An unbeatable package in the Sixth Finals Round, Monza is almost guaranteed victory of the Mr. Alpha
if JK Roher can not pull out a win in the final.

In one of the closest races to the Mr. Alpha title in IFNB history, Carlos Monza squeaks into first place in the Sixth Round of Finals.  What does this do to the math?  Well, this is where it gets suspenseful!

Because Eduardo Bedone has upset the numbers so well, the mathematics which will clench the Overall title are literally tot he fraction.  The long and short boils down to the performance of front-runner JK Roher:

If Roher places 1st in the final, he will keep his title as reigning Mr. Alpha – if only by a fraction.  

However, if Roher places 2nd, 3rd or 4th, the numbers shift dramatically, leaving a window for Carlos Monza to take the wi, even if he came in 2nd and Roher in 3rd..  But it is not that easy for Monza because all Bedone needs is one more first place to nudge both titans out and take the title.  

In a surprise advance, Pierre Douton seems a threat for the top three.  While he will not take the first place prize (mathematically impossible), his surprisingly improved performance in the finals as compared to the preliminaries keeps him as a top contender in the sport.

Yet Monza has been the only bodybuilder to win fans away from he perfection of JK Roher. And his performance at this event has been nothing short of brilliant.  While his physique has been exceptional throughout, in the end what has been pulling him ahead is his thick, terrifying cock and it's intense loads.

Monza flexed and caused himself to shoot 16 times in a row, showing his incredible control as a man by timing 15 of those glorious and delicious loads with signature posing.  The game is really coming down to cumin, and off the record judges have lest us know that it will be the horniest big man who will be labelled the ultimate man on the planet, Mr. Alpha.

The sexual frenzy breaking out in the bodybuilder's training areas is intense, as each tries to prime their cocks to take the stage in a fury of sexual power.  One more round, and we have crowned our champion!

1st: Carlos Monza, 15/16
2nd: JK Roher, 14/19 
3rd: Pierre Douton, 12/19
4th: Eduardo Bedone, 13/13
5th: Jan Kolberg, 17/22 (Tied in 2nd place overall so far)
6th: Njals Bogarsen, 17/20
7th: Yann Perrod, 13/16
8th: Matt Boyer, 9/10



  1. The above report on the 6th finals round begs the question "where'd he shoot that 16th load?"

    Yeah with incredibly developed specimens like this, it all rests on the spunk show. Once an alpha is in top physical form there are few variables. His physique is already "there" it's just a question of posing and attitude. But when we get to the dairy part of the show. There is lots and lots that can go wrong. Once the cream fireworks start, it is anyone's guess what can happen. Under performance? Over performance? Miss firing? Firing duds? Jacked up, horned up alpha studs are very difficult to control. And, as we all know, a He-Man's cock can have a mind of it's own. But I guess that is part of what makes this sport so great. Let the cum fly boys! I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. My godfathers! This is one of the most amazing shots I can ever remember seeing on the blog. Monza is totally INCREDIBLE here. This is the perfect shot of perfect muscles, none of which in spite of the enormous size of this stud, look either overblown or exaggerated in any way. As a mega, Monza has to count as one of the most perfectly formed figures ever and this picture of him must go down as one of the all-time greats. Just look also at his fuck-meat - what a cock, beautifully complemented by a perfect set of balls and standing there with its huge knob like a cannon ready to fire, This guy does not have an ounce of fat on him and this pose is surely the equal of his earlier 'iron man pose', the one where he is wearing a cock ring and showing us just what a perfect cock should look,like, There may be guys with longer tools, but not one is better proportioned than this one. I should imagine the NBA's are pushing each other out of the way in their wish to get a share of this monumental tool and to ensure that they get a part of the action up their own holes. Come-on Donovan, tell us what it is like to be fucked by such a star of a stud.

    Whether Monza is the overall winner at the end of the day seems to mattee little, for as we can all see he is just a superb example of what the blog stands for 'Big Cock and Big Muscle'

  3. This amazing shot of Monza reminds me of the marvellous shot of Kenny Jeung (Dragoncock Pan Asia 9 of 05/26/2014) which, along with other observers, I have always considered one of the truly iconic shots of the blog in the recent past. Kenny displayed a superb physique an cock combination in that shot, but without any trace of aggression. He truly was for me, grace personified. Here, in a very similar pose, we have all the Aggression and arrogance of the guy who sees himself as the true Alpha, whatever anyone else might think. His man-meat just has to go down as one of the greatest fuck tool ever. And, let’s be fair, one has to give it to Monza, for he is absolutely terrific in this pose and he has the muscles and cock to support his claim. So, if he shoots off his lip, he really has some muscle to back up his claim.

    As Jason so rightly observes, this shot takes us back to the quality of that ‘iron man’ picture of Monza, when he showed us all just what a top piece of man-meat looked like. Like several other commentators, I had also thought that later pictures of Monza posing on stage were less good than that first cock-ringed presentation which he made of himself, but here, we have got it all back. If anyone wanted a role model for a bronze cast of a naked bodybuilder, then this is surely the guy to choose and in this precise pose.

    I have to say that I should think that anyone who has the chance to allow this stud to release himself on his arsehole will surely get the fuck of a lifetime. In ending my comment, I can but echo what Jason has said above. “Come on Donovan and tell us all about Mona=za and what he does to te NBA’s, for if you do not know, who the hell does?”

  4. I thought that the earlier shot of Bedone was amazing, but this guy here is sensational. - quite mind-bending, in fact. As anyone ever had a better package to offer than waht we see here? Monza has perfect muscles, a rockhard cock complemented by a super set of balls. My guess is that even though Bedone is a favourite with certain fans, he will cede first place to this guy.

  5. Well, Carlos, at the end of the day, we have just learned that Roher held on to his title, All I can say is that your shot above is, in my eyes, much superior to that victory shot of Roher,which we have jst been presented. You really have shown us what a cast iron physique should look like and even though you did not make first place you are still prettty terrific. In my view your two main shots whcih we have seen rank as two of the vey finest ever posted on this blog. Before you swell up too much just let me say that I also admire Eduardo Bedone, even thoug he has not the mass of either Roher or you. Well done , anyway.

  6. What a monumental piece of man-meat this guy has. It must be amazing for those lucky enough to be able to take that tool up their hole. What the hell must it feel like? And just how much cum can one expect? Given half a chance I know that I would give it a try.