With a cum game more intense than ever and thick muscle that surpasses his previous year's appearance,
the young super heavyweight pro Han Hyun is cockier and more determined than ever to take the DragonCock title. 

If you don't think Han Hyun's muscle is amazing, you "deserve to have your throat fucked by [his] gigantic perfect muscle cock until you pass out."  Or so says the 22 year old Hyun himself of anyone who would dare not call him "the future Asian muscle alpha."  

Hyun became a pro in 2014 and entered the pro level competitions cocky, loudly proclaiming that all pros who came before him are "pussies," "bitches" and "don't compare" to Hyun's amazing package.  And while that level of certainty may be common among alpha muscle studs, Hyun did, in fact, have the muscle and dong to almost make good on his claims.  The popular former-underdog winner in 2014 was long time pro ranked veteran Kenny Jeung, and while it was clear 2014 was his show to win, Hyun surprisingly gave Jeung a hard challenge in the final rounds, making many fans worry that Hyun could take it all in his first time at the DragonCock.  Hyun ended up second, which is still remarkable for a first timer in a premier pro event, and so this year is more determined than ever.

Muscle mass is what Hyun has, and his young jock body is covered with deep cut definition.  His physique scores are always strong, and he is a competent poser.  But Hyun's wealthy sponsors have him literally travel the world among some of the best competitors in the game for both enhancements to his cock and muscle as well as training principles of top pros.  Hyun has worked under Douton, Perrod, Derrio, Paulette, and even with Mr. Alpha Roher himself in 2012.  All of this training from the sport's current top echelon has fed the already oversized ego of this young man, and it showed when he swaggered in to the pre-competition registration.

Hyun swaggered in to the hall completely nude, his cock smeared with delicious pro cum, and indeed many competitors were hush with his overwhelming confidence.  At the registration table, when he was asked to sign his IFNB entry, he glared at the lowly registrar, then slowly squeezed his massive monster pecs for a moment.  Within a few seconds, his thick fuck pole spat wads of hot muscle juice onto the registrar and the table.  He pointed to a glob that landed on his entry form and said: "That is all you need to know that the champ has arrived, you puny fuck."

The press was fascinated with the arrogance of the monstrous young pro, and indeed it took quite a while before the registration process calmed down and continued.  Hyun may, indeed, once again be a competitor to watch this year. The only concern pundits in-the-know have is the fact that he dramatically changed and perhaps over-burdened his cock training this year.  Long time fans know that sometimes too much work can cause unexpected flaws due to the plan being over intricate.  Only the contest will show whether Hyun has taken all his knowledge and pout together an amazing presentation of male perfection.



  1. For some reason or friend Han Hyun has not captured fans imagination. Why? Well, just looking at his assets, he has overall a really nice body other than is arse, which from the little we can see of it looks very overworked and ridged. And a pair of ridged buttocks, (overworked glute muscles) are not to my mind attractive. A nice rounded muscular arse is a very desirable feature, as it this which attracts a partner’s cock. But I personally do not want to fuck a guy whose hemispheres look like the jaws of a vice.
    And then is cock, which is massive, but just not as well balanced as those of some of the other competitors. It ends in a head which is too pointed and does not seem well defined by its rim, although the rim is there. The more I follow the blog, the more I believe that cock size alone is not enough. It is the overall balance that counts, which is why our friend Douton is less admired now than he was in his earlier days, when he was the golden boy of the sport. He has made the mistake of going for length over balance and to me the result is less than attractive. But, I suppose some fans still like that style. But coming back to Hyun, overall he’s still quite a hunk but with a few unhappy features. I don’t see him winning the DC contest, however.
    I wrote this having seen that after some two weeks posting, this shot had not had a single comment. Also in his later shot (Pro7) in which he poses with his team, he really is surrounded by a lot of guys whom I would describe as second-raters, which is a pity in view of his important position in last year’s DC. The simple fact of the matter is, I think that this time he is up against a few real stars: Itakara, Paulette and Somki, all of whom push my buttons more than he does.
    But I may be totally wrong. What does anyone else think? Feel free to tell me I’m talking a load of rubbish; I won’t be offended.

  2. What a specimen! not just huge muscles (just look at those biceps! the size of his competitor's thighs!), but great shape, sweeping, peaking muscles, and so ripped! tight waist - nothing like what we get on the Olympia stage, and that glorious erection, huge, thick, hard as steel - straight up at >75 degrees. How can one man have so much energy, beauty and stamina? So perfect.