A near perfect Eduardo Bedone shows the best work of his career, taking first place for the first time in a Mr. Alpha round!

When you spend weeks on end being thrown about by men with massive muscles, and literally ignored while their massive fuckpoles literally use your holes for their own benefit, with zero regard for your own comfort or stamina, it is hard to imagine that you could one day be like these brutes of alpha muscle dominance one day.  In spite of getting copious amounts of growth-inducing super-cum from the pros of the IFNB, the muscular long-term NBAs of the game typically stay stuck in their 2nd-class fuck-bitch status.  few complain – after all, they get to be used by the most perfect men in the world!  But every once in a while a naked bodybuilding assistant tries his hand at competing.

The most famous is career-NBA and now top pro naked bodybuilder Eduardo Bedone.  When he began competing 6 years ago, many figured he would not excel beyond the amateur ranks  But having been fucked for literally stretches as long as 18 hour straight by some of the most giant cocks on the competitive circuit (Bedone's ruined muscle hole has been successfully been used to prep the likes of Snake Assombo, Buck Poirier, Yann Perrod and Stump Derrio, among literally scores of others!), bedone's mass and cock growth is unrivaled!

When he qualified for the Mr. Alpha three years ago, it was really a novelty.  Last year he broke the top ten, and many began falling in love with the flashy South American who climbed the ranks quietly.  And tonight during the second round of finals, Bedone brought to the stage a package that blew everyone's mind.  Truly, a body and cock combo you never expect to see of a man who has spent most of his career regarded as little more than a piece of equipment.

Bedone cums a conservative game, and is known for his amazing posing and flexing skills. While not as plentiful a spewer as his competition, he often shoots a perfectly timed cum-and-flex game.  Ad he shot 10 cumshots timed perfectly with biceps poses, lat spreads, dramatic lunged poses and most musculars.  But his body was what blew everyone's minds.  This was a new Eduardo Bedone!  Thicker and tighter than he has ever stepped on stage, he looked every part the champion!

After his win, Pierre Douton, who also made improvements in the 2nd round finals, complained that he is the one to credit for Bedone's appearance.  "I have fucked that slut so many times,' he growled.  "I have a hard enough time sharing the stage with someone who's rightful place is a piece of equipment for us real men.  But I have shot my perfect sperm in his sut muscle hole at least 12 times since I arrived, and it is no doubt the potency of my spunk that gave him the edge tonight.  Undoubtedly.  he owes that win to me and my perfect man cock!"
Whil this is a huge point of celebration for Bedone, he does not stand a strong chance of taking the Mr. Alpha overall.  He would need to continue and even improve his performance for the remainder of the rounds.  While it is not impossible or him to pull it off, only the most die-hard fans would root for his Mr. A win.  

The current standings among the pros is:
1st: Eduardo Bedone, 10/10
2nd: Carlos Monza, 15/14
3rd: JK Roher, 16/12 
4th: Pierre Douton, 15/13
5th: Jan Kolberg, 19/16
6th: Njals Bogarsen, 24/15
7th: Yann Perrod, 15/9
8th: Matt Boyer, 8/7



  1. This shot of Bedone must make the hearts of the traditional fans of the blog jump for joy, for he surely is the absolute quintessence of the type of physique the blog has as its credo. I think that this is a superb shot of a very magnificent contender. He has beautifully defined muscles and in many ways is the perfect specimen of masculinity. Ok, so his cock may not be ‘quite’ as big as some of the others, but it is nevertheless very impressive. All in all Bedone is a really beautiful example of the perfectly formed male. I am not at all surprised that he pushed the ‘old gang’ off their perches as he is just so impressive and so, in spite of your doubts, I could well see him stealing the show at the end of the day, for he really does have the equipment to do it. So, Roher, Kolberg, Monza et al, you do have some real competition here.
    As for the caustic comments of that perennial big head, Jan Perrod, where is he coming from? How he can possibly think that having shafted Bedone before the contest, allows him to claim credit for Bedone’s victory beats me. But, as we all know black is white, isn’t it? We Britss have a word for Perrod. He is a right fucking prick! But he does have a fine body and has made enormous progress with his cock over the last yearr, so Il will give credit where credit is due. Could someone tell him thatt he does not need to shoot off his mouth at every verse end. It really is unnecessary, as his body and cock speak for themselves. He, too, still stands a good chance of winning, in my view. But if he does, god help us, he will be totally insufferable. But, then, I suppose that is life!

