BIG THINGS IN A SHORT PACKAGE: Bai Propamonh (left) has turned the Middleweights into one of the most cock-driven
flexing contests in recent pro memory.  While his astounding mass and shape keep him in the head of the pack,
His monster dong and seemingly endless supply of hot cum made him nearly untouchable in the third Preliminaries.
Only Jun Miko (second from left) and Chan Somki (Second from right) came close to beating Praamonh.  
Brilkeet Guteer (right) was very close to placing second until a cock failure knocked him down in the running.

A ball of pure muscle and a cock no human would ever want to have to ride is redefining the DragonCock for the middleweight classes this year.  Bai Prapamonh is the 5' 4" monster with a hole-destroying monster dong that may end up being the runaway bodybuilder to watch this year,.

The perfect shape and majestic cock of Chan Somki took lots of media attention at the pre-event, primarily because the young competitor is the first protegé of DragonCock champion legend Kenny Jeung.  And Somki had a brilliant round in the third preliminaries, coming in with much tighter muscle conditioning and jaw-dropping fullness of muscle.  His bone stood almost frustratingly erect and hard throughout the round, showing him to be a competitor who clearly gets drivien into mad last when he is flexing his beef in front of throngs of eager men.

But Prapamanh once again used girth and intense horniness to pull ahead in the posing.  Prapamang exhibits a rare technique in hands-free cumming: "volcanoing," where he achieves a slow-boil orgasm resulting in thick globs of sperm pumping out of his horny cock.  Judges do consider volcanoing a full climax, which factors into his timing score.  Yet Bai is capable of some ceiling-high sperm fireworks as well, proving his log of a dong is well trained to show off his true masculinity.

While perfect cum timing often pulls a competitor ahead, excessive horniness with enough solid timing can also cause a win. With his low-level orgasms pumping his cumshaw total to 13 in the round, Prapamonh's perfectly timed 8 flex cumshots was enough to stay ahead of Somki.  Somki came in avery close second with 8 perfectly timed shots of his own, yet only released on stage 8 times total.  While a perfect round, there is no doubt which competitor is truly dedicated to his self-lusting masculinity.  The numbers don't lie when it comes to who is a true stud.

Early in the round new-pro Brisket Guteer was making some impressive waves in the class.  His thick mass and heavy-hung dick had the judges competing him for several poses with the frontrunners.  Brisket was ahead in cumshots early, blasting 6 horny pumps in the first half alone.  But towards the tail-end of the hour and 15 minute round, Brisket had a few temporary bone losses.  While he recovered quickly – a sign that muscle and showing off keep this bull horny as hard even after failure – his cock is just not trained to recover fast enough to hang with the top porous of this major event.  Gutter ended up a sad seventh in the round, which would be otherwise impressive among a field of 56, except for the fact that he had a shot at third or second place.

In third of the middleweights was Jun Miko, who held his own and delivered a by-the-number pro outing.  This is Miko's fourth time at the DragonCock, and he often lands in the top ten for Middleweights.  His baseball-bat hole-terror of a cock truly represents what all men strive for, and his tight, lean physique kept him in the running.  Yet his muscle was a little flat and not as full as the beasts of the class, so while balance and shape kept him high, he will have to act fast if he wants to stay high in the ranks of the Prelims.



  1. This line up shows that Propamonh and Somi are in a different class to the others. Propamonh has managed to develop one of the most formidable cocks ever, made even more impressive by his relatively short stature. but overall, I still favour Somki myself as I reckon he is better balanced. . And somehing quite unique about Somki in this shot, he is one of the few guys with tightly held balls who shows clear separation of each nut. I don't recollect ever seeing such extraordinary definition ever before, but, of course, I may be wrong. But to come back to the other two guys. They just don't cut it ifor me in terms of cock control. Just look, at Somki and Propamonh. These two studs have rock- hard super- erect fuck-sticks, whereas the other two are drooping.

