"

As for Hackelberg?  "That dude is the biggest bitch for muscle I have ever met," Neuville laughed.  "He was begging to give me so much funding. I took what I want, yes, but I signed nothing with him.  He is the type of muscle slut who begs men like me to fuck him, but can barely handle the punishment he begged for,  He deserves to have his money taken, but does not deserve to be named as a sponsor if he can't even show respect to an alpha cock by not passing out while being ass-pounded!"

Which we presume means he did get funded, but is not an official Hackelberg sponsor.  That level of power play is typical of a far more seasoned pro, and if that is the level at which he dominates, all signs point to an amazing career for this new pro stud, and a great outing at the Anaconda!



  1. Now that is one hell of a fuck-stick - Quite superb - well defined head and supported by nice tight balls. This is a oock which will give Monza a run for his money if he is competing, A very well proportioned body too.
    Overall a great new guy on the scene.

    1. There is an old saying "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Well, this young stud has got two things of beauty. His cock is outstandingly beautiful. Who in his right mind would not want both suck it and be fucked by it? And then his body is equally beautiful: so well balanced, that who would not want to fuck it?

      Playboy magazine used to post a picture of a nude girl and call it "Playboy's Playmate" Well as far as I am concerned, Emmanuel Neuville could be this Playboy's Playmate any day - and all day!.

  2. Cockwatcher, as ever,is quite right. This is a humdinger of a sphincter stretcher. I imagine that Neuville puts is NBAs through the loop when he uses their services. But you know, we normal mortals, who are fans of this blog, many of whom including me, are aficionados of, let's put it delicately "anal stimulation" never ever get the chance to experience a really big tool up our own fundamental orifices. We can but wonder what it must be like to let a guy like Neuville fuck the shit out of someone. Painful? well It might well be; but, frankly just lookig at that rock-hard piece of man-meat I would risk giving it a go. I hope we see Neuville in some action shots and by that I do not mean only shooting on stage but in the preparation pre-stage phase. when he uses his NBAs for their for their god given purpose.

    1. Coming so recently from the amateur ranks, I don't know that Neuville has had a lot of experience with trained NBAs. Amateurs generally have to make use of workout buddies, amateur coaches and whatever groupie ass they can find to please their ravenous cocks. Based upon what Neuville has been able to do so far, I'm sure he had a willing group of men to accept his impressive dick.

    2. The response is right: Neuville probably has not had a lot of pro-level NBAs to work with. This can work for him AND against him in a higher level contest of course. Prepping that fuck pole has to be on point for him to gain ground!

  3. I made my first comment on this blog on March 15 when I said I thought that Paulette in that shot had the definitive fuckstick. And, don't get me wrong, it is still is a terrific dynamic cum shot as he is shown shooting his juice from an impeccable tool. BUT, having just seen Neuville above, I think Paulette will have to defend himself as this guy has really got what it takes.

    What does a guy have to do to develop such a perfect penis and one of such monumental size? This is a mind-blowing piece of man-meat which msy strike fear into the hearts of many competitors. OK some guys may been even bigger, but are they better proportioned? And he has a beautiful body too. He is my idea of the perfect guy to spend a weekend with. I'd like to fuck him as well as to be fucked by him. This guy has really got what it takes and as for being too big, I'm totally with anonyme above, I'd risk it any day. I try to imagine
    what it would be like. that first time as Neuville slipped himself inside me. It gives me a hard on just thinking about it.

    And just to add one point to the remarks of that inveterate judge of cocks, Cockwatcher who often cpmments on the importance of a well defined rim setting of te head of a guy's dick. Well, take a lcng look at Neuvelle here. Has anyone got a better rim on his cock head than him? And I am totally with Cockwatcher on another point he has made in the past(I've been reading back through the blog) when he insists that the perfect cockc has to have been circumcised. He is dead right, for with foreskin clothing a guy's cockhead, the beauty of the perfect tool is lost.

  4. I am glad this dude made the Anaconda his first contest. He has shades of Roher about him, especially in his no-bullshit attitude, and that is the stuff that helps a guy head to the elite level of pros.

    He does have awesome balance, too, with a thick cock to match his dense upper body.

    I also like that he is playing the financiers rather than playing INTO them. A true alpha isn't owned, as he shows, but OWNS the dudes around him. It is that sort of arrogance we need more of in men, and a top pro should exhibit this level of attitude.

    I am not sure how he will fair his first time in a pro contest, but regardless of his Anaconda placing, I think the guy has a serious chance to dent the upper ranks in the pro circuit.