  2. Sorry, I made a typo when I wrote the above comment, I meant Pierre Dotuon, of course and not Jan Perrod to whom my most sincere apologies.
    What I find sad in all this is that a senior competitor belittles a guy who has come up through the ranks as has Bedone, Surely it is what he is now that counts and not what he was come time ago. So well done Bedone, I say.

    I guess Douton is feeling mpy about his own placings, but running down Bedone and taking credit for his success in the same breath, is really not cricket!!!.

  3. I was amazed by this latest shot of Bedone, which shows an absolutely staggering guy with magnificent muscles and an equally magnificent cock.
    Earlier in the series we were shown a less flattering pic of Bedone, which distorted his physique by having been shot at a downward angle, which spoiled the appreciation of his lower body and legs. And as I have said before, the pose is very, very important and conditions our view on the contestant- for a bad pose can really downgrade a brilliant guy in the eyes of the beholder. But I noticed the link back to an earlier shot and from there yet another link back to an even earlier pic, both of which confirm what the present shot does, which is that he is up there with the top guys. Why has he been so neglected, I wonder? I am pleasedwith what I wrote about him in his previous pic. in this series:

    “Bedone’s upper body is perfect. As for his cock and ball, they are terrific and what a knob he has. But you can see looking at the studs we have been shown so far in 2015, why J.K. Roher is the top guy. He is perfect whilst all the others have flaws.”

    I still stick to my comments about his upper body, but I think that he has now reached the perfection of Roher. Just look, at him: he is truly male perfection. As many readers know, my own preference is for the lighter style, but, gee, this guy really does it for me too. And finally I have to agree with Cockwatcher, that he might well take first place. He really is the dark horse of the series. One final point, I think that the standard of the photos this last twelve months has just been excellent. – truly an appreciable improvement over earlier shots. Well done editors!

  4. Sorry, Mr. Roher, but we have decided to change our affiliation to Eduardo Bedone. We had only seen the one shot of him previously, (expo 3) which really did not do him justice, other than to his cock, which was shown to have an absolutely superb head. (best in show??) Anyway, now we have this latest photo of him and what a shot it is! Bedone has to be the perfect male and we are not at all surprised that he has moved up to first place. As far as we four can see he is now beyond criticism and unless some other dark horse comes along, we hope he will win.
    Reading your comments about Bedone's career, he must be the most experienced NBA ever. How many different guys has he allowed to fuck his ass and over what period? But, with all that experience of professional cock work, we guess that now he is competing, he can give just as well as he can take. We think that any NBA today should feel it a privilege to release him and to enjoy that massive tool up his ass. It’s just got to be one of the great experiences of the sport.
    So, there you are, count us as belonging to your 'die hard fans' , Eduardo, as we think you can pull it off.
    We are all a bit surprised, by the way, of the lack of comment on this photo, which has to be one of the best of the series. As usual, Jason and Cockwatcher give their views, but how about some more comments from other fans. Come on guys, Bedone deserves some recognition for what t he has achieved, so let’s hear from you.

  5. Holly hard-on Batman, that is one magnificent cock!

  6. Holly hard-on Batman, that is one magnificent cock!

    1. Hi Bench,
      Any thoughts on my comments made in Expo 25 about the apparent inability of African contenders to hold a hard on during posing? Just flick through the recent shots where there have been African contenders and you will see that although they have massive meat, it is never hard. I absolutely love the young African Mbawe Obud in Expo 25, He has a monumental penis, but it looks like a deflated balloon and really lets him down. But he is one among many. Why do you think that this is? If these Africans could hold their cocks in af ull erection, they would, I think, be the biggest fucksticks around. But we seldom see them hard and that does for the Pan Africa, where there are lots of shots of super studs with huge tools but just hanging there, What is the problem?
      Also any comments on Carlo Emanti in Expo 29?. I really dig this guy. And think that this shot of him is terrific and talking of cocks, what a hole reamer this young stud has got. I Just love it and I am really rooting for him. I reckon in a year or so he will be a super star, as he has all the equipment. Question: Why are you entering all your comment twice?

  7. What an incredible round! So PROUD of my mentor and scrum brother, Eddie. It’s always been inspiring to see him get porked by the massive meat of the Alphas, especially the superlatives of the sport. But, seeing his stage work take him into first place against the most virile men on the planet was just thrilling to watch! Definitely kept me hard and dripping the whole time. It may be far-fetched to expect an overall win, but how cool would that be?

  8. I don't think it is far-fetched. This guy is abolute perfection, so why should he not win? I should think the 'regulars' are beginning to feel the winds of change.. But we also need to see Bogarson totally naked and in a similar pose.

