WHACK PACK: A room packed full of horny college men jerks off while watching the CMCS's first 
"official" amateur collegiate naked bodybuilding competition as part of their annual FratWhack Festival.

The Collegiate Muscle & Cock Sports League (CMCS) is one of the newest organizations for amateur college-age bodybuilders.  Their format is unique in the naked bodybuilding game, as competitors must belong to teams in order to compete.  While the CMCS is not sanctioned by the IFNB, it is nonetheless one of the most important independent organizations in naked muscle sports because of how it has ignited college-aged men to partake in naked muscle sports.

"College bros are way more into muscle than ever before," said the CMCS student chairman Sean Donnell.   The handsome and well built college Junior is known for his casual attitude and cockiness far beyond his years.   "Like, you go into any men's dorm on any college campus and you got bros horsing around naked, running around with hard ons and general totally chill about admiring each other's awesome shape.  SO we don;t feel so much like we're creating this attitude so much as setting it loose!"

Just as with the attitude of Donnell and the rest of his USA-based committee of student leaders, the majority of CMCS events are casual contests;  while they resemble the format of naked bodybuilding, their aim is more to excite and encourage participation rather than focus on high-stakes competition.   That focus on celebration more than competition was shown at last year's IFNB AlphaFest, where the CMCS did a series of posing demos for packed and enthusiastic crowds. And it was this spirit of fun that created the annual CMCS FratWhack a few short years ago; an annual festival weekend of naked muscle sports and bodybuilding for college aged men.  Promoted as "72 testosterone-driven hours that will pump your muscle, stroke your ego and blow your wad," FratWhack's mission is to encourage young college men to get involved with naked muscle sports through partying and participation presentations.

The only thing FratWhack didn't have was a competition.  And that changed this year as the Physique & Erection Competitive Society (PECS) agreed to manage a central contest at FratWhack '15, which is the first ever CMCS competitive event that links CMCS to the IFNB, even if indirectly through he PECS.

"Tell a college bro he can spend a weekend doing nothing but drinking beers with his bros, lifting, chilling and getting off, and of course he's gonna want to join in," Donnell laughed.  "But now tell him he can do all that and win a trophy because he also has a fat cock?  Well, let's just say FratWhack has the biggest turnout yet.  We're psyched that the PECS chose to put the contest on at our event."

Incidentally, the PECS was not the first choice of the CMCS.  They had petitioned the ANFB when they started FratWhack a few years ago, but they declined to participate.  A rep told our reporters the reason was "a concern that the festival environment would challenge our ability to manage competitor behavior."  And considering how rowdy CMCS events become, that rational makes sense.

So why did the CMCS not solicit the CEPB, who is always looking for new opportunity? "Oh fuck no," Donnell told us.  "Dude, we have enough of a problem keeping the sexual insanity in check at this thing.  And most college guys know the CEPB is a shitty league that just wants to make naked bodybuilding into a fuck orgy.  We knew that involving them would not show what real naked bodybuilding is like.  I mean, we want to have a good time, but at the heart of it we want people to respect the sport.  Because it's the best sport in the fucking world, bro!"



  1. Well, I’m of two minds here. On one hand, I’m always in favor of groups that promote and help young guys see the power and beauty in the true alpha sport of naked bodybuilding. I can also appreciate that the CMCS also works to create a fun, engaging and convivial atmosphere, where cock and muscle obsessed bros can hang out with like-minded dudes. But as a devote of the sport, I do find the CMCS’s antics more akin to a Spring Break reverie at Buster’s Beach Resort than a true sporting undertaking. I like the idea of having PECS try and add some validity to the undertaking by having what resembles a real competition, but in the end I think it just highlights the limitations of the CMCS’s focus. It is still really going to be more of an extra-curricular subsidiary or ancillary organization unless it can actually try and follow the performance rules.
    I find Donnell’s looking down on the CEPB’s obsession with dicks and man-on-man stim as a ding against their seriousness as an alpha muscle organization interesting also, when the CMCS has shown that it is most obsessed with volume and quantity of cum, and not really on the muscle and physique (including their pro-SPH stance, and that their demonstrations always focus on cum-posing instead of muscle-cum-posing). As a social organization, I think it’s great to want to get big groups of young horny guys together, and let them cum and party together, but don’t pretend to be a real naked muscle organization unless you can play by the rules.

  2. I would suggest that big balls would also be part of the attention in nude bodybuilding. using cockrings or ballstretchers seems to be allowed only as training aids, but the balls enhanced by cockrings, shiny and round would also look great on stage. Maybe the regulations could encourage posing with enhanced, firm balls also....