  5. I have recently made many fewer commens on the blog, basically because my thoughts have been occupied elsewhere with my homoerotic writings. (full list for anyone interested from But I wanted to come back to the assessement I made when we first were introduced to Neuville, At that time if any of you go back and read what I said,I was very uncertain that he would make the grade.

    Subsequently on Round-Up 18. I modifed my view and for what it is worth I have copied it over below.

    "I agree with Cockwatcher when he says that this guy has a perfectly balance physique, So it’s not the biggest ever, but it is just so beautifully symmetrical. As for his cock; well, both previous commentators have remarked on its exceptional size. But what he has which so many younger NBBs miss is that his cock is perfectly proportioned. He combines length and girth with a great cock head and rim which makes it so very appealing to the viewer (to me, anyway). It’s also pretty straight, which I love personally. Lots of the Africans we have seen recently have large meat but it is just to curvy to be really attractive."

    So basically I agree with everything that the other reviwers above say about Neuville. My first assessment was celarly wrong and I now think he will be a future star; a force to be reckoned with. This is an absolutely super shot of a highly attractive young man with a cock to ie for.

  6. I’m really excited to see where Neuville will go during this contest – he obviously has the “chops” to rise very quickly in the ranks. And a big plus that he’ll be doing it at the Anaconda, one of the pro contests that is historically the most free with sexualizing the proceedings, even during the traditionally more conservative official pose downs.

    But if I may note, I suspect that Hackleberg may well be funding this young man. I know Neuville has an impressive dong, but knowing how frequently and by whom Hackleberg has been regularly and repeatedly ass raped by, it seems very improbable, even with his young enthusiasm, that Neuville would have been enough to cause Hugo to blackout. Either Neuville was overly boastful, or maybe Hackleberg was “playing” passed out to make Neuville feel supremely alpha, and hopefully join his stable of male super stars. Neuville has been double fucked by megaweights, so I think this cannot ring true.

    1. Thanks for showing a naked Neuville strutting, thru the fans with his massive cock swinging, to the registration tables. So hot. His monstrous cock is perfect.
      Eyewitnesses reported seeing Neuville disembark naked from a private jet (funded by Hackenberg?) with giant dong swinging as he strolled to a limo, headed for the competition. Bystanders and security at the airport applauded Neuville's massive dick and nudity, so many of the Brazilians supporting public sex & nudity, and exhibitionism.
      To bad nudity isn't required for fans in the hall. It would have been great to see the college student and the blue shirted BB naked with cocks in hand, stroking and stiff from the excitement of seeing Neuville's alpha cock and amazing body.

  7. Magnificent alpha primate, epic man tool ---- How's his cum game?

    1. I hear he is middle of the pack for a pro. Ranging 6 to 10 loads a round – the standard of most pro competitors. His best was I think a 13 load class.

      Those numbers get you into he pro ranks, but not into the Elite ranks. I am hoping he drives his horniness to a fever pitch prior to competing because I'd love to see him do well, and he needs to be a horny beast to hang at the higher ranks!

  8. One thing hit me reading the comments which this shot has attracted. Several fans have commented on the fact that with such a luscious looking well equipped guy as Neuville they would really like to have sex with him. I have to say I share their desire as I am sure do lots of fans, which brings me to my question.

    Do guys like Neuville or any other of the professional musclecocks who, e are told, spend their entire life working on perfecting their bodies and training their cocks, actually have a “life”. I mean it is one thing spending your entire day at work, which is what these guys apparently do to develop themselves, but do they actually ever enjoy the fruits of their labour?. By that I mean do these guys have normal gay sexual relationships with anyone? Do they in fact enjoy what might be described as recreational sex? Do they actually enjoy fucking a friend or being fucked by him in turn?

    Most of us who look the blog, I suspect, are regular practitioners of anal sex. But when we fuck or allow ourselves to be fucked by our partner we are doing it for pleasure: one of the greatest pleasures known to man. And when we sit in front of the blog and jerk off because we are aroused by what we see; again we do it for pleasure. Do the musclecocks we admire, actually have any pleasure from the sex act itself? Do they ever relax and fuck butt as normal guys do, or is their pleasure derived from the fact that they have achieved incredible bodies and cocks?

    We never hear of any close liaison between any of the Alphas and when they exercise their meat on their NBAs, it is as a tool to help them in their cock training. There is no pleasure in it as far as I can see, eiter for them or their NBA, who just gets his arse hole battered time and again. But is there more to it than that? Are we missing something and is there, in fact a human side, where these guys relax and fuck each other silly, for pleasure, which is what most of us, I suspect do? Any view on this?

