THE NEXT HORNY HOPEFULS?:  Thick-donged amateur naked bodybuilders at the ANFB Amateur Congo Flex & Cum
hope to follow in the footsteps of some of the biggest names on the African naked bodybuilding circuit. 

Unlike it's non-naked counterpart, naked bodybuilding is very popular in many African nations.  The annual IFNB Pan-Afrique Pro has become one of the top pro contests anticipated every year, and attracts many non-African pros because it's competition is so intense.

With such a strong pro naked muscle game, Africa's amateur circuit is equally vibrant, even if perhaps not as well funded as other parts of the world.  The AFNB (Amateur Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) runs most of the amateur contests, along with a few small independent, locally-run leagues.  But the near monopoly of AFNB-based events makes the African amateur game far more professional than many other regions, which results in a more challenging competitive landscape for amateurs.  This heightened competition is why so many of the pros who originated in the African pro arena dominate the international pro circuit.

Snake Assombo beside
older brother and fellow pro
Charles Assombo in 2013
One of the biggest amateur naked bodybuilding events is the AFNB Congo Flex & Cum, where an overall win there can earn a competitor their pro-card ticket into the IFNB pro ranks.  The contest has actually become known for launching several pro careers, and almost every big name pro of African descent competed in the Congo F&C at some point early in their career.

Snake Assombo in 2012
Recently the Congolese event became the launching point for one of the most amazing cocks to ever step on a pro stage, John "Snake" Assombo.  Assombo's lesser-known older brother Charles Assombo had turned pro in 2007, and Snake was eager to follow in his older brother's footsteps. Assombo was spotted in 2009 as a young man competing in the Congo Flex & Cum by the mega-wealthy naked bodybuilding mogul Hugo Hackelberg.  Assombo's super-long enhanced cock immediately captured Hackelberg's insatiable appetite for alpha dick, and he knew all Snake needed as funding too develop the muscle to match.

Hackelberg's intuition about investing in Snake Assombo panned out, as so many Hackelberh intuitions often do.  As we all know, Snake earned his pro status in 2012 at the Congo Flex & Cum (all be it via what many thought controversial favoritism).  While heightened pro success has eluded him on the pro circuit, he remains wildly popular as a pro naked bodybuilder for possessing one of the largest freak cocks in the pro game.

The AFNB remains humble about it's launching of both Assombo brothers, as well as  of starting the professional careers of other top naked bodybuilding names like Heavyweight Chadon Ulowe, Middleweight Bernie Tavo, and Heavyweight Alonne Bas.

Megastar Pierre Douton, one of the top IFNB pros who's start was in the African amateur circuit, also competed as a very young man in the Congo Flex & Cum.  However, he did not turn pro at this event, and in fact ironically placed very poorly all four times he competed. It just goes to show how much it takes to become a pro when one of the very top naked bodybuilders in the world struggled at the start of his career. 



  1. This line up of African NBBs rises again the oft asked question: are Africans better endowed than Caucasians in the man-meat department? I think that the answer has to be YES, Just take a look at the soft meat of the guy on the extreme left, in this photo. What a fuck-stick he must have when that fantastic looking piece of meat is aroused. Few Caucasians are that big. And click also on the retro references in the text t above: Chadon Ulowe, Middleweight Bernie Tavo, and Heavyweight Alonne Bas. They have very convincing fuck sticks. And remember the Asombo brothers with their exceptional endowments. Yes, the African are there in force and have plenty to display. What is worth noting is that although the Africans are clearly great in the fucking stakes, they do not , on the whole, have such great overall physiques as Caucasians; at least that is the impression I have developed.

    But my very favourite Africa shot, not mentioned here is a guy called Diego Pene. Just go back and take a look at this stud. He is handsome, well muscled and has what has to be one of the very best cock and ball combinations anywhere. The shot of him is under 2014 Pro Pan-Africa 25. I just love Diego who is on the left in this shot. It is the only mention of him we have on the blog but he makes me horny just looking at him So, OK, he is not the biggest of the big, but he is just such a superbly lusciously fuckable young stud that he makes me horny just looking at his photo. Diego is just one of many young guys whom we see just once on the blog and then never hear about them again. What happens to these guys. I really welcome seeing them as they are a relief from the habitual line up of the ‘greats’ who take centre stage most of the time.

    1. On the whole I agree with you about the endowment of these African guys. They do have the most extraordinary fuck-sticks. But to me, most of them just do not make it in the physique stakes. Sure tere are some who do, but most of them do not measure upto either Caucasioan or Asiatics when it comes to muscle. So for me, most of them are disappoointing as their bodies do not match up to their cocks. Wahtne wants on stage are perfect guys, whose bodies and cocks are in harmony and that is what is lacking for me in the present series of Afican shots.

      However, I do agree with you about Diego Pene, he is a truly attractive young stud, eminently fuckable and I imagine also nifty with is own cock. I think that he will bulk up beautiflly as he matures and will be a true Adonis in the near fut. Shall we ever see him again is the question?

  2. I’m always happy to learn more history of the one true sport.

    I do remember that Hackelberg’s association with Assombo seemed to be the start of the public “embarrassments” that culminated with his infamous Roman muscle-orgy themed 50th birthday bash (mentioned in the comments of ALPHA MUSCLE COCK RESORTS 7), and him taking his huge company private. Hackelberg’s absence from his company’s day-to-day operations was noted for several weeks in 2009, and it was eventually uncovered by some enterprising journalists that the reclusive CEO was in recovery after visiting that year’s Congo. Despite his years of practice, he was overconfident about his own abilities and ended up needing significant recovery time after his insistence that the Assombo brothers double-fuck his hole at the same time, and that both push “balls deep” – it wasn’t so much the stretching that wore him out, but the incredible probing depths the brother’s “snake”-like cocks went to deep inside his body.

    The next big thing I remember that dinged Hackelberg were pictures that surfaced of the “Alpha 16” birthday parties he’d throw for his sons Bret and Tim, which had included the turning over of his nude resorts to the boys and their horny, naked friends for a long weekend of muscle-man-on-man debauchery and partying, including the scandalous shots of Hugo getting spit-roasted by his own sons. There was a huge uproar over that, but Hugo’s defense was that he was trying to teach the boys “about how muscle alphas should treat their inferiors, even if they are family.”

    1. Wow, Hackelberg sounds like the king of the muscle sluts. It'd be cool to do a post on him and his history with the sport and the various star pros he's supported and had work over his man cunt.

    2. Oh god, I remember the famous "Alpha 16" party scandal! The pics of Hackelberg getting throat fucked by Bret and ass raped by Tim, while the two boys waved and laughed, seemingly mocking their own father. The rumor was that he begged his sons to stop but they just kept taunting him and fucking him, calling him "daddy the fuck bitch." Although knowing Hackelberg's appetite I am sure that last part is exaggeration.

      It shows how expensive Hackelberg's billions are that he has been able to get those images and videos buried. I remember the heat he took because he brought such negative press attention to the IFNB, and the threats to ban him from attending contests. Even though he is rich, he is still a bitch for muscle, and in the end will always obey the alphas of the sport.

      Which is why I am grateful the does still invest in amateurs like Snake Assombo. Even though Hackelberg is often causing problems, there is no denying his money helps the sport, and is a model for other wealthy investors.