POTENTIALLY THE FIRST NON-ASIAN DRAGONCOCK WINNER? The unexpected arrival of Buck Paulette at the DragonCock Pre-Event has caused a resurgence in skepticism about the field of competitors – and a return to super-fandom
of the mysterious and enigmatic megaweight.

"What makes a Buck Paulette fan," said DragonCock Organizer and IFNB Board Director Brad Mengier. "Is that, while other competitors in the sport have fans, fans of the sport in general see Paulette as the ultimate example of what the sport should be about.  In other words: all naked muscle alpha sports fans are, by definition, fans of The Club.  They just don't realize it until they see him in action."

Jeff "Buck" Paulette (a/k/a, "The Club") is a long time veteran of the sport of naked bodybuilding, but while so many fans know the monstrous frame and impossible-to-endure freak cock of the mighty megaweight, he remains one of the most mysterious and elusive competitors on the high-profile circuit.  Which is what made his sudden, unexpected and unannounced arrival at the DragonCock even more enigmatic; you really can't predict this beast of pure muscle and male power.

Ands while not all competitors have arrive and registered, some pundits are predicting that this could be Paulette's show.  While many would be shocked to imagine a non-Asian competitor winning the DragonCock, Paulette has arrived with a package of such intensity and superiority that it would be hard to imagine what could beat him.

Paulette's pre-event training has been literally eat, sleep, fuck, lift pose, repeat.  He has apparently been milked for cum – either through fuck training on hapless naked bodybuilding assistants, or by his cock trainers – upwards of 30 times a day, and rumor has it he is even jerked off in his sleep to ensure he is completely and 100% sexually obsessed and this rock hard.

"When you are dealing with a monstrous dick of that size," said his cock trainer.  "You have to work harder to ensure it remains hard.  Enhancement is key, yes, but that alone is not enough.  For that hole-destroying cock to remain hard, it has to be trained and forced nearly constantly.  And judging by how many NBAs The Club has already forced to retire from the DC, it's pretty clear we have created an unstoppable monster of male muscle beauty and pure male sexual power."

While it is still far too early to pick winners, many fans on the internet and in person are already thinking this could be Paulette's contest.  We'll see soon!



  1. Having read Anonyme’s comments below about the Huyn- Hackelberg line up, I am afraid that I am in total agreement with him. It really is a dismal display and just goes to show that all the cash in the world cannot necessarily guarantee the best.

    I wrote glowingly in the first shot of Paulette and he is a class of his own, of that there is no doubt, but having reflected I went back and had (yes you’ve guessed it) yet another look at what I think is one of the most iconic shots ever on the blog, which is, of course of Carlos Monza on Alphafest Expo 14, his “Iron Man’ pose. After reflection, I think that Monza is perhaps better than Paulette. He just has a better balanced figure and as I have sid many times earlier, hi s cock in that shot is sheer perfection. So, would it not be great if Monza registered for the Dragoncock? We would have two superb megas battling it out on stage. What a contest, even without any of the Asians. I actually think, looking back to last year, that only Kenny Jeung and Itakara are potentially the equal of these two guys.

  2. There is no doubt that this stud has one of the greatest cocks ever. Just look at that rim setting off one of the biggest sphincter busting heads ever. It is a mouth-watering piece of man-meat which most NBBs can but dream of. And in the last few shots we have been treated to a number of magnificent fuck-sticks, notable from Itakara and Chan Somki. But what I would like to draw the attention of fans’ and indeed of the blog editors’ to, are what what might well call the “unsung heroes” of the sport. What do I mean?

    Well, let’s begin with Donovan Pryde, without whose contributions the comments section would be much the poorer. Donovan had long been exhorted by me and several other contributor to come out from his shell and show himself to his fans, which he finally “sort of” did. So after much effort trying to wring blood from a stone, we got a back view of Donovan in the blog, and then, after more cajoling, Donovan finally showed us a full frontal of himself, but where? Not on the blog but on his own website, Did all the fans of the blog log onto Donovan’s website and take a butcher’s at what he finally agreed to show us? I wonder.

    Anyway, for those of you who are interested, do log onto Donovan’s website and take a good look at what you see. Why am I bringing this up now? Well very simply because a) Donovan is one hell of a stud, worthy of being more than an NBA and b) he has one of the most magnificent pieces of man-meat ever: his cock is enormous, truly worthy of the epithet the “Donovan Monument”. Just take a look at him and at it. It has to be the biggest cock ever, which is why I bring it to your attention. Donovan has a cock worthy of being in any competition against all comers. He is just superb and his man-meat is to die for.

    And then we have Donovan posting one of his fuck buddies on the blog.(Alpha Muscle Resorts 15) And here again we have a truly magnificent stud, with a world beating cock, totally unknown.

    So, what I want to say is that in addition to that handful of muscle- cock studs we see regularly on the blog, and don’t get me wrong, they are often truly great guys, there are, clearly, lots of other unknowns worthy of recognition. And so, Mr Editor, I suggest that you persuade Donovan to let you post on the blog, his full frontal pose, currently shown only on bis own website, with perhaps a special report about his activities as the leading NBA of the moment and perhaps of all time.

    And in this respect, let’s just comment on the position of Mengier et al who said:

    "The sport is not a sex show; it is not a place for sexual entertainment. Our standards of judging a man's sexual potency require intensive sexual presence, and demand high degrees of sexual behavior for our competitors to go through. Lots of hard dick, cum shots, and back stage there is endless intensified cock prep. But that is part of the sport, not part of the fan's entertainment.

