THE MUSCLECOCK TO WATCH OUT FOR: Emmanuel Neuville from France has been tearing up 
the ANBF amateur circuit for the past three years and has just qualified to compete as an IFNB pro.
Above he is backstage after winning the ANFB Impaler Puissance amateur naked bodybuilding competition 
back in August with his cock stim coach.

When we decided to bring you highlights from the year on the amateur-level naked bodybuilding circuit, we all agreed that we had to start our special report by acquainting you with a new pro naked bodybuilder who may only be known by those who follow the amateur-level circuit.

Emmanuel Neuville from France has been competing as an amateur for just over three years.  He has competed in the CEPB (Conference of Erect Penis Bodybuilders), the ANFB (Amateur Nude Federation of Bodybuilders) and a few other amateur naked bodybuilding leagues not affiliated with he IFNB.  But it was this past January at the ANFB MuscularBitte that it became obvious Neuville was destined for the pro ranks.  Placing second, he nonetheless shit 7 times on stage – a number far greater than most amateurs.  But in the contest audience was a rep from the ISPR (International Sperm Potency Register), the organization which sets the standards for heightened-potency sperm.

Pretty much every pro naked bodybuilder ranks above a 5.0 on the ISPR scale, there demarcation of a "superior male."  (Average men rank around 1.5, amateur-level naked bodybuilders usually rank between 3.0 and 5.0, while top pros like Roher, Douton or redone rank between 9.1 and 9.6.)  The scale indicates how much of a muscle-building affect a man's sperm can cause when ingested, with anything above about 7.8 having more potent affects than most steroids.  The ISPR rep requested to have Neuville sampled, and the 23 year old's post-contest load ranked a very stable 6.1! Once his name entered the potency registry, he suddenly became one of the top amateurs to watch throughout 2015.

Neuville competed 6 more times as an amateur this year, winning his qualification as a pro by taking the overall at the AFNB Amateur Mr. France 2015.

We are excited to see such a quality amateur break into the ranks of pro level competition!



  1. Not bad at all, but to get a real appreciation of this young hunk, we really need a profile view to see his cock better. The way it looks here is as if he has an uncut tool with the foreskin rolled back to expose the head so that the skin looks like a ring encircling his cock directly beneath the head. If this is, in fact, the casem he will not find fucking a very comfortable business. A pity about this as he looks pretty damn good otherwise, I reckon some of these guys need an advisor in aesthetics. for time and time again we see potentially super fuck-meat ruined by a poor presentation. Any chance of the side view?

  2. I kind of disagree. Naked bodybuilding isn't all about the cock, even if it is emphasized. I know that's what you're generally here for, but the full picture is a balance game. I think this dude is gonna ago far!

    1. I did say "Not bad at all" before enlarging with my comments about his man-meat. It is never just about the cock, but let's face it a really handsome tool helps. Anyone who would like to know what a perfect penis looks like, should log onto Donovan Pryde's own blog down the side of these pictures. Take a look at the shot of Donvan himself and you will see my idea of cock perfection. he rest of Donovan is pretty impressive too, adn i often woder why he is just an NBA, albeit a top one.In my view it does not get any better. Curiously, in the same blog, the earlier shot of his elder brother is much less attractive. His cock is not cut and it is a rotten pic. overall. The guy looks worn out. So yes, I am cock orinentated, but I do take in the rest.

    2. I do not agree with the views of RealBBer above. Naked BB may not in itself be all about cock, but this blog with its numerous competitions most certainly is. Once on stage the cock reigns supreme and the whole competition centres around the ablity to hold a hard cock and shoot seemingly endless jets of cum. And if we are to believe what we are told about the release room the cock becomes even more important. I suggest RealBBer relook at the last pic. of Paulette, moaning over the fact that his prize is not an adequante reflecion of the splendour of his own penis and then read on to see how many hours and NBA's arses he fucked his way through to 'calm' himself. Indeed, as far as can see, it is all about cock. So don't hit so hard on Cockwatcher for his analyses of a contestant's main attribute. Once he stops writing, the comments section will be a lot thinner.

