BIG TEEN DREAMS ARE IN HIS BLOOD: Matt Roher, younger teenage brother to Mr. Alpha JK Roher,
was frustrated post-contest.  In spite of huge potential, he seeks to make his own name in naked bodybuilding
and emerge from the shadow of his gaming, world-worshipped older brother.

Growing up in the shadow of a cocky, arrogant, well hung muscle jock of an older brother n be challenging.  But now imagine that brother is also named the world's most perfect man!  

Young teen Matt Roher has managed to stay most under the media radar as he has begun amateur naked bodybuilding competition, which is a trick considering his older brother, Mr. Alpha JK Roher, is the most famous naked muscle jock in the world.  "I would grow up watching JK's massive cock bounce around, intimidating me and my friends as he strolled around totally naked," Matt explained.   "His body was perfect and everyone looked up to him.  And at first I wanted to be like him, but soon I realized I wanted to be better than him."

While fifth place in a large amateur event like the Junior Alpha would have most teens thrilled, this is not enough for Matt Roher.  "Being competitive and dominant is just how the bus were raised in my family.  We were taught to use our muscle and cock to dominate in everything we do.  And we are good at it.  But that even goes for my brother: while I am proud to be related to him I will not settle until even my big, muscle stuff of a brother is as much of a bitch to my dick as everyone else his to his cock."

For a teen, Matt Roher's development is beyond exceptional.  Yet when under the shadow of the best physique, he strives for more.  So much so that he was disciplined in the Teen Release Room after the contest for over-aggressive rage fucking.

"I was angry and needed to get my releases out," he explained.  "I was fucking this dude's hole really hard and, like I was trained, ignoring his begging me to stop.  Some officials pull me off and explained it was;t an NBA but some stupid fan who got into he Release Room.  I was just warned to stick with NBAs.  it was pretty much bullshit."

Looks like the younger Roher has all the older's aggression and cockiness – and maybe more!



  1. Matt Roher being a bully doesn't deserve admiration.

    1. One of the sub-themes on this blog is the idea of sexualizing bullies; the idea of how absolute power can be erotic. It plays into the idea of complete sub ordinance. It's not everyone's thing, but in a fantasy context it can be erotic for some.

    2. Bullying isn't power. Bullying is bullshit, and abusive. Bullying is what emotional punks do. Its not what strong leaders of men do.

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    On another matter, I love Matt's cock above. Not the biggest one has ever seen, but quite the best knob in my view - wonderfully defined rim!, I agree, though, with the above comment. He sounds a bully and has the anners of a prick. But then, don't so many of these guys? Are any of them nice? I really being to wonder, reading about how they go on backstage.

    1. I do agree: not the biggest but certainly,one of the most attractive pieces of man-meat we have been treated to recently. Jason is dead right to comment on the knob and the well defined rim. Together they really make this guy's cock super attractive. You know it is has a wonderfully attractive lollipop quality about it making it ideal for a good suck or a face fuck. I hope we see more of this stud, who looks very like his brother.,

    2. Hi Guys, my training buddies and I agree with both Jason and Cockwatcher. Matt Roher does have a very special cock and all four of us love it. Why? Well it may not be the biggest but it does have perfect proportions and, most importantly, it is of a size which amateurs like the four of us hope we might on day attain. We have looked and marvelled at Donovan's meat now that he has finally revealed himself to the fans, but that is not for us. as we want to aim for something realistic and Matt here really delivers the goods as a role model. His dick looks as though it will have that rubbery quality when it is soft.so that it does not hang there limply between his legs. maintaining a statement. The other guy we really like, as we commented in an earlier posting,was Greg Corwin, again with a cock which seemed attainable.

      Even though we are just amateurs, cock size is a very important issue adm like most guys we wouod all likke to have an impressive fuck tool. Even for straight guys, sexual prowess brings respect.

      It would be great to see a shot of Matt fully hard though, or even better, of him fucking butt. Any hope of either? Anyway, we are all four of us avid followers of the blog and wait for every new posting with eagerness.. There is really nothing else to touch it on the internet as far as we can see.

      However, as time marches on, is there a chance that the blog might one day contain some video clips so that we see some action between some of these guys?

      Finally, not in connection with this pic, but coming back to Bedone, evven though he did not win the contest, we still stick by him as the best. Adn from the latest post of him so do other teenagers. . This time was his first as a competitor, rather than just as a hole to be fucked and we reckon that in future he will do very well. Bedone is a great guy and we wish him all the best in his new career

    3. Hi Kevin,
      can quite see why you have focused on this guy's cock, for as you say, even though it is not the biggest, it certainly is one of the most attractive tools we have seen in quite a while on the blog. I guess we are seeing it half hard and it would be great if we could see him with a full erection, for that would show of his superb cock head with its unbeatable rim to perfection. In my view this is one of the best looking pieces of man-meat we will ever see, for who else has such fine definition? Please Mr. Editor, can we have a shot of Matt with a full erection and even fucking someone?

    4. You and your buddies have good eyes for talent and potential. Matt Roher is not the biggest man on campus, but he certainly knows how to dominate ass. He's got that special brand of uber aggressive cockiness that drives so many (though admittedly, not all) Alphas to super-start status. But cockiness, alone, is not enough, he's gonna have to get a lot more self control before he can expect to be taken seriously by the other competitors. For the moment he's too much of a loose cannon to perform consistently in the big leagues.

    5. Come on Donovan, Matt has a super and unique looking piece of man-meat- really very refreshing among all the massive cocks we see. I agree totally with Kevin and Rockhard and absolutely love Matt's fuck-stick. And let me remind you of what has been said by others many times in this discusion forum, we the fans only have what we see to judge on; all the rest is just wind. So, just let's enjoy this young stud's unique quality, as we see it here. You can worry alone, Donovan, about his self control. And, writing this,I have just been studying the 'object' in detail again and I reckon that Matt is the ideal candidate for one of those triple cock rings. Just look at how his cock and balls hang together. Wouldn't they look superb with that triple ring? And you know, one better, given the well defined rim he has got, how about a special ring that fits just below his cock head? This guy has a most attractive set of fucking tools, so why not embellish them? After all, he is not on stage so IFNB rules don't apply. So come on, Matt, let's have a bit of fun. Dress up your tools!

    6. Never said he didn't have a great piece of meat. I mean his cock head isn't getting all this attention for nothing. And I like your thoughts about the three way cock ring are interesting. Would love to see and nice thick pump on this guy.

    7. Why don't you try a triple ring on,your own cock, Donovan. I think you would look just great. Think about it - a new string to your bow! And what exactly do you mean by a 'nice thick pump on this guy' Frankly you have lost me

  3. Wow, what a hot place to grow up: the Roher household. With the some of the biggest, hottest you muscle cock always on display. As much as Matt likes to challenge his brother, I hope he's taking advantage of his brotherly connection. We know that getting alpha cum, especially fresh from the source, gives a young buck a huge testosterone lift, and can help massively grow muscles and cum production. It's also shown that same dna helps maximize absorption, so guzzling or get pumped with fresh, hot sperm from an alpha brother, father, uncle or cousin is going to be amazing. And to get a mouth or ass full from the top man in the world, we'll that must be amazing when you share the same dna! I hope young Mike takes advantage of this great opportunity he has if he hasn't already, and opens his ass for his brother's award winning meat.

    1. With all the musclemen in the Roher family, the dads-sons, uncles-nephews, brothers-cousins get the benefits of their super-potent alpha male cum in their one-on-one or group cock service and training. Can't wait to see the results, and the next generation coming up. .