    1. Two responses: one "behind the curtain" and one with the curtain pulled back.

      First these guys do have quality personal lives. But that is to say, they LOVE the raw male thrills o muscle, male bonding, aggression and (of course) sex. Indeed, there is a certain sex-dominant personality type that is at the core of a pro naked bodybuilder, and so really theres guys are living their dream lives. Just because what they consider "quality' may be different from the rest of us does not make it any less fulfilling for them.

      And yes, these guys are known to have great "non sport sex." Ion fact, one of the reasons they are so strict about the sexual practices of their sport is because it helps when they cut loose to have the mood and attitude be totally different. So referring to the sex as part of the athletic competitive mindset is what helps them feel chill when they are just having "fun sex."

      Now, let me also pull back the curtain:

      Think of the IFNB like a comic book. Yes, characters and situations evolve, but they are also serialized, and so therefore never "complete a character arc." That is actually hat makes it a fun fantasy realm; "somehow" these guys can "just live this way." And while situations evolve for them, somehow they are the same heroes with each "episode" of the narrative. Does Batman have a goofy side? Does the hulk just chill on the beach sometimes? Din comic fantasy serials, the suspension of belief comes from divorcing an element of one human dimension for the expansion of another. So, while I like the idea of your question from a fiction standpoint, the concept of the "fully realized human" is antithetical to the success of a serial fantasy work.

    2. Well, thanks for your long and complex reply. You have truly blinded me with words or is it smoke and mirrors? Anyway I am glad that you think that these characters do have a normal sex life and fuck butt for pleasure just like the rest of us do. To keep themselves celibate outside of their professional cock training, which seems more like a chore than a pleasurable experience, would be to deny themselves one of the greatest pleasures that life has to offer.

      I have to say that I really dig Neuville as I think he has it all, especially his man-meat which I think is truly outstanding and if I ever had the chance he could exercise it on me any day. I have long dreamed of taking a truly massive cock up my arse and Neuville would be my top choice, given the chance. Some hope, I guess.....

  9. The picture is manipulated, fuck

    1. No shit, moron. It's a FANTASY serial. Duh. It's SUPPOSED to be manipulated to uphold the fantasy.

  10. There are many things great to see at an IFNB competition, and this is one. I mean that a pro will come into the hall and mix in with the fans, that he will put his massive manpole next to your face if you happen to be lucky enough to have an aisle seat. No private rooms, no extra charges or fees. Neuville is setting an example that more NB pros should follow.

    1. And what a terrific piece of meat this guy has. Just look at the rim on the head of his monument: it's just to die for.

      I wonder if he shares his superb endowment with any of his fans? There must be lots of young studs in the audience with good tight sphincters, who would just love to take such a terrific fuck-stick up their arses., Will Neuville oblige?. Why not? Looking at him this stud has just got to enjoy fucking butt for fun over and beyond his training schedule. And I think there is a great deal of pleasure to be got from having sex with unknown guys. So why not profit from the availabilty of lots of eager fans, all willing to accommodate him, in a little fuckfest of his own. I don't knowm if anyone else has ever done such a thing, but I think that would make a top competitor more approachable and popular. It would also give his fans the
      the experience of being fucked by a really big cock: something I know we all dream about but never usually achieve. Just try to imagine what it must feel like to take that lovely cockhead against your own sphincter and to feel it yield and allow his tool to enter your body, It must be a sublim. experiemce. Or am I just dreaming?

    2. Yes, Caution, it would have been great for Emmanuel Neuville to throw some courtesy fucks to his fans, but imagine the frenzy, perhaps even riot, that would ensue if his did that while walking down the auditorium aisle at the Anaconda Competition.

      And, yes, you were dreaming when you wrote about the sublime experience of having Neuville's cockhead press against your sphincter. But every man, and I mean every man, gay and straight, dreams of being penetrated at least once in life by a massive manpole such as Neuville or Pierre Douton has. Taking a professional grade cock up your ass is a way to prove your manhood. You're a manly man. You can take on and master any challenge.

    3. I was not suggesting that Neuville start fucking fans in the aisles, but I thought he might think about having a little private fuck-fest of his own, with a few fans, just to show them what it is all about.

      Also I noted somewhere in the comments, but I cannhot remenber exactly where, that someone said that he thought excessive brutality was used on the NBAs by the pros. I personally do not undestand why to be an Alpha a stud has to be so brutal when fucking these assitants. Surely there could be a kinder side to the sport.