    "So we don't bend to the whim of the fans; we stick to the standards of ultra-male power sport. Even if we lose fans sometimes, we are not going to deteriorate the hard work of these amazing men by parading them around per fan's requests. This is about a sport of male power, not a show of fan preferences."

    I would totally disagree with these comments. The blog is a source of gay sexual entertainment and to pretend otherwise is like maintaining that the earth is flat. Indeed, what goes on back stage is of great interest to the fans and to say that it is not for the fans’ entertainment is nonsense. Indeed what is lacking in the blog are more shots of cock action. We see too many stills of guys sporting their meat, but what we need is to see that meat in action.

    And to close, where have all the commentators gone. We recently seem to have very few fans who are willing to pen to paper and make known their thoughts on the shots, which is one of the key features which keeps the blog alive.

    1. Appreciate the shout-out Cockwatcher. I stay insanely busy with all I have going on, between work and training, so it's nice to get noticed and appreciated. When I come across/make something work posting, I put it up, and sometimes it finds its way to the more mainstream NBB outlets, like the IFNB Report (again always appreciate when I can contribute to this awesome blog!)

      Working on some shots from my vaca now and will try to snap some pics at DC too. Later dudes!

    2. I hate to break the 4th wall here, but I have to say my own recent lack of postings comes from not really wanting to participate in the discussions. There used to be a robust extension of the fantasy storytelling started by the editor, with many contributing to the voice and adding fantasy experiences. But the recent commentary is more specific to the relatively artistic merit or aesthetics of a competitor in this shot to this shot, and largely a critique of the artistry and no longer engaging in the storytelling - which I found hotter than the photo manipulations anyway. So that's why I've stepped back after being pretty active earlier.

    3. I am sure that many of us will agree with you, But the fact that many fans comment on the artistic merits of the shots rather than fantasising about what the contestants may or may not do, does not prevent you personally from taking up the flag which you think has been dropped and adding your own fantasy comments . And whilst on fantasy, I don’t think any of us could fault Donovan Pryde on his comments, which ar often well beyond belief. as dear old Donovan staggers from one hole to another and is often positively drowned in cum. So anonyme, go to it and add your own fantastic thoughts. I shall be happy to read them, as will many others. But I have to say that I think the long comments by Jason and Cockwatcher above were very enlightening, especially Cockwatcher, who I thought made some very good points.

      Also, there is a distinct lack of comment at all on some shots. Is this because the shots are uninteresting or just that fans are too lazy to bother writing any comments at all.? So if Cockwatcher et al want to exercise their talent as erotic art critics. I don't mind reading their views whether I agree with them or not. It's better than no comment at all.
      But as a starter just looking at the size of the head and rim on Paulette's cock and the many holes he clearly fucks, with a rim like that, i should think there is a great danger of getting stuck on withdrawal. And I do begin to wonder if the likes of Paulette have to take out a special insurance policy against potential anal damage caused by their oversized meat. Just looking at Paulette I would not like to meet him and his cock in a dark alley. Frankly, I should think that the folks who,live in the town which has voted him free rein with his cock must go around in fear of their sphincters. Who knows with a beast like Paulette. Anything might happen when he goes son a fucking rampage to satisfy his carnal needs.

      Over to you. Anonyme!

  3. The only Dragon Cock regular I can think of that might rival Paulette in terms of shear girth is Kai Po Liu. He doesn't get as much press as Hyun, Jeung, Itakara and the other muscle studs, but his tool is absolutely epic. Have not taken either of these two BIG guys yet, but I am eager to frot with both of them to see how they measure up and see how I compare. ;-)


    1. That's great, Donovan, but when and where do we see this monument of male meat? Can't wait to reviw it as Paulette is pretty damn massive: not to me the most attractive cock I have ever seen but certainly a slammer.. But. you know, I still dig Chan Somi whom I personally find lusciously attractive and as for a super attractive cock, Somki does it for me.. I find his tool absolutely perfect and would love to experience him (and it) first hand.

      But you really have to get your own full frontal of yuour onw blog into thsi blog. for all the fans to see. Come on Donovan, you should be competing at the DC not just lending a fucki-tool. Your own tool is absolutley among the very top pieces of man meat I haave ever seen. and is probabaly the biggest fuck-stick around. Come on, Dponvan make somthing more positive of your assets rather than just feeding us your comments.

    2. In the earlier shot of Paulette, Donovan you said that he had asked for you personally to service him at the DC 15. Just looking at this shot of his man-meat, it really is a tremendous tool, especially that head he has got on it, It looks almost like a helmet which has been screwed on to the shaft. How do you feel about having that thrust up your areshole as a senior NBA? What the hell will it feel like,? Now as you yourself are pretty well endowed, do you get to fuck Paulette back.? Just looking at your own full frontal in your blog, I think that you probably have the biggest cock ever. So if Paulette lets you in, he'll be getting the greatest service he's ever had or so I would imagine. I guess that may well be why he has asked for you by name, for anyone who has seen your blog must realise that they are getting the best ever if they go with you, Can you service two or more guys?. Please keep posted as to how it all pans out. I guess the two of you in a clinch, will rank as the greatest fuck ever,, no matter who is fiucking whom, It will be quite something to talk about.

      And you are right about the fewer heavy weights in the DC this year. Some other fans have commented on the poor overall trunout to date... Will it improve? And if you have time, Donovan, let's have your thoughts on some of these younger Asians in the latest blog postings. Apart from Somki, they all look pretty feeble to me. Along with many others I really like Somki. He looks really great and has a lovely cock with a good head,