  2. I received the following exclusive scoop by email from a freelance reporter friend of mine who, himself an ex NBB, has been following the Dragoncock very closely and in particular Chan Somki, the protégé of the veteran champion Kenny Jeung.

    Kenny was on hand the whole time to help this super attractive, young stud prepare himself for the stage. Kenny had lined up no less than six NBAs all young men with very tight holes, to enable Somki to prepare himself for the gruelling judgment on stage. The six guys were each made to bend across a table and offer their holes for Somki to use in quick succession. Kenny Jeung, who stood there gloriously naked himself, said: “It is important to choose young guys with very tight sphincters so that when Chan penetrates them his cock is truly gripped firmly. It is also very important that these preparatory fucks be made with a dry cock and dry target hole, so that Chan experiences maximum friction and arousal . So, as he passes rapidly from one assistant to the next, is cock is wiped dry and a friction spray is applied to ensure that the friction and tension are maintained as each hole is fucked.”

    The success of this approach is shown by the way Somki held his rock-hard erection vertical throughout the entire judging process which took nearly 80 minutes.

    Then in the release room, again six or even seven young studs are lined up to take Somki’s cock and accept is post posing jism, which he produces in great quanitity. Somki’s popularity meant that NBAs vied for places to prep. and release him.

    Although the judging is not yet finished, Kenny organised a post posing party for the popular Somki. Only 100 tickets at $100 each were offered and all were sold in ten minutes. Just a few moments later, tickets were changing hands at sums of up to $500 each, such is the popularity of this young stud.

    The party was held in a private room hired by Kenny Jeung and each fan was given a raffle ticket as he entered. The entire event was totally naked and all fans had to shed their clothes before entering the venue. The highlight of the party was when ten raffle tickets were drawn and the ten lucky winners were rewarded by a “virtual handshake” from their idol. The ten young studs were asked to bend over the table and offer their sphincters to Somki, who, as ever, rock-hard , but now with his cock well lubricated, treated each of the ten lucky fans to six long strokes of his cock: a truly magnificent “handshake’ which was much appreciated.

    In spite of the sudden rise of Prapamonh, Somki still has a faithful following as he is one of the most attractive young studs to have emerged in recent years. Most people see him as a future star on the Asiatic scene.

    Kenny Jeung himself looked magnificently bronzed and sported his quite exceptional cock, which he held erect for most of the proceedings. But in spite of eager questioning, we were all left wondering whether he would compete in the heavy weight rounds. Is he retiring and becoming a top trainer or will he go on as a competitor? That is the question everyone is now asking,

    1. Rumour has it that Prapamonh’s trainer was furious at Kenny Jeung for having thrown the party, reported by Jason, above, for his protégé, Chan Somki. “Fucking hell,” he is reputed to have said, boiling with rage, “Who the fuck does this guy think he is. The contest is not yet over. At this stage it is Bai Prapamonh who is leading and it is my guess that he will win and Somki will come second and when he does, we’ll throw the party to end all parties and my trainee, Bai Prapamonh, will show the lot of them what is like to experience a real cock up their arses. Forget Somki’s “Handshake”. My guy will really fuck butt for his fans in his winner round of honour."

      I guess that many fans of Prapamonh are already in the pre-cum state themselves, just salivating at the thought that he might deign to give some of them a true taste of his fuck-stick. It’s an exciting thought! But will it ever happen?

      One can understand the outrage, but one has to admire the chutzpah of Kenny Jeung in promoting his man. It really was a coup! And one has to acknowledge that Chan Somki does have that magic something called charisma.

      But one also has to admit, that although short in stature, Prapamonh is a great contestant and his cock, well, it’s just mind bending, up there with the best of them: Itakara, Paulette and Monza. In fact, looking at the present line up, Prapamonh may well have the biggest piece of man-meat ever. It’s certainly one of the best balanced looking fuck-sticks we have seen recently. My own view? Prapamonh and Somki: two great guys,


  3. I've always loved "volcanoing" or "power drooling" as we used to call it. I'm really impressed Prapamonh has mastered this technique. It is incredibly difficult to volcano in a show like this. First it takes pints of jizz to maintain a constant flow of man batter. Secondly it only the most trained and disciplined cock can shift from a power drool to a high shot in perfect timing with the flexing routine. Finally it is easy for a lava flow explode into a full eruption at the most inopportune times. Which can destroy a competitors timing scores. Though I don't think a well controlled lava flow should hurt a studs timing scores with the judges, that is as long as he can pop the required infield flies and home runs in perfect timing with his flexing routine.