      I know the ethos preached at us by the blog is that we should all bow down to the superiority of the Alphas. but frankly, do they deserve this adulation? They are so fucking arrogant about their abilities; what do they want us to do? lick their arses?

      I just wonder if Neuville, with his more relaxed style might not be able to initiate a new approach and new relationship between NBBs and NBAs. After all the NBB's cannot function without their NBAs, so both are important participants in the sport. So why treat the NBAs like dirt?. Sorry, if I disagree with the word according to God, but I think it is wrong. So perhaps Neuville may be the first of a new breed of kindlier pros; let us say someone whom the fans could love as well as respect for his abilities. If he were to become that, he would set himself apart from the arrogance that we are told is necessary to gain our respect, Stuff your arrogance where a monkey stuffs its nuts, I say, and let's move on to a more humane approach.

    4. Caution, I say all this with respect, but this is a fantasy space.

      And it attracts guys who like the fantasy of total authority/domination via physical power.

      So the IFNB attitudes and ethos the authors paint into this fantasy world are ones in which that automatic, submissive inferiority to these men is the standard attitude, not the exception.

      In several other places in the blog, the authors (cleverly) also even try to explain this aspect. The chemicals many of these pros use to enhance themselves create super-pheromones that cause people to instantly lust and desire these men. It is a clever fantasy element they use to explain some of what you're questioning; that these men literally cause the brain to slip into a primitive lust state somehow through fantastical chemistry. It is another layer of the fantasy that upholds the fantasy thrill of super-male authority.

      It's a fantasy. Just a fantasy. No need to try to get derivative and question whether it is a worthwhile fantasy. After all, to question a fantasy because it doesn't appeal to you is a little acrimonious. Why distract someone else's hard-on just because you don't have one yourself?

      It's one thing to try to understand the heat and sexiness of a fantasy, but another to try to poke holes in it and encourage those enjoying it to agree.

    5. Well anonyme, at least we know where we stand with you. I can have any colour I want as long as it is black.

    6. First, very respectfully, you are being much too intellectual for this blog. That does not mean that what you write is not sensible and right, logical and just, but that here in the IFNB blog, you — everyone — has to stay kayfabe — which is a coinage from the WWE. It means stay in character as applied to the wrestlers, and participate in the fantasy as applied to the fans. Here on the IFNB blog, we have to be kayfabe too … the most obvious example being that we believe the photographs are real. It is what it’s not, kayfabe.

      As for Neuville, yes, you did not say he should fuck fans as he went down the aisle. That is my fantasy, and I gladly take blame, or credit, for it. It wasn’t particularly original, there are similar eruptions months and years back in the blog. In my vision he does not do that roughly; the rudest thing I would say is that he gives courtesy fucks, they are not hugs and kisses, but they are handshakes. So please do not feel offended, I simply went to another level. I indulged my IFNB blog persona … kayfabe..

      When you write about, i.e. against, the ethos of the blog — the bullying, the brutish behavior, the mistreatment of NBAs, the sex by pros that is simply nothing less than oral and anal rape, you have me with you wholeheartedly. But you can see in posts that fans disagree, and the editorial posture of the blog supports them. The anonymous post right above this post is simply the most recent and accessible example. That needs to change. But I don’t think that the way to change attitudes is to lecture or cajole people, or in the case of the editors and fans here, to reason with them. It’s a fantasy, reason does not apply. People who want the fantasy changed need to do so as they participate in it.

      I too hope that Neuville will bring a new style into the IFNB. There are hints of that, there’s also contrary behavior. The editors have him in their control. Besides Neuville, I see hope in many of Liftinngwts posts when he writes of egalitarian behavior and mentoring. Also, common sense, which does seem necessarily to apply to fantasy blogs, indicates that something has to be done to attract men into the sport and lifestyle. We can have dreams, but we’re not all — in this fantasy in fact none of us, not least because the editors have control of the characters and they are not letting us in to create a new one — are going to be pros or NBAs, but we can figure out how to live the life in our fantasy lives, which are grounded in the cities, towns, and rural areas where we live.

      (continued below)

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Here’s one suggestion. More fans need to post about what they do, to write about their buddies and home gyms, about their NB club members who rent a hall and put on a demonstration, about inviting John Cena — oops, he’s WWE, so change that to Tedi and Joff Ballo — to visit for a weekend suck-and-fuck fest. And post a report about it. That would be fun to read. Importantly, it involves them in the blog’s story and motivates other fans to get into the action too . Real fans need to put themselves into “real” fantasy — kayfabe.