    3. Haha. First off, Jason, I been following this site for years and years longer than you. I have seen the sport and understand it well. And have seen FREQUENTLY how cock + body true cock alone. Yes, some contests get close to call, and that is where cock prowess totally pulls a champion ahead. But not often enough to say the sport is "about cock." it isn't. Most of the time, the guy who has the bigger dick and cums more does NOT win in favor of the guy with the awesome body and cock combo and more controlled flex-cum timing.

      I know the sport very, very well. I stand by what I said. Which drawn from years and years of reading and observing the game unfold.

    4. Agreed Real BBer - there have been plenty of instances dating back when biggest cock didn't win. Having a MAGNIFICENT dick is key, but size isn't always the indicator of the best one on stage. The body and performance are just as key to the winning of titles.

      But as a fellow long time reader of the IFNB blog, I have noticed a shift in the audience as of late to being very, very dick focused, to the exclusion of the storyline and mostly centered on expressing their own interests as opposed to joining in or furthering the overall narrative - except to maybe pressure the editor to focus on really big uncut cock.

      But oh well, can't (and I don't think, should try to) please everyone. Keep up the good work, faithful Editor!

    5. I really appreciate that, bro! And I agree as well. It's good to know that another long time follower sees what I am seeing among comment thread trends, and how they are not always as deeply invested in the storyline and ideas of the original IFNB.

      I agree that they have to just let whatever course happen, and so I am with you that you just sorta got to let out be, but I like that the editors continue to publish the stories in the same manner as they had 5 or 6 years ago. If the audience has shifted, at least the content has remained excitingly consistent!

      And while I am definitely a musclecock fan, I agree that the emphasis has gotten lopsided among fans. Not every big dick deserves to win; there is more to naked bodybuilding than a monster, horny dong (although that definitely gives you a big edge!).

    6. OK, RealBBer, so the biggest cock does not always win, but to pretend that the blog is not very heavily orientated towards cock is to fly into the face of the facts, Just read the comments made by the editors beneath each picture: It is cock, cock and more cock and cum cum and more cum, accompanied by comments about why the guy in question couldn’t hold it etc etc etc..

      And when that wonder of the world, Paulette, won the Dragoncock, what was the headline to the shot of him bemoaning the fact that the golden penis award he had received was smaller than his own tool. Well, I leave it to you yourself to look back on that shot to jog your memory, but I seem to remember something about an eight hour release fucking session, which, believe it or not, he did it with his cock, unless I have got it all wrong again!..

      Sure the biggest cock does not always win, but this blog is all about cocks and cumming. Just read the editors’ blurb. And that is true, RealBBer even though you have been following the site longer than I have, a comment which seems irrelevant; so what?

  3. Dick analysis aside , I like the way guys in the sport wear cum with pride. No shame, having a spoge covered face is just part of the game.

    1. Totally agree. Always something I've looked up to. The degree of confidence and pride is outstanding. They truly represent cum as a male thing; as a sign of masculinity, not just sex.

  4. I think Neuville is magnificent, and he has only up to go after turning pro and being able to devote himself to becoming the personifucation of a perfect alpha male. I also think we should focus on the overall package, not just the cock, and also think that an uncut cock can be just as pleasing as part of the overall look and prowess of a competitor as any other part of the body. Each pro is physically different - different sizes and shapes, skin tones and areas of development. They're all magnificent and should be celebrated.

    1. Well put! And yes we should focus on overall package, for sure! The muscle is just as symbolic of male perfection as is a dominant dick. And besides, overall package is what the sport is about, so we ought follow suit. It's not always about nitpicking individual attributes; it's about evaluating how the whole thing comes together to represent male physical prowess, excellence and superiority.