    1. I really do agree with you about cock rings. I think that they can look terrific on the right guy. Go back a bit and find 2014 Dragoncock Pan Asia 12, where a young stud called Greg Stone sports a triple cock ring, which I find absolutely marvellous, This kid has a magnificent dead straight cock which which although uncut (a no- no in my book) still manages to look terrific as his foreskin is so tightly stretched over his huge cock head. To me Greg is the acme of a young man with a perfectly balanced cock and ball combination: I jus love it. That shot attracted a lot of comments about the cock ringm by e way, as many fans do like to see studs wearing cock jewellery (I do myself)

      I agree with you about tight balls. All my favourite studs have tightly held balls so that they form a single deadly weapon with the guy’s cock itself, which in my book should always be cut showing a big well-rimmed head fully circumcised.

      I reckon that guys with big uncut cocks might have difficulty in fucking butt comfortably, as the foreskin on a big head tends to roll back, much like a rolled up condom, to the base of the head, forming a sort of de-facto ring, which makes it very uncomfortable if a guy want to have a really hard fuck, which many, of course, do.

    2. I also have always been a proponent of large balls in competition. It always seemed like a big miss that they aren’t judged separately, since they are just as important as the cock in signifying maleness (and therefore alpha dominance), and also make all that hot cum – and why shouldn’t we be celebrating that! ?!?

      I also think that some light cock jewelry wouldn’t spoil the effect on a competitors performance, but I think a flashy cockring or multiple large ball stretchers is too much – too distracting from where the focus needs to be during competitive judging. But it might be okay to easy the rules for exhibitions or free posing routines. . . .

      And lastly, cut or uncut makes no difference to me. I actually think the variety in cocks is good – like the skin tone and physiognomy that a competitor starts with, they all bring their own unique spin to what it truly means to be an alpha male – including cocks in all lengths, thicknesses and foreskins. And from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look like uncut muscle beasts have any problems dominating and destroying ass!

  3. Yes. It takes balls to stand on a stage nude with a hardon. And I know that many young bodybuilders who eye with going nude use cockrings and even ballstretchers to self stimulate themselves. It is hard to them to get rid of the gear and they might not be able to cum hands free when the pressure of the cockrings doesnt support them. shiny firm round balls should be part of the IFNB, as everything else is brought to extreme firmness, the balls should be also. Or at least there should be a category for those youngsters who are used to wearing heavy ballstretchers and/or cockrings at training to pose nude and cum hands free with their buddies.

    1. Shiny firm round balls should be part of the IFNB you say - and I agree with you totally . As I say above, balls should, to my mind, be held tight beneath a dead stright cock, well cut with a big head and clear rim. And that is the way most of the winners and the long term competitors look by the way.

      HOwever, just flick back through this last year's shots and you will find lot of danlgers and quite a few guys with excessively big balls and scrotums, which end up dominating the cock. For me it just oes not look right. Donovan professes in his blog to like danglers which slap around when a guy is deep inside isnoartern and fuckingmhim hard, but it does not push my buttons. If you want to see what I mean, ust click onto Donovan's blog on the side here side here and leaf throught it until you find the danglers shot. ou'll recognise it when ou see it.elr shot. D. claims he loves it. Me, I think it looks a mess. D himslef, if we can believe his pictures, has the biggest dick ever and his balls are real nice too. He looks so fucking terrific I cannot understand why he does not compete and let us see him on stage. But if you want to see a nice NBA fuck scene, D's got it on his blog where his buddy Federico goes at it with a younger guy. Really very good. Normal sized tools of course, but nevertheless an excellent video clip.

    2. I have to say that I don't agree with the above - I don't think that young guys should wear cockrings to compete. Learning to come on command - because of your own alpahness and horniness - is a vital skill to being a nude competitor. If they don't learn that right off, or don't have the ability (and hey, what teen isn't so horny all the time) then they shouldn't be up there competing.

    3. I have only today read your response above. I am not at all clear where you get the cockring referecne from. My comment, as far as I can see, did not mention cockrings. You are confusing my preference for tightly held balls, which some guys have naturally. It's just what i personally find the most aesthetic look.

      However, since you mention cockrings, I have to say that I do quite like them as they are an adornment of a guy's most precious poasassion. I am not at all sure that other than acting as an adornment, a piece of jewellry like an earring, that they do much for cum control, though.

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  6. I'm an assistant coach at an L.A. community college. I've formed a team of 15 college-aged nude bodybuilders who have been participating in naked bodybuilding for almost one year. Based on what I have read, I feel some of my team will be ready to participate in PECS' competition at Fratwhack '16. I'm all for PECS' sponsorship. Most of my team members want to enter. Our campus weight room isn't used after 9:00 p.m., so the team must promptly arrive and the door is locked. Hardons, fucking, and sucking are required of all team members during the entire workout. I have shared this blog and my experiences with nude bodybuilding. I also share my ass and cock, and have fucked and sucked all the team members as part of their training. I found team members by approaching nude students, who were obviously into body building, in the locker room or showers. Their comfort level with my nudity, their appreciation of my muscular body and huge cock, and their comfort with my complementing them as I touched muscles (biceps, pecs, abs, thighs, and an "accidental" brushing against thir cock) indicated to me whether or not they would be a good candidate. I haven't been wrong yet. A couple of nights a year, younger brothers into bodybuilding, at least 18, are welcome, in the nude, to come and observe. Physical contact, initiated by the visitor, is optional. I'm trying to build participation in nude bodybuilding. By the way, cockrings and butt plugs are optional.