    I've mentioned this before, but one aspect of volcanoing that I really enjoy, is how the lava flow "glazes" the cock with glistening man juice. A throbbing tool dripping with man spunk -- now that's a thing of beauty. One of the reasons we love this sport so much.

    1. I completely agree that we don't see that many representations of how a man's horny rage can sometimes be displayed in an oozing, eye-catchjing flow of thick sperm. It's a skill you used to see all the time and less and less in the newer guys of the sport.

      Prapamanh has an excellent flow technique, you;re right bench. And the glistening, creamy sheen it gives his monster meaty is not just something you prefer, Bench. This helps judges really recognized quality alpha male cock, and that sheen is actually another minor advantage for this little bull tank of a competitor.

  4. Thanks for responding to my post RealBBer.
    I Love it when other fellow sports fans are interested in some of the more technical aspects of the sport. I agree it helps the judges. It's often said "bodybuilding is just a sport where you turn your body into one big hard on." Well if that's true and oil sheen helps display a bodybuilder's physique under the bright lights of the stage -- and so a jizz sheen helps display the physique of a well built cock on stage.

    In the old days we always championed a guy who could "glaze his nuts". that's when a competitor's tanks are gorged enough to release enough of a flow to fully glaze the leather of his ball sack. Better yet to achieve such an incredible volcano flow as to have cum dripping off his nuts. Believe me gentlemen it is a sight to behold. It can look as if the muscle boy's testicles are leaking cum through his own gonads & nut sack.

    To achieve "glazed nuts" and "sack drool" takes an amazing amount of man-sploog. Due to the creases and wrinkles a he-man's leather purse can absorb copious amounts of spunk batter. In order for our dedicated weight lifter to achieve "glazed nuts" or "sack drool" he has to produce sick amounts of cum.

    1. I totally agree with what you're saying about talking the technical points. Knowing the sport makes the interactions and debates more meaningful, rather than just "what I like to see." Once you know technique, methods and technical aspects, it becomes easier to understand the judging.

  5. RealBBer----Amen Brother! What I like to see actually has two sides to it. What I like to see is what our own personal idea of beauty is. What we think is attractive., arousing, hot, mind blowing. I personally like the "all american boy....on roids" but that's just me. I am convinced that my concept of sexuality was formed in my youth. I guess I spent too much time in the football locker room showers.

  6. But RealBBer -- understanding the "technical aspects" really means understanding the details of the sport. What the muscle stud athlete has to go through to achieve his level of development, and cock control. It is one thing to be aroused and amazed by the mass and beauty of the stud, it is another to understand what he had to go through to get there.

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE! And wish more dudes would follow the sport instead of just talk about what they personally like the way you do!

      The hours a day lifting and endless cock work is truly not for the weaker men of this world. The hours of ass pounding alone are exhausting – then add to it the diet and training and you have men who truly represent male power at it's highest form. While personal tastes may not match the champions, there is no doubt they are, indeed, the winners!

  7. But RealBBer -- understanding the "technical aspects" really means understanding the details of the sport. What the muscle stud athlete has to go through to achieve his level of development, and cock control. It is one thing to be aroused and amazed by the mass and beauty of the stud, it is another to understand what he had to go through to get there.

  8. Bai is the clear winner, with his waist-size biceps AND huge erection, he is as Man as they cum. huge muscles, 2% fat, dry and hard, AND a huge cock that generates multiple orgasms and the 1.3 Liters of Cum a modern competition requires is superhuman.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE. He really brings what this sport is all about in a solid package!