COCKED AND READY: Recently-turned-pro Emmanuel Neuville posted this pic on a social media feed
of himself in a hotel room paid for by the Hackelberg Group.  It was shot just before Neuville left the room
fr his first "authorized permission" to wander a public area (the hotel) completely nude. 

When you area monster muscle stud with a freakishly hole-destroying megacock, you can rest assured that you will be popular.  Yet when you turn pro and enter the IFNB from the amateur naked bodybuilding ranks, that popularity will suddenly skyrocket!

This is what Mr. France Emmanuel Neuville is fast learning.  And he is wise to take advantage of the new fame; it is in this period of heightened interest that a naked bodybuilder can demand payment and sponsorship from worshipping millionaires, and thus secure a future in the sport.

And the buzz around this new pro has reached the ears of one of the most public billionaire naked bodybuilding funders, Hugo Hackelberg.  Hackelberg and his companies are estimated to fully or partially bankroll approximately 120 pro naked bodybuilders, and while many worry about Hackelberg's potential to "own the whole sport," most see the benefactor as a hero helping the sport thrive.  And the one thing Hackelberg has a nose for, it's new meat!

Hackelberg clearly wants Neuville in his stable of pros.  The billionaire recently flew Neuvelle to meet him paying for all expenses, including a per diem spending allowance for the week.  Meanwhile, the powerful wealth of Hackelberg allowed him to arrange the permission for Neuville to be free to remain completely naked in the hotel and it's restaurants.  For Neuville, this was the first time the general public was forced to accept his nudity without question, and he eagerly posted on social media:
"Not sure if I will sign with Hackelberg, but I will say he did the right thing.  I deserve to be allowed be naked in my glory all the time – and frankly this is how the whole world should have to deal with me!  Naked, indoor face and rock hard!"
 There was no deal signed as of yet, but Hackelberg was thrilled with what he saw.  In his own media release, Hackelberg said that he "could not believe the quality of this young bull!  And his stamina was remarkable!  I can say from direct experience that this young pro's hard on is not only big enough to damage any hole it takes on, but never goes soft and never stops pounding greedily!  Men like this are an honor to the sport of bodybuilding, and deserve all of our reverence, respect and honor!  I do hoe Mr. Neuville honors me by taking my generous sponsorship offerings.  I would be truly humbled to be his financial servant!"

While Hackelberg is often one to sing praises, there is no doubt the meetings impressed the deep-pocketed mogul.  Now we have to see if Neuville signs with him, or if he uses the sudden clout to secure an even sweeter deal form a more private sponsorship.  



  1. While I hope this dude gets some solid sponsorship, I hope he goes with someone other than Hackelberg. That wealthy cock whore is getting way too much power in the sport.

  2. This guy has a great future. I think he is one of the best-looking IFNB contestants I have ever seen. Also, his arm development is amazing.

  3. Yup this kid is near perfect. I wish he would bring up his chest a bit---errr uuuu --no rather a lot. Make it his feature muscle....his marquee body part. Amazing cock though the roomer is he has issues with cum control.....my feeling is ---> who cares?

  4. I get it this kid is a specimen of manhood with an intimidating piece of man meat between his legs. But I have heard talk he can not control his load. He shoots gizzz at all the wrong times. Pulling it out of his jock -- he shoots a string. In the middle of a posing routine he cough up cum. Just walking around the gym he will spill seed. The good news is this kid apparently produces gallons of man milk. The bad news is he has trouble controlling himself and blows spo
    ge all over the gym floor. Has anyone else heard these rumors ?

    1. I have heard the same thing. But I think it is forgivable for two reasons: primarily because he is clearly our superior in physical perfection, and we owe him our deference, but secondarily that he is just barely out of the amateur ranks, and so has lots of time to perfect his game in the pro divisions.

      He spills monster globs of delicious cum all over the place in competition too, I've read. While such sloppy untimed loads are frowned upon by the pro judges (because they do not represent an alpha male in full control of his power), the sheer volume of sex juice this dude unloads kept him in the top position in the amateur leagues. Like, if the average cum shots in a round of amateurs is 3 loads, and this guy drops 7, it's obvious the sheer intensity of his sexual power will bring him to the forefront even though he only controls 2 or 3 of those loads. Usually quantity does not beat quality, but when you are so far exemplary in a field the sheer volume of intensity can still make you a notable alpha in judges eyes.

