MIGHTY MIDDLEWEIGHTS: On the left the sensation of the night was pro Bai Prapamonh, who took the first place 
among the Middleweight class in the first round of Preliminaries. leaving leading favorite Chan Somki, the protege of 
DragionCock legend Kenny Jeung, in second place after one round of competition.  Prapamonh's monster log of 
a cock was drooling with excitement and his insane thickness helped trump his relative smooth muscle definition.

They said the DragonCock '15 was gonna be a cock game, and if you weren't able to get excited for monster dong then you wouldn't be able to understand the judges' picks.  Well, "they" were right, and the first round of Preliminaries at the DC'15 became a battle of monster dicks to prove how a real man has a cock that is frightening, aggressive and ready to shoot wads of his power due to the brilliance of his physical perfection.  

And the round that packed the house was the Middleweights.  Much of the draw was to see if champion Kenny Jeung's first protege Chan Somki would dominate like his mentor.  But as the round drew longer and longer, it was clear that the middleweight action was all about a battle of hard-cocked muscle dudes throwing around huge mass – and huge loads!

Pressuring the class was relative-unknown pro Bai Prapamonh, whose thickness all around was as shocking as it was thrilling.  Perhaps the shortest middleweight in the class, Prapamonh was perhaps the thickest and most densely muscled, with density that looked like it crowded onto his frame with a relentless thickness – which is what wins in the judges eyes for a pro physique.  But while Prapmonh could have broken the top 5 with his muscles and flexing alone, it was his truly frightening hole-destroyer of a fuck pole that ensured this pro is now among those to watch.

Prapamonh's cock had several "low burt" orgasms during the round, at points literally pumping out slow volcanoes of thick, hot sperm which seemed almost to taunt his fellow competitors whit's unquestionably masculine insinuation of power.  The dong had a terrifying thickness – we're guessing maybe 10" around? – that the judges favor.  If a dick looks like it is literally impossible to use for fucking without causing huge horror in the receiver, then it is the kind of male image the IFNB prizes – and it turned the round into a fight for who's muscle cock was truly indicative of a powerful man!

Chan Somki's own thick-nobbed terror was hard and veiny and performed well, but too much like his mentor Jeung.  While he had a perfect round of timed-cuimshots with poses, Somki meanwhile only released 5 times during the round.  While perfection often trumps horniness, so few loads can not help you in the judges eyes – no matter how well timed with flexing – if you are surrounded by horny built men releasing more frequently.  

Hot loads were spattering against hard shiny muscle nearly constantly by mid-round, drawing favorable eyes from judges away from the competent yet conservative performance of Somki.  Prapamonh had only 5 officially "perfect" timed cumshots himself, but between the spontaneous cum-drool loads and his powerful cannon shots, the more experienced pro blasted a total 12 times.  And that number, combined with his insane mass and flexing, was more than enough to leave the fan favorite in the dust for this early round!

Attitude plays a huge role in judging alphas as well, and it was clear at several moments that Prapamonh's overbearing size and relentless horniness was clearly intimidating many of the lowest-ranked pros in the class.  There will undoubtedly be several competitors leaving the Middleweights after Prapamonh thoroughly humiliated them by showing what a real man looks like on full display.  



  1. Looking at this pic, one has to ask oneself how the two guys in the middle ever got themselves onto the stage, for neither of them has what can be called by any standards, “ a competition level cock” The one on the right has a real titchy little cock by any standards and one wonders why he wants to show it off at all. Has he even heard of cock-training and enhancement? The other guys has a nice normal fuck-stick, but certainly not up to muscle cock standard . So, why are they there?
    Now looking at the other two, Prapamonh, on the left, has a blockbuster of a cock with nice tightly held balls, very much to my own personal taste. However, he is let down by his over-bulbous thighs, which, totally spoil his balance. OK so he has a bigger fuck tool than Somki, but Somki has real class in that everything about him is balanced. This is one hell of a lusciously fuckable guy. I wonder to whom his arse is available?
    But this line up serves to emphasise the poor turnout for the DC this year. Will it get better? I hope so. But it has do it PDQ for it is looking like a damp squib at the moment.

    1. The answer is actually in the info pages above. Click on the "Mythos" tab above. I just read through those and was glad they posted them. Sort of like primers for this site.

    2. Thanks for the tip. You know I follow this blog closely and had never realised that one could click on those tabs.Very informative. Many thanks


    3. You're welcome. I have been following for years and like how authentic this is to "real" bodybuilding. Anyone who knows the non-baked sport knows there is huge variety in the ranks of pros, even if what you see most promoted are the biggest guys. I love how the IFNB directly mimics these realities and many others in this site. It is awesome how they keep these little nuances of authenticity rather than just only doing "the hot stuff only." The details they use are surprisingly authentic, even though this is a fantasy world.

      I also recommend doing some (non sexual) research into "real" bodybuilding competition, and learning the mechanics of that world (rather than just how hot the guys are). A lot of the questions and issues I see people have on here wouldn't be concerns at all if they understood the actual details of the real world that this site is replicating.

    4. Haha – Clockwatcher, apparently you DON'T follow this site THAT closely if you didn't know they were there nor how pro status works in the IFNB. ;)

      "Commenting a lot" is not the same as "following closely."

      We slog through your endless (usually unsexy) comments enough that I think it only fair to expect you to be a little more thorough on your end in learning the details that you seem so eager to write about ad infinitum.

      Respectfully, yet pointedly.

    5. Well, of course, you are free to comment, but judging by the paucity of recent commentary, you don't; unless you count your above contribution as commentary. Anyway, don't feel you have to slog through my 'usually unsexy' comments. Use your noddle, look, at the by-line and when you see my name, other than just another ‘anonymous’ offering, just sigh to yourself and think, "Not that fucker again”' and skip over it. You see it’s as simple as that!

      Of course for those of us who do use a by-line, we find ourselves reading everything, included all the stuff that the numerous anonymous authors, to which group your number yourself, write.

      If you don't like my stuff, then write something yourself.. There have been quite a few 'virgin' shots recently and many others with very few comments. So the blog world is your oyster; wax lyrical and titillate our jaded literary palates with some sexy stuff that grips - metaphorically you understand !

      If I were you I would reflect on the fact that there are a few of us who comment regularly, for without our contributions, the blog would look pretty empty on many occasions.