Even the losers were winners!  Two young athletes from Camp Grit do their best to keep up with the loads of Njals Bogarsen
 and JK Roher.  The boys earned pledge money for every load they managed to swallow – a very hard challenge indeed!

Not every young athlete who dreams of flexing big muscles nude and hard-cocked in front of thousands of men will get their chance.  Breaking in to the world of naked bodybuilding is hard – and expensive! Which is why Camp Grit was founded 7 years ago; to give young men an intensive experience that will make them ready to be used by huge bodybuilders for sexual chores – and thus gain networking into the sport.  

Camp Grit is a 4 month intensive program that produces many, many NBA and cock-use assistants for the world of competitive muscle cock.  The young men are trained to be obedient sluts for muscle and cock, making their holes more desirable for the top pros.  These opportunities for use often open the door to the sport, allowing young men access where they would otherwise be stuck.

And 16 pro naked bodybuilders donated time – and lots of cum – in between contest rounds for a charity to raise money for camp grit.  Camp grit graduates were paired with pros in a series of intensive stunts while a packed auditorium of rowdy men cheered on the action.  

The boys managed to raise $12,000 for the camp, helping ensure another generation of fuck holes for the top alpha men of the game down the road!



  1. These two guys have now developed such similar physiques that at first glance I would not know which was which. But, the thing which I really admire about both of them is that in pursuing their development neither guy has fallen into the trap of overdeveloping his traps. The recent picture of Pierre Douton shows very graphically what a dreadful mistake this can be, as it totally detracts from an otherwise magnificent physique and makes a guy, in that case., Douton, look totally ridiculous. But will Roher hold onto his title? I wonder, as the competition is very strong this year. I have to say that I cannot guess the result. For me it is still open.

  2. A great shot, as is also the previous one of Kolberg and Perrod, but, you know, just looking back at recent pictures, I reckon Eduardo Bedone in Expo 30 is the best of the lot recently. Just go back and have another look at him. He is absolutely superb, and is my favourite competitor. His torso is absolutely perfect, better in my eye than any of the others. And, to take up Cockwatcher's point about the overdevlopment of the trap muscles, he too has avoided this. I think this guy has to be as near to perfection as it gets. What does anyone else think? I repeat here what I have said before. We normal fans have only the pictures to judge from and all the rest is just a load of words and from the picture Bedone is a winner for me. Sorry to be so simplistic.

    1. So, finally, Jason you have come out 100% in favour of Bedone. We changed our allegiance from Roher to Bedone when Expo 30 was posted as we four guys all thought then that with that shot of,him he was clearly the leader. And the latest sets of pictures since then more or less confirm our views. He just looks better than any of the others - but don't get us wrong, there are several other great guys in the competition.

      All fans should go back and take a good look at Bedone in Expo 30. If this is just not the most perfect male ever, then what is?. Anyway, Jason, we are glad that you have now come out firmly in his favour. Not, of course, what we fans think or say has much influence on the outcome, which is in the hands of the judges.

  3. Surely every NB fan enjoys seeing the cum producing prowess of pros and the service skills of young men trained to be the best at sucking cock and getting fucked. But why are Camp Grit and its money raising activities on stage at AlphaFest? Is between competition rounds at AlphaFest the place and time for that?

    Formerly, the IFNB took a firm stand against on-stage body contact. Speaking of pro competition, Freeman Garrity, Judging Chairman of the IFNB, said "Intercourse on stage is against judging rules." (07/07/2013) In amateur competition, Peter Kupfer had scores thrown out and was almost disqualified for fucking JK Roher. And paired posing exhibitions, such as the pro-am or uncle-nephew, have not included body contact.

    Perhaps AlphaFest needs a show-night or matinee program devoted exclusively to sexual performances. Or perhaps they belong in the convention hall as part of the Expo, where many such events already occur.

    Also, considering the many hundreds of NB fans in attendance and the financial resources of such businessmen as Tim Hackelberg’s father and Orin Dwayne, $12,000 seems to be a paltry amount of money for the cock milking exhibition to have raised. There were 16 pros paired with Camp Grit graduates. That’s less than $1000 per pair. Maybe that’s an indication that the cock milking exhibition wasn’t that good.

    Finally, what kind of place is Camp Grit? Is it a non-profit educational organization or a private profit-making enterprise? And can everyone agree with its program of raising youths to be obedient sluts? Don’t young men need mentoring, not exploitation?

    (posted by Jockstrap Butch)

  4. I bet those two young guys from Camp Grit need their sphincters stretched. I wish Bogarsen and Roher used their time on stage to show them how alpha cock meat feels in boypussy.

  5. Damn Right! There's something real pretty about seeing a huge muscle man drill his alpha cock meat into a little piglet. Make those little piggies squeal.

  6. Camp Grit sounds like a place where boys are exploited and used a sex slaves. How can IFNB approve of that?

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