      So yeah, I have also heard the rumors and read in articles that he is a horny muscle brute who globs fast and frequent. Makes me wonder if he is training his cock like a megaweight – for maximum intensity – but has yet to bring his muscle up to match. Think he's maybe gunning to move up a class or two?

    2. I think you guys are too down on Hackelberg. He does have an ego, but he also has the success and profile to do what he wants. And if that’s supporting the one true sport – naked bodybuilding – then I support that. That said, he has been able to mold the entire league somewhat to his own whims and preferences just by the sheer volume of stars he bank rolls. By highlighting and promoting his preferred fetish-fulfilling competitors, the entire sport does tip that way. But the same could be said of most of the rich individual sponsors who support pro competitors, even if almost none are at the scale Hackelberg does. And that said, I love that he’s willing to put himself out there and be the public face (and willing fuck hole) of muscle sponsorship, and really devote his fortune to the world’s best men.
      As far as Neuville goes, he’s young and super pumped, so it doesn’t really surprise me that he never wants to stop fucking man-hole. I’ve heard too that he has a difficult time controlling his cum – that he’s more or less always cumming, including getting so worked up over being able to be ogled and worshiped completely naked during this trip, that he was cumming just from having his huge dick bounce off this thighs as he walked the halls. He also was being constantly accosted by fans and staff, who were just sitting on his huge meat at every opportunity – in the lobby, by the pool, in the restaurants, etc. The bad news were reports that he was often so aroused that he would shoot off, filling their stretched holes with hot alpha sperm, after just a few pumps. But the good news was that despite the near constant stimulation, that his loads were consistently thick, creamy and voluminous. That kind of sensitivity does seem to indicate that he’s either on SPH (which doesn’t actually seem to be the case), or is destined for megaweight class, where cum control is not as important.

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  6. Yup Neuville is a cum factory all right. Fourteen (14) posts before this one. "Amateur League 2015 Round up 1 ---Top Amateur Neuville Qualify As PRO" Well the pic in that post sums it up nicely. He's been called a one man dairy farm, a irrigation grade golf course sprinkler, a dude with more come in him than the entire offensive and defensive lines of the Chicago Bears, The Milk Man, Der Kum Meister, and disparagingly Bessy, or the dairy cow. I would like to hear some of the stories, or rumors you guys have heard about some of Mr. Neuville's prodigious man batter eruptions. I will share a few of mine tomorrow.

  7. I heard that even before Neuville had started as a teen competitor, he already had the nickname at his lycee of "Le Foutre", which roughly translates to "The Cum". This was in honor of his non-stop horniness, and frequent ejaculations at all times. Whether this was meant as an insult or a compliment, Neuville has seemingly taken that to his advantage.

  8. Neuville is a young guy with a very fertile pair between his legs, for an amateur. I would not be surprised if he is constantly inserting some kind of anal stimmer to keep himself constantly horned up. That would not only put him on track to be even more productive, but would help grow his balls to support bigger muscle.

    As for Hackleburg. Yes, he's popular and knows how to respect and worship Alphas. Yes, he's daddy money-bags and can wine and dine with the best of them. And, yes he is known for assessing a competitor's... "stamina". But, while he has done a great deal for the sport, I also would like to see some other powerful moguls get in on the game. Hell, I'm still looking for someone to sponsor my muscle, but that's hard to find when you're nothing but a muscled cock whore. Maybe I could become a billionaire sponsor! LOL

    -Peace Bros

    1. So Donovan. I'm curious. Is it normal for a naked bodybuilding assistant to get sponsorship? Or are you saying you want to compete and get a sponsor to fund your training?

    2. Hi Donovan,

      I fail to see why you have so much trouble in finding a sponsor so that you can mount the stage as a competitor at international events. Your buddy, Eduardo Bedone managed it and he was exactly like you, a muscle-cock whore as you put it. Get your finger out and start looking harder. I follow your own blog as well as this one and you really do have the necessary muscle and frankly, does anyone have a bigger fuckstick than you? You pack a real monument between your legs. And I guess, reading all you have written over the years, nobody has fucked quite as many musclecocks as you have or, for that matter has been fucked by so many of them.
      Let's face it Donovan you are a non-stop muscular fucking machine and as such you are a natural for the competitive stage. Just do something about it and stop contemplating your navel. Time will run out and one day you will suddenly find you have missed the boat and that would be a real pity. both for you and your many fans. It may well be that you are just too shy to take the limelight. Look how long we your fans had to push you before you finally showed us what you looked like.Why such reticence lord alone knows, for you are truly worth looking at.
      And why do you fill up your own blog with stills of yourself and a few close buddies and then take other guys’ video clips to show us some cocks in action? It’s time you started making a few video clips yourself and show the world just how a real big muscle man with a huge cock fucks butt. Donovan, believe me, you would be a sensation. Why for example, in your own blog, was it your buddy Federico, who showed us how he fucked a young guy at the Dragon Cock. It could so easily have been you.

