THICK, HARD AND JACKED: The CEPB's Mexico Grande Amateur Bodybuilding Championships has 
become one of the most amazing contests for non-professional muscle and cock competition,
prompting the contest's promoters to solicit for IFNB pro-level sanctioning.

You don't just set up a contest and expect monstrously muscled studs to whip out their frighteningly monstrous dongs and start posing.  It takes years of credible reputation for an IFNB pro-level event to evolve into a show worthy of muscle cock superiority.  And that evolution often begins among the amateur contests among the three amateur level leagues that qualify competitors for the IFNB: the ANFB, the PECS and the CEPB.

While these amateur leagues often have more casual contests with less fantastically proportioned nude muscle, they nonetheless strive to grow in popularity, hoping one day they will be sanctioned as a pro-level event.  Once a contest transfers from the amateur leagues into the control of the all-pro INFB, that contest has a chance to welcome some of the most amazing muscle and cock on the planet.

The larger regional amateur championships are often first to receive sanctioning, and popular pro-level naked bodybuilding events like the Pan-Africa, DragonCock and Freak Show all had their roots as amateur competitions.  And the most recent amateur contest hoping to allow in their footsteps is the CEPB Mexico Grande Amateur Nationals.

The Grande (as it is often simply referred to) started in the ANFB in the 1990's, but rarely amounted to much,  After a year hiatus ion 2007, it was helmed by the CEPB.  The CEPB,  with t's constant shifting standards and frequent sexual scandals, is often derided for it's less-then-professional operations, and thus is always on the lookout to run new contests and solidify their reputation among skeptical naked bodybuilders.  Their acquisition of the Mexico Grande was their first national-level event, and to their credit has helped them prove that they do possess the ability to run a very professional amateur competition.

In the past few years, the Mexico Grande has managed to become one of the most revered of the amateur circuit, attracting astounding muscle and dick quality.  Pro greats such as Italy's Carlo Emanti and Australia's Jeffers Nabb both travelled to the Mexico Grande while they were still amateur and trying to earn heir pro cards.  It has become one of the most competitive amateur contests in the wold.

Which is why this year there CEPB submitted it's official application for assessment as a pro-level show.  Approval is not a quick affair, and there are many, many standards the IFNB holds for a contest to be brought up tot he pro level.  The first of which was the attendance at this year's Mexico Grande of many IFNB board members to assess the show's quality.  Early reports are that the IFNB board members were impressed and have green lighted the contest as one to assess for pro status.

Next is a series of assessments of the shows operations and standards, which may prove troublesome for the CEPB.  So often, CEPB contests have lost their focus, allowing competitive offenses such as on-stage sex acts and favoritism of allowing judges backstage access to horny competitors.  While the Mexico has not seemed to have had many of such scandals, the contest has also not been thoroughly investigated as yet.  There could very well be some less-then-professional occurrences that the CEPB has managed to downplay.

IFNB officials will be interviewing many past champions of the Mexico Grande in private sessions to ascertain ideas of the shows quality, as well as looking at past history of the show's results.  



  1. If you want to know what really hard cock and muscle are, then go no further for this is surely it. These three guys are in a class of their own. Talk about iron muscles and massive cocks, these studs have it all. where the fuck have the been hiding all this time? Ishould think that getting fucked by any of these three studs would be an experience never to be forgotten. Just look at the superb aggressivity of the cocks of the two guys on the left.

    1. I agree totally with Anonyme above. These three guys are really something else. They have a taughtness of prsentation which is unique and what is further remarkable is that they all,have such similar well defined usclar physiques. It is as if they had all taken a apecial course, or trained in some special way. Anyway, they are a delight to look at and if ever a group of young studs could claim balance between cock and muscle it is these three guys. So, I won't go into my usualy detailed analysis of their nicks as that would be nitpicking. Note I did say nitpicking an not dickpicking,

  2. Although it's not officially part of the show, I know the Grande has had a bit of a stigma associated with the extracurricular happenings that surround the competition. Not to revel in stereotypes, but Mexico being Mexico, there's always been a significant black market for illegal and semi-legal enhancement drugs around the show. It eventually reached a point that the host city now sets up special wards staffed by police and military officers specially trained by expert NBAs to corral and contain musclemen in uncontrolled hole-raping blackouts.