  9. He truly is breathtaking! I was looking back at the scores and he will certainly have to do very well to keep his lead. My friends got me some tickets near the stage for the next round so we will get to have a close up look at the competitors' performance. Whoever wins it will be one hell of a thing to watch.

  10. Oh, don't get me wrong, a Bedone victory would be well merited! He's got great proportions, thick/ tight/ heavy muscle, and a nice fat cock that's producing tasty grade a spunk. I'd also say that, in as much as he is still playful in the way he's been mounting the bitches, his aggressive streak has widened quite a bit since last he plowed my ass. A sign of my some fundamental changes.

    The other day he was plowing my hole and wouldn't even let me stay on all fours. He kept pushing my face into the floor and giving my ass a firm smack, as I tried to right my self. Never seen him insist on that much kowtowing. Got something like 7 loads out of him that time, each shot timed with his firm thrusting. And his technique when mounting seems unique among the Alphas this time 'round. He spent a lot of time stimming my prostate with his fat gushing head, so it wasn't long before each ram of his dick started firing shots from my own. He even high-fived me after he was finished. Not something you get from the average Alpha.

  11. Eduardo Bedone has the good looks of a southern California golden boy, but his massive bulk, ripped vascularity, and grade-A cock far exceed anything expected of a humpy hunk. Some might quibble that Bedone’s cockhead is too small for the girth of his shaft, but others know that a smaller, tapered glans eases the entry for more mammoth meat to follow.

    Some critics have said that Bedone jacked up his body because his days as an NB Assistant were nearly over. They point out that Bedone’s stretched sphincter was not tight enough to be of use any more. Their proof is that, beginning two years ago, many pros preferred other NBAs. Also, rumors say that Bedone gave up his hole for random fucking in sex clubs. For that alleged offense, the IFNB targeted Bedone as a submissive opportunist who craved to be fucked rather than a man who had a genuine interest in the sport and wanted to be part of the regimine in an alpha male’s development .

    All the cum Bedone took in, anally and orally, surely contributed to his physical development. And intense workouts with free weights and circuit training machines have brought him to the peak muscular condition he displayed at Mr Alpha.

    A quick check of IFNB records has not turned up any competitors who achieved a perfect shot/nail ration, so Eduardo Bedone’s 10/10 performance at Alpha 2014 probably set a new standard. But Bedone’s achievement seems to be diminished. He didn’t produce quantity.

    The consensus is that by 2020 thirty cum loads per round of competition will be the expected minimum. That’s what fans want, and it is what the up and comers in the sport are in training to produce. IFNB officials are said to be ready to propose designating the first five rows closest to the stage as clothes-free, premium seating. At major national and international shows, fans will pay extra for these seats. For that charge, they get not just cum sprays and jizz gobs but also a check room for their clothes. Surveys show that younger fans want these displays. They like sharing the experience with the on stage AP athletes. Shooting a mere ten loads in a round, Bedone does not cum to fans' expectations.

    1. I can see where you're coming from on this one. First off, yes, while Bedone could have a fatter blunt headed dick for more "wow factor", the slight tapper makes way for his very thick, very fertile cock. Further, Bedone prefers a stockier class of fuck-bitch, with stronger meatier holes, so he needs that extra point to penetrate his cum dumpsters.

      I think his transition to Alpha status was less about his days as an NBA being numbered as much as he reached his natural limit of developing as a piece of fuck meet. He seems to have gotten too dominant over the years, spending more time dishing cum out than taking it in. Once you lose your submissiveness, you really make a better competitor than piece of equipment, so this seems like the natural progression to me.

      I'm anxious to see how his cum game pans out over the rest of MA '15! If he can keep his ratios and up his volume, he could hold some impressive records, regardless of his overall placement.

    2. My god, you two guys get so technical. Just look at the stud Her is terific and I absolutely love him, mutiple cum shots or not! And I think his cock ad ball combo is perfect. I hope he gives the others a hard race.

    3. Donovan, you have experience and expertise, so you make many good points. Still, some objections are possible.

      Ten cum blasts in a round do not prove fertility. Also, fertility is not the issue. Abundance is. Abundance of cum blasts in performance is what fans want to see. If they do not concur with fans' preferences,judges need to get on-board and the IFNB needs to update its rating system.

