COMPLETE CONTROL: Eduardo Bedone hits a perfect side-chest and cock shot, holding without distraction even in spite of the 
playful grabs of Greg Fondlund during a freestyle posedown.  (Fondlund was reprimanded for several occurrences of "lingering grip,"
 but faced no penalty.) Fondlund (who here also horses around with lightweight pro, Tio Bellin) used to use Bedone's ass for cock prep 
prior to Bedone entering the competitive circuit.  Now, Bedone beats the same men who used to use his hole for their own wins!

Eduardo Bedone's biggest claim to fame used to be getting ass-rammed by more than seventy 10"-16" cocks over 3 days.  However, that could all change in the next few rounds because Bedone is now numerically capable of becoming our next IFNB MR. Alpha!  

While Roher and Monza continue to dominate the top spots, Eduardo Bedone has proven a surprisingly consistent and impressive specimen of naked muscle and cock.  While many fault him because so much of his thick muscle and engorged monster cock are the result of being exposed to such high levels of chemically potent super-cum of the alpha muscle pros, there is no doubting he is showing he is more than just at the hyper-grown result of excessive muscle fucking.  

While it is still unlikely Bedone could conquer Roher or Monza, this third place means he is a true contender.  He is the first former NBA to make it so far on this side of the sport.  

"Of course I am proud of myself," Bedone said.  "I know I am a near perfect specimen of muscled manhood.  I think I hit everything right, and apparently I am completely correct."

Any concerns the hyper-confident Bedone has?  "My only concern is not with any problems on my end, but with how the inferior fuck-holes back stage might interpret my win," he explained.  "Naked bodybuilding assistants must always remember their place: as lesser beings without the choice to refuse the perfect and ideal monster cocks of the real muscled alpha men who use their holes to prep for the sport.  The last thing I want to see happen is an NBA get cock, forget is rightful place among his superiors, and accidentally screw up the ever-important cock prep of a real man in a man's sport."  

Powerful and important words from Bedone.  Clearly, he is not only an amazing competitor, but stands for vital ideas about the sport we can all rally behind!

The current standings among the pros is:
1st: JK Roher, 17/15
2nd: Carlos Monza, 16/15
3rd: Eduardo Bedone, 10/10
4th: Pierre Douton, 19/14
5th (tie): Jan Kolberg, 23/16
5th (tie): Yann Perrod, 15/9 
7th: Njals Bogarsen, 23/12
8th: Matt Boyer, 10/7



  1. About 10am on the second day of AlphaFest Expo, excited fans were moving toward the Performance Square in the center of the convention hall. This was the second nude day at Expo. Following the success of the previous day’s nude option, which had 80% participation, admission on day two had a nudity requirement. To stir up fans, Expo organizers were getting the day off with a bang. Carlos Monza was going to bust the cherry of teen phenom Tom Nguyen (pronounced hwen) at a live event.

    Nguyen was already on the performance platform, a 10-ft by 10-ft square about four feet higher than the convention hall floor, at the axis where the two main aisles of the Expo crossed. For the ceremony, Nguyen had had a total body shave, head included, earlier in the morning at the Shaves-R-Us exhibition space, which fans had also been able to watch. During the shaving of his pubes, ball-sack and asshole, Nguyen had become so stimulated that he spurted four times, making a mess with the shave cream and complicating work for the barbers, but exciting his many fans. Nguyen now stood on the platform, awaiting the arrival of Carlos Monza.

    As he waited, Nguyen shot “Moon Beams” at the crowd. Moon Beams are a new freestyle pose favored by young athletes in the Junior Division. To shoot a Moon Beam, a bodybuilder takes a stance with feet widespread, bends forward, and grabs his ankles to show off his asshole. While bent over, the poser may also use his hands to spread his ass cheeks, giving his sphincter maximum display. Another version of the Moon Beam has the bodybuilder on his knees, widespread, with forehead touching the floor. To the enthusiastic cheers of fans, Nguyen shot a variety of Moon Beams, saying, “Here’s my cherry, guys. See it before it’s been picked.”

    Nguyen’s posing and cherry bust were being simulcast on sixteen Jumbotron screens hanging in the Expo hall.

    When Monza stepped onto the performance platform, there was a hush. “I am Carlos, the Alphamale, Monza and I am here with my monster cock to insemenate the virgin ass of teen phenom and, I predict, future IFNB and AP champion Tom Nguyen. First, some ground rules. To give young Tom the fullest experience of manly skin on manly skin for this once in a lifetime cherry bust of his virgin sphincter, we will not be using any lubricants – just my pre-cum and the natural slime in Tom’s anus. Also, we decided – I decided and Tom agreed – that I would not prep his asshole with rimming or finger-fucking, although there will be ass-eating later on.” Monza strutted around the performance platform as he spoke. “As you can see, my cock, the Monza Monster, is dripping pre-cum. I’ll slick it up and perform this important ceremony in a young man’s rite of passage, which Tom has proudly invited you to witness.”

    Monza pointed at Tom. The young athlete dropped to the platform and stretched out on his back. He rolled his torso so that he balanced on his shoulders, legs above him, head between his knees, hands holding his feet, ass high, offering his virgin hole to Monza.

    Balancing on the palms of his hands and balls of his feet, Monza arched over the youth. His long thick hard-on pointed directly at young Tom’s dude-pussy. Steadily, but not swiftly, Monza lowered his arched pelvis. At first, just the tip of his pointed cockhead grazed the teen’s tender rosebud. For tantalizing moments, drops of Monza’s pre-cum anointed the teen’s tawny-pink pucker. Then, half-inch by half-inch, the Monza Monster squeezed into Tom’s anus. With his dick completely inside the panting youth, Monza began thrusting and grinding, slamming his man-meat into the teen bodybuilder. As he blasted his load, Monza collapsed his full body weight on the young athlete. Valiantly, Tom kept his ass high as Monza insemenated him and his own cock exploded cum sprays and sperm gobs on his face.

    Everywhere on the Expo floor, fans watching on the Jumbotrons cheered.

    (posted by Jockstrap Butch)

  2. Bedone is a good example of what having your asshole used for prep work can achieve. He got his sphincter stretched and took many potent cum loads in his anus. Now he gives what he used to get. Maybe he'd like Tio Bellini's fuck-stick to plow his manpussy some more. He sure seems to be looking at it with interest.

    1. I was mistaken to say Bedone is looking at Tio Bellini's dick. Greg Fondlund is doing that. Still, Bedone might want Bellini's dick up his manchute. Every man, especially an AlphaFest competitor, can benefit from a sperm boost.

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