AN ICON OF RAW MALE POWER: Megaweight Buck Paulette, "The Club," 
barely flinches as he unloads a monstrous load during a perfectly timed – and perfectly executed – 
held-cock side triceps pose. The mighty Hammer has won all of the first four preliminaries
in the megaweight class, as well as setting a DragonCock megaweight single-round cum record.

"The roots of naked bodybuilding come from the very power man has over his subordinates," says Brad Mengier of the sport he has dedicated a lifetime to.  "It is the iconic embodiment of how a man's strength potency and confidence not only overpowers lesser men, but entitles him to literal authority over them.  You see this played out in every pose in a naked bodybuilding contest.  And few have that pure essence of alpha male power iconography like Jeff Paulette.  Frankly, I think we're lucky to have the Hammer here showing us what the ultimate male form should be all about."

Few would argue Mengier's comments which came during the post-contest Press Update after the fourth preliminary round of competition at the DragonCock.  While so much has been made about the excitement in the middleweight and heavyweight classes, the larger classes have been somewhat neglected by reporters, yet have had meanwhile contained their own high points.  One of the most prominent is the sweep of wins Jeff "Buck" Paulette, a/k/a "The Hammer", has achieved.

it is rare that a naked bodybuilder takes all the Preliminary rounds, much less four in a row out of six.  But Paulette – who took a long hiatus from competition to refine his cock control and add yet more impossible muscle mass – is a veteran of the game and knows exactly what to bring to a round.  He is, like all megaweights, extremely horny, able to unleash multiple loads due to having a hyper-enhanced cock and balls.  Paulette's typical round is a solid 17 to 19 shots, maybe a 22 or 24 in Finals.  But he his monster dong has been literally a firehouse of hot goop during the preliminaries, with his lowed-shooting round being the first with 20 loads.

And last night he set a new DragonCock preliminary round cum record for the megaweright class, unleashing a frighteninging 27 loads on stage!   While these numbers have been seen at the DragonCock in Final rounds among megaweights, Paulette is truly here to remind us all that he is Mr. Alpha quality even if he competes irregularly.

His astounding muscle mass was crisp and defined, and he seemed to be gaining pump size in the third and fourth rounds.  While his timing is as sporadic as any megaweight, his best round was also his most horny, nailing 17 of the 27 loads timed perfectly with flexing.

Paulette has often been quoted describing how his "own perfect muscle mass is perhaps the sexiest thing on this planet," and thus his flexing causes him wild horny responses.  His love of dominating over men also feeds into his passion for this sport, and it showed with his relentless refusal to be rushed by judges, and instead pose to the dumbstruck and frenzied fans who are watching something truly unique.

With this kind of performance, all Paulette needs is control of his frightening fuckpole in the Finals to be able to set a challenge for Itakara, Prapamonh or Hyun, the current predicted frontrunners.



  1. WOW, I am now a HUGE fan of "The Hammer"! Please keep creating more images of this extraordinarily handsome and muscular stud! He's such a beauty, and that cock of his is magnificent! Does he also have proportionately massive balls to fuel such a huge fuck stick? I sure hope so, and that we'll get to see his mighty testicles in future installments. Judging from the sheer volume of thick and chunky spunk that this alpha stud is spewing, he must have some of the biggest bull nuts on the whole planet!

    1. You are spot on about Paulette, sfzephyr. This guy is drop dead gorgeous, Such incredible finesse in such a huge guy. And he certainly knows how to cream, his cock: just look at it coming. I reckon he will wipe the floor with all the rest. I wonder if the fact that Kenny Jeung decided not to compete was because of Paulette's presence, for he is better than any of the asiatics and Kenny may have decided to rest on his laurels of 2014 and to retire with the top title rather than as second best in show.

    2. That s a solid point Anonyme! Jung tends to play his game conservative, and while he is too confident to be intimidated, he also likes contests where he can play a solid posing game. Against a megaweight like Paulette, jung would have to push his cock work hard, and while I think he could have done it, it would be a totally different game that opens him up for error.

      However, Paulette sometimes can't hang in the overalls in finals. He is one of the best in the sport by far, burt when it comes to the complete package of presentation and body, he does well with body and cock but his presentation drags his scores down. He is awesome to watch, but in a competitive field he struggles against lights guys with stronger posing and cum games.

      I am psyched to see him dominate though! What a man!!!

    3. I thought his nickname was "The Club"?

  2. If you are into big balls and massive dangling scrotums, just take a look at Kin Kuse in Pro 12 a few shots back. He has to have the defintive text book danglers. They do nothing for me perosnally, but if that's your thing, then he's your man!

  3. I will get my bellyaching over and done with straight away. Once again we have the unfortunate spectacle of the cock grabber. It seems to be the norm for this year’s DC, which is a pity. More so when Paulette has just one of the finest cocks which we have ever seen on the blog. Just look back at the two recent previous shots and ask yourself why he needed to grab his dick. Is it the fashion? Frankly the way he is grabbing himself makes it look as though he is squeezing the last ounce of cum out of his tool.

    Anyway my grumbling over, I have to say that Paulette looks absolutely superb in this shot. He knocks spot off all the rest. His physique, which is massive, nevertheless manages to appear so very elegant and avoid totally that gross overdeveloped look which so many competitors affect. I also vey much like the way that he has not overdeveloped his traps, a fault, to my mind that man BBs make. I reckon he has got the competition sown up lock stock and barrel,. He is the quintessential elegant megaweight NBB.

    Where is Donocan, by the way? He said that he had been requested to prep. Paulette, but we have hear nothing from him since his vacation. It would be great to get some first hand info,about how many holes Paulette ravaged before going on stage and to know if he needed some anal stim.himslef ot get the juices flowing, If so, who helped him?

    What we now need to see is a really good cum shot, close up, of Prapamonh, for among the newer faces he is a brilliant contender with a cock to die for., But please, please, please, no grabbing he does not need it.

  4. While on the subject of cocks, and I share Cockwatcher's view on grabbing totally, by the way, when are we going to see Itakara's monumental fuck stick in action?. He has to have one of the biggest and best pieces of man-meat ever. So let's see it on stage - preferably not being grabbed!!! The DC seems very disjointed an we should surely have seen Itakara by this stage.

  5. I am new to this. Is it possible to know the stats of these mammoth men? How tall? How much they weigh? How large their biceps, etc.?

  6. I am amazed and dumfounded by the abilities of this gentleman. The thought of him ejaculating 27 times in a row, in front of the whole world, drinking his own load while the others looked on and witnessed his giant penis power. It's almost too much for me to handle.

  7. What the hell is happening to Dragoncock? If it goes on way it is at the moment, Dragoncock will soon be DragonFLOP! No new shots since October 2 and the stunning shot of the newcomer after this one, mysteriously removed after a few days. So what gives? There clearly is a problem.

    And I have noticed that with few exceptions many of the recent shots are not attracting comments from the fans.. OK. some of the pictures are not worth writing about, but many are. I have a horrible suspicion that the whole,thing is dying on its feet.

    Donovan Pryde, who comments enliven the blog as he fucks his way aournd the contests, said that he had been commissioned to service Buck Paulette, but he has been unusually silent. Why? Where is he?

    The Daragoncock this year has been very shaky but eft as it is it isgoing to be dead unles something happens.

    k some f th esnpts ar enot worth a comment but others really do merit sometihng. Iahve a nast suspcicionthat the howl thing is dtying on its feet.