    1. In response to Cockwatcher, 7 February 2016, 15:09 above, since Anonyme, 29, December, 2015, 06:44, mentioned cockrings, I only made the mention because some of my team members like to use cockrings. I have told them they are not regulation and may only be used as training aids. I forgot to mention in my last response that the visiting 18 year olds are welcome to work out. Some of the 18 year olds were wearing cockrings, and a couple of them really got into sucking the cocks of the team members. One even asked to have his ass used and a few of the team members obliged, after I stretched the teens asshole with my cock. I wanted him to be prepared for the rough fucking of the team. The latter visiting 18 year old is considering becoming a naked bodybuilding assistant for the team and his brother is encouraging him. They have a home gym and do nude bodybuilding with their father. (The brothers showed me photos of their nude, extremely muscular, and hung like a horse father. It is clear the endowments of the son were passed from the father. Divorced when the sons were very young, the young men are used to watching their father use dildos and shoot geysers for as long as they can remember.) The father has fond memories of doing nude bodybuilding and nude wrestling with his marine buddies. According to the team member, their dad is familiar with IFNB and would be proud to see his sons perform as pro naked bodybuilders for the public. The sons will invite their dad to attend and participate in the next visitor session. Another team member mentioned his father does nude bodybuilding and jogs naked in the evenings in their neighborhood. It would be great to have the support of another father. I am going to ask the team member to tell his father about IFNB and if he has a positive reaction, to invite him to the next visitor session.

    2. Isn’t it strange how the subject to cock rings keeps re-appearing in the blog. Forbidden by the rules of the competition there is nevertheless and ongoing interest in this item of male genital adornment. I have to say I am all for CRs as I think they can really improve the look of a guy when he is naked. In fact the CR together with the dead straight cock, totally circumcised and with a big head well defined by a clear rim are my own main obsessions. To me they make or break a stud. Many fans stoutly maintain that the blog is about muscle and cock and I suppose it is, as big cocks tend to go hand in hand with big muscle. But just read the blurb by the editors and the comments thereon and you quickly realise that what guys are interested are basically cocks, balls and anal sphincters. Also, for crying out loud, let’s stop pretending that these guys are just exercising their alpha masculinity in preparation for and after coming off the competition stage. They are all enjoying a good fuck the same as most of us do. I reckon that most of them are gay, as are the most of us fans. Women? never a mention on the blog; so come on, let’s face facts: this is just one hell of a great gay-male site so let’s sit back and enjoy it. Nothing I have found on the net holds a candle to it. It is, with all its faults, a great site.

      Coming back to CRs, I myself see no reason at all why the competition does not permit their use as to me they are much like an ear ring: just an item of jewellery. And contrary to what many people think, I very much doubt that they are either a help or a hindrance to the cum performances of competitors on stage But there we are: they are not allowed, so we live with it.

      But off stage I am all in favour of guys using them to make the very best of their own masculine endowment. I can remember a summer nude musclecock resort in southern Florida, where a couple of friends and I spent a memorable two naked weeks under the warm winter sun and where the vast majority of guests were were wearing cockrings and I can tell you that their cocks were a joy to behold as they proudly strutted their stuff in the public areas. These resorts are great places to relax, by the way, and to enable you to sample a variety of new pastures in the form of some really tight anal sphincters. Ours had a great fraternal feeling after only one day as guests relaxed, joined in the fun and fucked each other. Over the two week vacation I must have fucked at least twenty different guys and taken a similar number up my own arse: a very unique an stimulating vacation! I came back to the frozen north, totally invigorated.

      I can but recommend fans to to flick back to a shot posted on 06/01/2014, Dragoncock 14, where a young stud called Gregory Stone posed with one of those superbly flattering three part triangular rings. To me it was a beautiful shot, spoiled only by the fact that this young stud, who is superbly well endowed, was not cut; his cock head, which was clearly massive and well proportioned, was shrouded in his foreskin, thereby spoiling its ultimate beauty. It was like looking at a marvellous view through a haze of cloud. He received many pieces of advice from his admirers, telling him to get himself circumcised, but whether he ever did I do not know. But Gregory’s cock ring pose attracted 34 comments both pro and con. Is that a record I wonder?

      And full marks for signing your comments. I always sign mine and regret that so many, often interesting remarks, are left under the heading Anonyme. So commentators get yourselves a pen name so that we know to whom we are talking,

    3. And yes, for the reocrd, Ido where a three part trianguloid ring myself and only take it off when I go to our local gay barber shop to get my body hair rwmoved.

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