Superheavyweight pro Kin Kuss was the first name registered for the much anticipated 2015 DragonCock Pan-Asia Naked Bodybuilding 
Competition.  Use has only 2 other pro-level events under his belt, but over 9 years of enhancement has endowed him 
with some of the most prolific nuts in the Superheavyweioght game.  

Last year's DragonCock was the most cum-filled beast-muscle editions of the 9 year old event, much due to it's status on the IFNB roster being raised to Premier Pro level.  All true fans of naked bodybuilding know that there are three tiers of pro shows – Base, Expanded and Pro – and the addition of new promoters last year turned the base-level event into a cock-obsessed, muscle-flexing free-for all of true alpha male prowess.

This year the promotion of the event has changed with famous super promoter Brad Mengier designing the event.  Manger is known for his work in expanding the Freak Show to global convention status, creating the Brazilia in 2008 (the largest South American nude muscle event), and of course his long history with organizing several Mr. Alpha competitions and his own LustMuscle Exhibition Event, which is a non-advancement pro warm-up event in early spring.  With that kind of pedigree, the DragonCock is anticipated to draw far more sex-mad competitors to it's ranks, making fans anticipate the DragonCock as one of the true superior muscle dong events this season.

And the first registered at the DragonCock Pre-Event was a young pro who's monster nuts show Mengier's reputation for promoting horny competitive events may pull in some of the best sex equipment in Asia and internationally.  The pro was 24 year old Kin Kuse, who is new to the pro circuit in Asia but well known among pro-level enhancement labs for the way his horny nut sack responds to cock enhancement and cum production.  

Japanese Kuse unloads massive amounts of fuckbatter in competition, and is known for being a perfectionist in his hard-cock posing and flexing.  He arrived unshaven and his monstrous hole-destroyer was casually flaccid.  He is saving himself for heavy training during the Pre-Event and while he is far from considered a frontrunner, he is still expected to blow minds – and massive wads – in the competition.



  1. Well there's something you don't see everyday. Many of you on here know I'm a fan of big low hangers. And he's got'em! But the huge low hanging cum tanks matched with the short fat cock is a rare sight. When you add the disproportionate cock head and the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner foreskin ....well that is just incredibly rare. Is it my favorite junk presentation ? -- NO! Do I like it? Yes! It brings some diversity and interest to the show. Not everyone can have a perfect Superman fuck stick. Bring the unusual ones on. I love seeing how cocks can differ.

    1. I agree that the diversity is awesome. few cocks can compare tot he top pros in the game – Roher and Douton and the rest – but during the regular pro competitions, I love seeing the fight and diversity of muscle and monster dick! Super inspiring!

    2. Oh dear, Oh dear, what have we here? We have recently been treated to a trio of big balled guys all of whom had uncut cocks. All I can say is big balls and uncut cocks are not attractive, not at all, at least not to me. . I think all studs who want to pose nude on the blog, should have to have their cocks cut as a mandatory requirement: foreskin wrecks the whole scene. Just look at Donovan’s un-named friend; what would his cock look like were it not cut?

      Just go back to the first big ball offering, a guy called Hans Bluckner
      (Alphafest Expo 47), standing alongside Ducet. Both guys have comparable cocks, but Ducet’s is nicely cut and looks so very much better than Bluckner’s, the tip of whose cock head just peeps through his foreskin, which looks a bit like a condom. As for his balls, well, they look as if they are contained in an embryo football.

      Now look at the un-named stud in Alpha Muscle Cock’s Resorts 5. This poor lad does not even have a physique to justify his appearance on the blog and as for his man-meat, well, just read what I said about it at that time. I still stick to every word.

      And now we come to the present shot. His physique is more like that of a professional wrestler, but I guess that is OK, but as for his equipment, well I wonder what the hell he does with that huge ball filled scrotum when he is dressed. He really needs a truss to support it, for it must be very uncomfortable to have that huge balloon like object swinging around between his legs. Frankly, it looks totally grotesque: were it in a medical journal it would be considered abnormal. As for his cock: well it’s not cut and the shot we have really does not show its potential.

      But why are we being shown these freakish looking guys? There are lots of superb studs with huge cocks and tightly held balls around to satisfy anyone. The sport does have an aesthetic side, typified by such guys as Roher, Monza (with his superbly cut cock) and, as we are talking Dragoncock, Kenny Jeung and Han Hyun, to name but two. And if we want new faces, how about Karl Kolz, who has a superb physique and a very admirable cock and nice tightly held balls. In fact, all of these guys have well cut dicks with nice rimmed heads and nice tightly held balls. It’s guys like these who are going somewhere, not the likes of these balloon-ball lads.

  2. oh yeah and I forgot to mention -- I would love to see that thing angry.

  3. I'm a lover of huge balls too - I think we should be celebrating those massive temples where all that delicious sperm is made. I also think Kuse would be a good pro to follow if/when the editors do the story on clothed Alphas. How does he restrain those amazing nuts during those (I assume) rare occasions when modesty require they be covered?

  4. It's tough to choose between all the competitions, but I do always love the Dragoncock. There seems to be less shenanigans than some of the other competitions, and I hope Mengier keeps the focus on where in needs to be; the best muscle and most dominating cock Asia has to offer, competing in all their prideful glory.

    1. TOTALLY agree that the DragonCock tends to be one of the contests that is ABOUT THE COMPETITION, as opposed to about the other aspects of the pro level alpha muscle world. My guess is that it is one of the premier level pro events that DOESN'T have a huge fan expo attached to it.

      But Mengier's shows are high profile, and while he seems to be a man of the sport, the pros who follow his lead tend to be the ones where drama follows. The Freak Show in 2012 was a Mengier production, and the successive orgy outbreaks back stage caused HUGE delays in judging. And the first year Mengier ran the Brazilia had a lot of lower level pros making illegal onstage moves like jerking off, and even a momentary suck between two competitors (both disqualified). So while Mengier is a man who knows how to keep focus on the competition, his high profile brings in the drama it seems.

      Also, the Pan-Asia is now an INTERNATIONAL show,. So while it tends to bring the best of Asia, like you mentioned, it also has non-Asian top pros in the mix here and there. I love that the DragonCock is shedding it's "Asian-only" reputation and truly becoming one of the premier contests among the pros of the sport.

  5. Nice! I'm really digging the trend of bigger balls. In my experience, the bigger an Alphas huevos the better his cum production (without needing to resort to SPH) and muscle growth (though not always). And given Kuse's reputation for both volume and control, it sounds like his training has helped him overcome the all too common pitfalls of un-timed/premature launches. Can't wait to see just how much thick fuck-batter this young Alpha is packing!