A HAIRY SMOOTH OPERATOR: Kin Kuse's deeply loyal fans have already begged the IFNB officials to bend the rules and
allow Kin Kuse to keep his remarkable body hair, yet failed in their attempt to bend the long-standing rules of the game.
Yet the attention has brought Kuse tremendous business opportunity regardless of how he places at the DragonCock.

For decades the pro naked muscle of the IFNB has glistened with oil and hot sperm under the hot stage lights; mountainous pecs drooling hot globs of cum, drooling off nipples onto etched abs are paired with thick biceps spattered with the potent cum blasts of the most powerful men in the world.  And through all that, not one time has hair been allowed in competition.  

Pro naked bodybuilder Kin Kuse is a performer and promoter with Buck International, Ltd., which sponsors high-end nude posing performances, lectures and events.  Use has performed his aggressively horny flex routines with Buck Perfection International with muscles handsomely coated with hair.  His incredible work has become well known, and most Kuse fans regard his body hair as part of his very potency as a male stud.

But while Kuse is more then eager to shave down and compete in the DragonCock, all the attention his body hair has received – now sarcastically being joked as "Hairgate" among the press – has caused a spike in requests for Kuse's show.  Currently, Kuse has actually agreed to four private shows with very wealthy investors during the Pre-Event, and rumors have it that he is booked for eight shows within the first few weeks after the DC'15.

Knowing that an alpha male can command the respect and reverence of the fans is always admirable, and made more so when there is actually financial worship to match the adoration.  Looks like Kuse's fans just helped their idol gain more ground than he ever expected.



  1. Looking at this guy, one wonders what he does with those huge danglers when he is fucking butt. It must be a sight to behold as they slap against his partner. But as I have already said, he really does have balls which are much too big and they are not at all attractive, at least not to me, although I know that Donovan likes danglers.

    If I were he, I would get a good surgeon to reduce the scrotum and pull his nuts closer to his body. I reckon he would look much better: but that is just my view.
    On the matter of hair, well he’s got rid of the pubic tuft but I think he would look much better if he got rid of all his body hair.

    But on another matter, looking at the latest three shots, we do not seem to be getting any more real big guns competing at the moment. This guy here is not in the top league and apart from Paulette, Itakara and Hyun, whom do we have? It’s not a great line up so far. Let’s hope it improvesi

  2. I have had an epiphany, a break-through, which I have to share with all fans. There have been questions and speculation in the past, about where the muscle cock giants, stash their enormous accoutrements of man-meat when they are not standing around naked. Let’s face it they have to wear some sort of garment sometimes; they cannot wander around starkers all the time. No satisfactory answer has ever been given to this question. In fact the only answer I can remember is from our trusty friend, Donovan , who said he let his hang out, which, frankly , does not sound a very satisfactory solution.
    Well the answer is simple; the guys need to kit themselves out with a kilt and a sporran. The sporran, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Scottish attire, is that dangling bag which hangs down the front of a Scotsman’s kilt, in which he carries his necessities, the kilt itself having no pockets. In fact the sporran itself looks awfully like a very large scrotum, so it’s really very appropriate that it should form part of this kit.
    So, when formally dressed and not intent on any immediate fuck, the guys can park their soft tools in the sporran, via a hole conveniently cut in the front of the kilt, hidden by the sporran itself: keep their cocks in their pockets, as the saying goes. However, if one is out for a night with the boys and some good anal fucking is in the offing, a guy can leave his tools hanging loose inside the kilt, which can be pulled up at any moment to expose a guy’s tools, ready for immediate action.
    I think this is a most elegant solution to what must be a perennial problem, for there is no way that any well equipped stud can dock his equipment, even when soft, inside his pants.
    But on something more topical what do fans really think about this guy’s massive pendulous balls? Donovan says in his blog that he likes big balls flapping around when a guy fucks butt and there is, indeed a video clip of just such a guy on Donovan’s own blog. And recently we have had shots ofthree guys with big balls, too big in my own personal view, but Kin Kuse, hear has the biggest balls and most pendulous sack ever. But what does anyone else think? Come on, Donovan, give us your view on this guys specifically and big danglers in general. Me I like your personal set up best.: big cock (sorry: very big cock) and nice tight balls, But, as ever, there are horses for courses. But I thnk that we need to see our hairy friend here get rid of it all. Then let’s have some action shots, for he has a super cock, balls apart. But I guess that it’s a bit of a fetish thing with some fans: they dig hairy guys; and why not if that is what pushes their buttons.