    3. I half agree. On the one hand, Donovan could pull a Bedone easily, and should do it if he wants.

      On the OTHER hand, Donovan is a ruined-cunt muscle whore, and as such has played an important role to the REAL alphas of the game. Pryde's gaping ass hole is destroyed and sloppy, making it a HUGE asset backstage. How many top pro wins relied on being able to pound a fuckhole without mercy or concern that the receiver is getting a horrifying punishment?

      Muscle sluts able to be continually fuck-abused like worthless subservient trash are rare. I can see why Donovan remains in his role. Many an alpha has been able to prep for competition using him, and I am sure he feels his self worth in being the pathetic fuck bitch used on their way to a win.

    4. Let's not forget that Donovan has a history as a successful clothed bodybuilder already (as outlined on his own blog, until the fateful night hit huge cock ripped through his suit, and a stage full of hetero clothed bodybuilders got so turned on they took turns publicly ruining his muscle ass on stage for the audience). So he already has the mechanics, like a Matt Boyer, to transition into being a pro performer. Will he be able to successfully transition from cum-dump to viable alpha like Bedone (somewhat) has? Still to be seen. . . .

    5. Arw we sure that Donovan has had his hole wrecked and that it is gaping open? I would have thought that the true Alpha Male would be looking for a good tight anal sphincter through which to thrust his cock rather than sliding it into a sloppy overworked hole. Anyone who fucks butt regularly knows that the greatest pleasure is got from a good tight sphincter which needs some force to penetrate and which grips a guy' fuck-pole tightly as he fucks his partner's arse. Where's the pleasure in fucking an easy sloppy hole? I suspect that Donovan is in better shape anally than you imagine. Otherwise why would top competitors specifically requet his services?

    6. Hey bros. Yeah, I keep my hole in good shape. Alphas need/demand a lot of performance from a fuck-hole at the pro level. Lowly fuck-bitches are routinely ruined and get benched until they recover. Usually for a few days, at least. However, those of us who do this professionally, especially guys like me who follow brutal enhancement regimens, recover much faster. I start the day virgin tight, and it takes hard fucking from a jacked muscle beast to loosen me up. But it's been years since I have been truly ruined. My sphincter is way too durable for that now. Trainers will even contract me because I can force additional loads from a spent Alpha's balls. It's like being sucked off by a boa constrictor. Even so, after taking 10"-12" of girth for hours, my ass gets "easy", particularly if my body is craving cum. That's when I usually switch gears and make myself available for Alphas training for stamina or cum volume. They're not interested in forcing anything; they're already horned up and ready to burst, and they need a hungry hole to dump buckets of cum into. Then, with my ass thoroughly bred and my belly engorged with hot man-seed, all I need is to shoot a few loads myself, to tighten my hole and unpop my cherry.

      As for sponsorship, I was actually just signed with a cum farm in California. They needed someone who could help train and breed their milking bulls. After sampling some of my product, they said they didn't care if I was a competitor or not. They really wanted me and my boys working for them. Hoping to do a post about that soon. My plan is to pair the farm work with Alpha training to solidify the gains I made last year. After PA '15, I'm the biggest I've ever been. Maybe I can also use this as an opportunity to shift into competition. We'll see.


    7. Hi Donovan,

      As the second Anonyme of 22 January, I'm glad I got it right. I would have hated to think that you had a real slack hole which pleased no one anymore. Great to hear that you are still on form.

      On your own blog, I really dig the standing buttfuck in the kitchen at the DragonCock. My advice to you, for what it is worth, would be to aim for clips which tell a complete story as that one at the Dragoncock did and still does. Forget the rubbish where two or more guys spend a few seconds fucking and sucking each other and then the thing repeats itself ad nauseam. Go for clips which tell a story. Try looking at Rafalel Alencar and Johnny Rapid in a clip called Prison Showers. It's a great clip and tells a good story and has some really good imaginative fucking to view. That's the sort of thing you need on your blog. Also try ot get muscular studs with big meat on your blog. They look so mush better than weedy types when they are in action. Bigger is definitey better!