PAY HIM RESPECT: Emmanuel Neuville just turned form an amateur to a pro, and is now
seeking wealthy lovers of muscle and monstercock to help him at the pro level.

The enhancements a man has to undergo to develop freak muscles and a frightening fuck pole do not come cheap.  Which is why you rarely see a super freak at the amateur level.  However, sometimes you get a stud like super heavyweight Emmanuel Neuville, who's amazing run of the ANFB amateur circuit earned him  pro card this year.

Yet if amateur naked bodybuilding was expensive enough, the pro level demands are not for the feeble-budget!  Which is why Neuville has been busy soliciting some of the top sponsors and laboratories on the pro circuit, hoping to find the sponsorship wealth it takes to evolve into a super pro.

What do sponsors generally look for?  Well, an alpha attitude is key, and most arrangements imply that it is the bodybuilder who is the generous one – for allowing the sponsor to see his perfection – rather than the other way around.  A good sponsor looks for an amateur who believes he is OWED the money, not who is just seeking it.  it is that kind of arrogance that indicates an amateur can handle the rigors required of the ego at the pro level.

Neuville clearly possesses this sort of arrogance, and was quoted recently as saying "Any little man with money who's first impulse isn't to shower me with financial aid ought to have his head checked because – let's face it – I am worth every damn dime and more!"



  1. Neuville already has so many of the attributes that a sponsor is looking for. Amazing body, great face, arrogant attitude and enormous dong, that I think he will have no problems finding men to sponsor his pro career. I hope he might hook up with a private sponsor lik Hugo Hackelberg, who has the money, subservient attitude and deep and ready ass to really develop a young pro to his top abilities. I know Hackelberg is a tested connoisseur of the best man sperm around so I hope Neuville's cum lives up to his refined tastes.

  2. I have no doubt that Nouville will be able to find plenty sponsors on his way to the top of the Alpha pyramid. He has the face, amazing physique, arrogant attitude and huge cock to dominate all he comes across.

    I hope he hooks up with a sponsor like Hugo Hackleburg. One who has the money, appreciates his dominance, while also offering up his own ass to get ruined by his magnificent pole. But you never know. Hackleburg considers himself a connoisseur of the finest sperm on Earth from the biggest alpha brutes, I wonder if Neuvilles cum will live up to his standards?

    1. I am not at all sure that I totally agree with you. For me Neville is typical of the BB who goes all out for individual muscle definition and finishes up with a rather knotted overall look. He just does not have that wonderful, smooth, muscular physique of the really great guys. Take a look at the studs currently featured in the 'Names to Know' tab above and you will see what I mean. It is just my view and I may be wrong. Sorry but he just does not push my buttons, in spite of his massive fuckpole.

    2. Solid responses, both.

      I agree more with the OP, that Neuville DEFINITELY has what it takes. And I agree he needs solid sponsorship, and will probably find it. As you mentioned he has what it takes: the arrogance and self-lust. These are essential for even surviving at the pro level, and thus what a sponsor will seek out.

      And I DO think he has the body. Remember: he's just gone pro, and a lot will change for him – especially with high grade sponsorship & enhancements. But his base is PERFECT as a starting point.

      However, I don't know that I'd want him in Hackelberg's stable. Han Hyun is one of the best new naked bodybuilders we got, and Hackelberg frankly OVER-prepped him and he lost the DragonCock this year. While Hackelberg has the money, he sometimes loses sight of the sport and sidetracks the men he supports.

      But I can tell Hackelberg would find Neuville's loads DELICIOUS and POTENT. Naw; this is Neuville's choice. I could see Neuville declining a Hackelberg contract in favor of a more submissive funder.

      And Jason, this is one of those rarities I REALLY appreciate your response. Because, while I think Neuville has WHAT it takes, I don't think he yet has top-pro level quality yet. YET. I think he WILL, but you're right for now: as a new pro he still has a way to go to hang with the legends.

    3. You know, I really don't know whether he will or will not make the grade. But anyone who has read my comments over the year will know that my own taste is for the less heavily developed guys, which of course runs countercurrent to the ethos of the blog. But we are what we are! I just don' like knotty muscles and I have a sentiment that this guy might be heading in that direction. Equally I don't like overdeveloped unbalanced cocks of the type displayed by Chris Garter and Jan Perrod. They are just not to my taste. For this reason I was sorry when the blog,having made a slight change of direction towards including a lighter group of guys, suddenly went into reverse gear and dropped the idea. But with all its faults, this blog is way ahead of anything else I have found on the net. Just take a look at the pathetic offerings which you can see by clicking on the vignettes down tha side of the blog. They are not in the same league. Adn even Donovan whose contribtions I like has not managed to create a good blog himself and he is in the thick of it all. Let's face it: it is not easy.