LONG SHOT WITH A PEDIGREE: Middleweight Chan Somki comes to the DragoiCock after being trained by
2014 DragonCock champion Kenny Jeung.  Somki is the first pro-level competitor prepped for contest by the
enigmatic veteran naked champion Jeung.  

You never know where the next fat cock will come throbbing to the stage to announce a monstrous pack of muscle sensation.  This is why sometimes the long-shots at the big-wins can be the most fascinating.  Among the lower ranks of the pros – which are still men of supreme perfection – lie waiting the next freak champions who will demand our admiration and respect by showing all of us what real men look like.  You have to watch the lower end of the field as well as the high end.

And that is why a little-known middleweight pro, Chan Somki, has created a minor buzz during the DragonCock Pre-Show.  Somki has a hole-tearing thick cock head and arm thickness that would make him stand out in any middleweight line-up, but it's his background that has the press and fans in a buzz.  Young Somki is the first pro competitor ever trained by DragonCock legendary champion Kenny Jeung.  

Jeung has always described himself as more of an athlete than a mentor.  Dedicated "exclusively to the ideals of ultimate masculinity," Jeung is typically the athlete being trained by too-trainers in the game.  However, while always in the top ranks, Jeung never broke an overall first place in a Pro-Level event until his win last year at the 2014 DragonCock.  many believe it was the dramatic changes Jeung made in his methods – making bold and aggressive moves that were previously unusual for the stoic muscle stud, especially with his on stage horniness – that finally won him the title.

From that win, suddenly Jeung became sought for mentorship, and while he is not taking clients at the rate of most pros, he has begin training a few young hopefuls like Somki.  Somki seems to be taking a page from the Jeung handbook, and plans on a "by-ther-bnumbers' approach tot he sport, cumming conservatively, and relying on muscle and cock balance to carry his game. That was Jeung's method for many years, and always kept him in the front of the pack, even if not the top dog until he pushed beyond the conservative on-stage approach.

But the real curiosity surrounding Somki is whether Jeung will be competing in the DragonCock again this year.  brining such prime meat with him, many assume he will strip down and take the stage to defend the DC title with his thick cock and dense muscle.  But it's hard to say if he will play a backstage role or not.  Jeung was fucking Somki back stage, priming the younger athlete's asshole to stimulate a ferocious hard-on for the boy prior to weigh in, and so was unavailable for comment.



  1. What a pleasure it is to see such a perfect specimen of young manhood. This young stud is not only handsome, but has a beautifully proportioned body and, frankly an absolute gem of a cock, It has all the right characteristics, for me a least: a rock hard shaft, of perfect proportions for its length, set off by a utterly superb knob, perfectly framed by that absolutely magnificent rim. If any guy typifies the case for making the cut cock a mandatory requirement for competing in IFNB event, this stud is its ambassador. Just imagine what he would look like if that superb knob was clothed in a lump of foreskin: the magic would be gone. So, those of you who make the rules and and regulations, forget about body hair and consider making circumcision a mandatory requirement for any guy wanting to compete on stage.
    I admire also the fact that he has not concentrated on over-developing his traps, so that his head, for once, looks as as though it belongs on his body and has not just been placed there on a pile of overdeveloped muscles. Just look back at that awful shot of Douton, (Alphafest Expo 33), where he has traps which look like a pair of balloons each side of his head; and he is not alone, for there are many other examples of this grotesque overdevelopment. This young stud has got it all right. He has understood that the key word is balance.
    Also our young friend here has a nice pair of nuts, held tightly to his body, which enhances his overall appearance. OK, he is a middleweight stud, but he is a perfect example of the well trained cock and muscle male. He is a refreshing breeze after some of the stuff we have seen recently, what with huge balls in udder-like scrotums and snake-like cocks. Our friend here is a living testimony to overall balance and should be an example to all and I hope he does well. OK you guys, who like the super heavy, he is not for you, but I should think that he is a delightful stud to fuck and a capable of making a perfect delivery himself. I just love him.

  2. Itakara in the above shot drones on about his perfect cock, but this young stud, totally unknown, until now, has, to my mind has, an absolutely perfect piece of man-meat. Just look,at the balance of his fuck-stick: the well defined rim, which is so very important aesthetically and the size of that magnificent knob. What more can one wish for.. And, moreover, the guy is just so very attractive, i get hard just thinking about what I would like to do to him myself if I got half a chance.. And I guess I mght not be alone in salivating just looking at nbis picture So, he's a midweight, as Jason remarks above. But so what? Who gives a fuck?. Our young friend is just asking to he fucked and to give a return round to his lucky partner. With that grreat knob, I should think that he is a great pounder, Let's see more of,him.

    You know the annoying thing about this blog is that we see attractive unknowns like this stud here, just once, and then they disappear for ever.Whatever happens to them?

  3. This young stud is an insipriation to all us young NBBs. Such perfectly balanced muscles and what a cock, My god, how does a guy go about developing such a magnificent tool? The more we see of NBBs the more it necomes apparent that a well defined cock head and tightly held balls are an absolute must: it's the definition which captures the imagination. for me it is just so very much more attractive than these guys with huge balls and floppy uncut dicks, which do nothing at all for me. And Chan Somki (where is he from, by the way?) really has managed to get himself a world beating rim on his cock-head - truly magnificent. Any serious NBB would be happy to let this guy stretch his sphincter: Somki has all the makings of a very serious butt fucker.. I hope he does well in the competition.

  4. Somki has one of the most attractive cocks I ever remember seeing on the blog. With its lovely knob, so well defined it is like a lollipop and just asking to be sucked. But with that great knob, I should think that Somki can really deliver some punch as a sphincter stretcher and hole reamer. This young stud as a really tight attractive body all round and although we have not seen his arse, I bet it’s neat and tight like the rest of him and just asking be fucked. It’s really great to see something truly different on the blog. It turns me on 100%

    1. I agree:Somiki does have a superb cock and I love the way his balls ae held tight to the body. I know there are fans who like danglers, but not me. It is a pity that the rules do not allow any cock jewellry because I think Somki would look absolutely stunning wearing one of those trianguloid three ring combos, which hold balls and cock and on the right equipmnent, which Somki has, look absolutely terrific, I also think he would look great with a well fttting PA ring through his cock head but that ls a no-no.

  5. Where is the DragonCock taking place this year? I don't remember seeing a venue.

    Do we know who is going to service Chan Somki at the competition? I should think that the NBAs will be drawing lots to prep. him for the stage as it must be a great experience to be fucked by such a super looking guy readying himself for the stage. Somki really does have one of the most attractive looking cocks ever and a very good size too, perfectly balanced. It would be great to see some action shots of him. But equally, who is going to release him afterwards? This young stud is just so attractive that I should think every NBA to hand will want to be fucked by him and to give him a return shafting.

  6. A late comment, but Chan Somki is my idea of young muscle male perfection. Can we please have some action shots of him?. We need to see that magnificent tool of his in action