    After training, the officers are shaved hairless, oiled and completely naked (though they do have a temporary tattoo applied on their chests and backs identifying their name and them as part of the Fuerza Especial de Toros Musculares (FETM) or “Special Force on Muscle Bulls”). Previously the officers had worn a specially designed uniforms that was simply ass-less and included a utility belt with an assortment of restraints, but they found that too many of the wild competitors would rip off any and all of clothing while rage-fucking the officers, and would often then turn the restraints back on the officers once overpowered!

    The task force squads move in groups of 4-6 nude officers, and their game plan now when confronting one of the blinded muscle animals and their insatiable monster hardons is to distract and lure the beasts with their naked and willing asses, and get them into their specially designed, super-reinforced “paddy wagon”. The back of the wagon includes a raised padded platform that allows the officer some comfort while his ass is getting ruined by the crazed muscle monster, and has a special caged area so the officers can trade off as needed if one passes out from the intensity of their hole-ravaging.

    The intent is to keep the drugged muscleman sufficiently occupied with plentiful man-ass until the wagon can reach the ward – usually set up in the local prison – where the muscle beast can be contained until the drugs work their way out of his system. Again, this being Mexico, there are stories of guards “throwing” other prison inmates to the still-raging beasts, and charging admission and/or taking bets on how long these hardened criminals and gang members might last against these aggravated fuck poles before passing out.

    The planning is extreme, but the Grande competition brings so much prestige and money to the Mexican economy, that the government sees the benefit in setting up the special squad each year. They’ve also taken to airing the footage from the “wagon cam” as a series of specials, called “Sobrecarga Muscular”, or “Muscle Overload”. Many complain that this then glamorizes the use of these drugs and celebrates the wild rapists, but it has become such a sensation that it makes minor celebrities out of some of the officers and offenders. That taste of 15 minutes of fame has recently led to officers volunteering year after year. Some also now get the temporary badges permanently tattooed for pride’s sake, and a few have even gotten so into nude muscle that they’ve gone on to train as muscle competitors or work as NBAs in other professional competitions.

  3. The Grande is the only competition I know of that does not push the use of NBAs at all. I expect it helps them reduce costs, to have the police run interference. Regardless, the stage quality of muscle and cock is top-notch most of the time, and from the videos I've been streaming, competition looks pretty legit.

    But, after talking with a friend of mine who's on the IFNB board, it sounds like there were some, shall we say, less than conventional inspections that went on behind closed doors. One board member was taken to see how some of these muscle bulls are milked during training and prep, and he ended up being allowed to drink some of that thick cream... directly from the source...for nine hours...at a luxury spa. For some reason, there were quite a few police cars outside as well. Extra security? I even saw a discrete pic snapped of the bill. Anyone know the conversion for 167744.99 Pesos?

    1. That's about $10K, so whatever was going on wasn't cheap. Yeah, I've heard it does attract the seedier side of muscle worshippers.

  4. I'vw been looking very closely at this photo of these three Mexicam studa. You cks and faces. I just love the guy on the left, themway his cokc stnds up so stright aginst his body and what a st of nits this stud has. I should imagine when he fucks butt that he gives his partner the experience of a lifetime. I think tha word that desribes all three guys is 'Brutal". I can imagine that once they get fucking they would not know where to stop.

  5. Something went radically wrong with my comments above which were badly garbled in the posting process.

    What I wanted to say was that I thought the three guys above could well be brothers as they all have such similar physiques, cocks and faces and that "iron man" look about them. There is nothing soft at all about any of them. I also commented on the massive set of balls that the guy on the left has and the way his fuck-pole stands up so straight against his body. I should think that when he fucks arse it would be a sight well worth watching. I can see this guy in my imagination as he batters his target hole to pulp with his rock hard tool. Yes, the Mexicans have a style all of their own.

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