The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

**Please note that as of April 2018, all archive posts (pre-May 2012) have been added back to the main site. The private archive site is still up for now but will close at some point



Still spewing ropes of delicious cum during a crab most-muscular pose during the final posedown, teen pro Yann Perrod 
(left) coated the stage with so much gooey spunk that he caused Venezuelan lightweight Carlos Nerrian (center) to slip and 
fall.  Canadian light heavyweight Greg Fondlund was mesmerized by "a pure sperm taste that shook my concentration."

While the youngest pr naked bodybuilder in history, Yann Perrod, may bot be closing in on a Mr. A win, the horny, hung, muscular boy is certainly surprising his many critics once again by doing what he does best: surpassing expectations!  Staying steady in the top ten, Perrod's posedown cum show on the second night of finals has the internet chat sites blowing up with excitement.

Perrod has been busty promoting how his muscle cum will be featured in a high-end cum bar this year, and has been sure to keep his cum game during competition fitting of a star whose sperm is among the highest-grade per ounce in the world.  His cum shots while posing have numbered between 10 - 13 airborne squirts each (not counting the droolers), and during the posedown in the second round of finals, his loads were so plentiful that he caused the inadvertent slip-and-fall of a lightweight competitor: pro Carlos Nerrian.

Noreen took the stumble in stride, as he was already ranked only 33rd overall and the stumble won;t greatly affect his final outcome.  "But there was just so much cum!" he told us.  "Just - cum everywhere!  In my eyes, in my mouth, on my pecs!  I had never been so coated in a muscle dude's loads in my life!  And the next thing I know my foot went down – and then I rained on by more muscle cock loads!"

"The dude may be young," said Canadian pro Greg Fondlund, who was nearby when Nerrian tripped on Perrod's loads.  "But that kid has some man-tasting spunk.  I was actually startled when some flew in my mouth.  I drink a lot of cock juice in my training, and honestly, I had never tasted something so rich and intense.  Blew my mind!"



  1. I am not sure, had we not been told, that I would have recognised Perrod in this shot. His cock seems to have shrunk back from its enormous early length to something which, in this type of competition, looks quite normal. But I do not think that this shot does him justice, or the other two guys either, for that matter. I find it sad, personally, that we have to be shown an accident, but here it is.

    I did not know the Canadian, Greg Fondlund, and as I said above this photo does not really do much for him either, but he does have a beautiful cock, even when soft, I just kove that rubbery quality he displays here with his cock away from his body. in a beautiful arc: It must look terrific when hard..

    I had been hoping that we would see the finals with the 'greats' of this competition, but I suppose we must wait.

  2. Greg Fondlund's cock is just the most suckable piece of meat I have ever seen. Just look at it, It is so inviting. I onlywish that I could take the whole thing into my mouth myself. Is this the first picture we have of him as I do not recall having seen him in the past.

    1. You are dead right Anonyme, Fondlund does have a truly juicy and appetising piece of meat. Like you I would quite like to take it full length and let him give me a good face-fuck. I just love the heavy rim he has on his cock head, although the head itself looks a bit on the light side. But on the positive side, it helps penetrate a very tight hole more easily. All in all, just taking another look at the three guys, I think I like Fondlund the best of the lot and would just love to see him with a full hard on. Anyway, I guess our personal desires will never be fulfilled, but we can but dream.........

  3. Marvelous composition

  4. IFNB fans who only get to follow the NB and AP events on-line may not know about what happens on stage between posing rounds. One such activity is cum clean-up. NB assistants use a Cum-Vac, which looks pretty much like a Eureka Electric Broom, to suck up the spills and splashes that the athletes leave behind when their jizz blasts and sperm gobs don't hit themselves, other posers or, for long shot champs, the fans in the audience. The Cum-Vac quickly and efficiently sucks up all on-stage cum and mixes it with scientifically calibrated amounts of emollients that turn the jizz into high-grade body rub. NB and AP pros use the rub as another way to add potent man juice to their muscle mass. Also, some say it's the best lube for sport-fucking.

    Unfortunately, NB assistants could not do their work because Yann Perrod, Carlos Nerrian and Greg Fondlund had not finished posing and weren't off stage when Nerrian took his embarrassing fall.

    (posted by Jockstrap Butch)

  5. Another limp dicked black man. Do the editors have a prejudice against -- or fear of -- big black cock?

    1. I had not realised that Fondlund was black. His dick may be limp., but as Cockwatcher said in his first comment, Fondlund does have a really super dick, soft or not. I absolutely love this style of soft dick, curving away beautifully from the body and just asking to be sucked. In this I echo the sentiments of Anonyme of March 20. I would love to.suck it myself..How ,ong is it when he is fully hard?

    2. Since writing the above comment,I have noticed that Fondulund is also in Expo 35 and there his cock is rock hard and at 45 degrees to the horizontal. So he can clearly get it up.! I am just a bit surprised that it is not bigger, as from the above soft pose, one would expect a monster cock when hard, but it is not. But it is OK. I still like it.

    3. Yes,Greg Fondlund has an impressive dick, hard or soft. Comparing his skin tone here (Expo 31) with Expo 35, he definitely seems -- shall I say -- "tanned" in both. (Please take no offense, I am unbiased in my admiration of NB and AP athletes. I like muscles, dicks and cum of all men ) Maybe Fondlund has a lot melatonin and tans easily, or he might use topical or ingested tanning agents. Or there might be a different explanation.

      I just wanted to point out that -- as I look thru the blog -- men who might be described as black often have limp dicks. That's just what I observe, it's not a statistical analysis.