      Here’s an example. A character or characters created by a fan might create enough chatter, i.e. posts and comments, that the editors see the need to work the character(s) and the chatter into the story. Right now, I am enthusiastic about the comments posted by Liftingwts. He has reported about his coaching activities in California. In particular, he has reported about four men and how they came to his gym. Currently, the four are in Brazil, attending Anaconda, where they are promoting the NB life 24/7. The four are bold, the oldest man leads the way, financially and by example. He is a mentor, as is the coach. He, the coach, and the three proteges are all men whom I am fascinated to know more about. The multiple story lines — two young men who want to become NB pros, another young man who wants to be an NBA, the older man who sponsors and mentors them, the coach who first saw their talents — there is so much that can be woven into the overarching IFNB story. One option, as I’ve indicated above, is for the editors to put the character that Liftingwts created into the story. On the other hand, I don’t want to lose Liftingwts’s personal perspective. I hope he has the time to continue to write and post. In this particular case, the best choice is probably for the editors of the blog to provide hooks in the editorial content under the photographs. The editors mention the characters (presently they don’t have names, that will need to change), then Liftingwts can post his reports, he will have a reference point or connection. He won’t be accused of being off-topic as he hast been in the past.

    9. To protect the existence of the NB team on the community college campus and my job as assistant coach, I and the team have been discreet and chosen not to use our names. After seeing the above request, I contacted the involved individuals and here are their names for the blog and the IFNB. Dad: Alex Whitney. Sons: 19 yr. old aspiring NB - Rex, 18 yr. old aspiring NBA - Max. Straight student: 6"2', blond, blue eyed - Erik Lindgren. Coach: A. H. Cox. or Coach Cox. Coach Cox's uncle: Will Johnson.

    10. pumpspurt, I have been a fan of this blog for like 5 years (since it's early days and Dan Otter's reign). One thing I have ALWAYS loved is how the creators give enough detail to create a world and themes, yet leave lots and lots of room in that world for all kinds of tangents. The "expanded universe" effect of the IFNB is exactly what you're talking about; how the authors set-up a world where fans can expand in all sorts of cool ways.

      I've seen lots of fan-fiction tangents come along int he years I've been coming to this blog. Good for you for starting yet another.

      And thanks to the creators for making such a vibrantly "open source" universe for people's expanded fantasy play.

      I can tell you, too, that I have seen, occasionally, the authors do pick up a character or idea from the comments. Often, it will just be a concept or an idea written into one of the story lines. Sometimes, though, images and entire story themes. For example, Donovan Pride was just a random comments, but now has his own occasional storyline and even his own spin-off blog.

      So, to that end, you're right: keep posting! The authors seem to wade through and pick things that fit their main mythology, but also seem to like to surprise fans by popping things in at unsuspecting times. (I remember how they did that with the Beef Boy 2013 and the Mr. Alpha 2014 – sudden clever interjections that seemed to come from fan participation.)

      I fucking LOVE the IFNB world.

    11. Thank you, Liftingwts, for the names Alex Whitney, his sons Rex and Max, your big musclebound NB team member Erik Lindgren, and Coach A H Cox. I thought you had an uncle, not Coach Cox, but maybe you both do, or without the names, maybe I misunderstood. With these names in mind, as you post more about them, about yourself, and about your community college NB program, I and other fans of your reports will have a better understanding of their personalities and progress. Of course you are right to be discreet and to get their approval. Thank you for your efforts, and thank them for being such good sports who want to support and encourage the Naked Bodybuilding movement.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Thank you, Liftingwts, for the names Alex Whitney, his sons Rex and Max, your big musclebound NB team member Erik Lindgren, and Coach A H Cox. I thought you had an uncle, not Coach Cox, but maybe you both do, or without the names, maybe I misunderstood. With these names in mind, as you post more about them, about yourself, and about your community college NB program, I and other fans of your reports will have a better understanding of their personalities and progress. Of course you are right to be discreet and to get their approval. Thank you for your efforts, and thank them for being such good sports who want to support and encourage the Naked Bodybuilding movement.

    1. Sometimes my writing confuses ME. Liftingwts is an e-mail name. Liftingwts is Coach Cox. My uncle is Will Johnson. I have to stop mixing up writing in the first and third person.

    2. Liftingwts, don't be embarrassed. Even with some confusing parts, your posts are informative and inspiring. Keep them coming.