      Your point of Bedone needing to transition out of being fuck meat is well-taken, He is surely capable of being more than an NBA. But consider these contrary points. First, top alpha athletes don't need just passive door mats to receive their cum; they need aggressive sphincters to plow. An NBA needs to have an active role. Bedone did not deliver that kind of training. Second, you seem to say that Bedone "aged-out" of qualifying to be an NBA. Unfortunately, many other NB and AP athletes and fans probably also believe this. And surely many young fans rightly aspire to being NBAs. But if men 30, 40, or even 50 or more years old "age-out" as NBAs, the system reeks of "ageism" and needs revision. That is patently a policy of discrimination based on age. Talent is what matters.

      Fans want high shot/nail ratios and cum blasts that are abundant in number and volume. And fans want success in those achievements for every NB and AP athlete, not just Eduardo Bedone. Bedone is a feast for the eyes. Let's hope he measures up in other respects. It will be good for the sport.

    4. Chew the fat about the tecchnicalities as much as you want, but bear in mind that most of us fans just see the pictures presented. Hence, most of us, since I guess most of us do not get to see the on stage stuff, have to judge a guy by what we see - and nothing else. Based on this thesis, I can but repeat what I said above on March 1. This guy is terrific.

    5. Sorry, buddy, I must not have been clear. I was responding to the anonymous comment above that implied his "days as an NBA were numbered." In my opinion, Eduardo has already succeeded as a great athlete, being plowed by the most virile men in the federation. So, the only way to push beyond that was to become a ranking Alpha himself. No ageism. Just self-evolution.

  12. It would be great if we could now move on and see waht happened next.

  13. I have only just found this Blog site, but I have to say that it is mind-blowing. I have ever seen anything quite like it. I decided to post a comment on this older posting as I have never ever seen a guy quite so superb as this stud Eduardo Bedone. He is my idea of the perfect male and reading the account of his life to date he reallly does have enormous experience, both at fucking and being fucked and he is a most exeptionally sexually attractive guy. My godfathers, what a body and what a cock!.

    I only wish that I could spend a little time with him personally, as I would like to pound his hole as hard as I could.. I'm just over 10 inches when hard and thick with it so I reckon I could give him quite a reaming, although I am sure that he has taken plenty of meat as big as that in his life as as NBA. But I would also like to take his cock up my own hole, with him lying on top of me adn allow him to pound me into the ground. I just fantasize as to what it would be like to be fucked in tight body contact by such a pro.

    I can well see how he suddenly came from nowhere to be a potential winner, for looking at all the photos of the other contenders, he is in a class of his own.

    I may add some comments to later posts but I wanted to attach this appreciation to this magnificent picture of Bedone.

    1. You are quite right to comment on this shot of Bedone, because the more one looks at it, the more one realises that this guy is quite exceptional. My own personal view is that in this shot with the pose which Bedone has struck, he represents the true Alpha Male. His magnificent upper body is perfectly balanced by his massive thighs and legs. All in all he has achieved a balance in his physique which few competitors manage to do. He has a nice cock too, which I am sure he knows how to use. Bravo Bedone. I am one of you staunchest supporters.

  14. This photo of Bedone and the one before of Emanti show, in my view two of the absolute stars of the present series. Both these guys are totally flawless with perfect muscles and cocks, but everything in absolute proportion and harmony. We have here two very desirable studs who should be on every fan’s 'wish list', both to fuck and to be fucked by. Either way would be a great experience. Being really critical, I guess Emanti has a better cock then Bedone. It is thicker and with a superb rimmed head and he appears to have extremely thick creamy cum, but let’s face it these are just two very beautiful studs who are a credit to the sport and as I said above should figure on ever fan’s wish list. I know Emanti is not in the running for the Mr Alpha, but frankly he could have given the others a run for their money had he been in that part of the competition. Anyway, I sincerely hope that Bedone, who is competing, wins. I find myself coming back again and again to each of these two photos as examples to us all of just how it should be done. It is a pity that we have no shots of either of them actually servicing an NBA or, for that matter being serviced, which would really be the icing on the cake.

  15. This is now an old shot as there have been many others posted since its appearance in February, but it remains one of the best shots of the year to date.

  16. Now that we know who finally took the title, Mr Roher, let me just say that this shot of Bedone plus the later shots of Monza, just have to count as some of the best ever posted on the IFNB blog. I am torn as to which of the two I think should have won the contest, but at the end of the day, I think I would have gone for Bedone. Anyway, in the event, the judges thought differently. Just look at the guy in this shot. He is flawles, and would be a joy to fuck and an equal joy to be fucked by. Every good wish to him in his future career.