During one of the most popular deonstrations at the AlphaFest Expo, a shocked and cock-gagged young naked bodybuilding
 assistant (NBA) is worked hard in front of a screaming audience of naked men, cheering as they get to see how NBAs get
used as nothing but a dehumanized piece of flesh equipment for the sexual stimulation needs of the real men of the game.

Showing too much appreciation for muscled cock brutes can lead to having your hole plowed relentlessly without choice, as we all know.  But imagine being stuck as the fuckhole in front of hundreds of cheering fans, all encouraging the monster-dicked muscle fiend to ravage you even more ruthlessly then he is already pounding!  All you can do is try not to panic as you are passed around and throat-fucked or ass-plowed over and over by big, muscled studs until they are satisfied.  

This was the fate of 20 young men who agreed to be part of a "live training" of naked bodybuilding assistants (NBAs) on the AlphaFest mainstage.  The exhibition filled the gap between preliminaries and finals and was an amazingly educational display of man-rape by muscled brutes of all sizes and cocks of unbelievably ass-destroying proportions!!

Celebrity career NBA Donovan Pryde was part of the presentation, and his aggression at keeping these young hopefuls in line was truly inspirational.  Pryde has been an NBA for many years, and has been loaded with so many loads of pro-grade cum that his own muscle growth is quite remarkable!  Many feel he could be an IFNB pro himself, but when you see in person how capable he is at surviving being a fuckhole bitch slut for monster muscle, you can see why he has kept himself subserviant to the true studs of the muscle sport!  The Editors of the IFNB Report congratulate Donovan for a GREAT demonstration of just what it takes for an NBA to be ready for pro-use.

AlphaFest is not the biggest IFNB naked bodybuilding expo of the year, but while smaller in scale, the offerings have been amazing!



  1. A fantastic post, well done!
    I admire your aesthetic of combining massive muscle with enormous penismeat.
    These gentlemen should rule the world, forcing every man to worship & obey their depravity.
    The fact that this blog is 100% homosexual in its orientation sends an unequivicable message:
    That women are not welcome and indeed, these gentlemen and their admirers have no use for them.
    The fact that most of the gentlemen portrayed on this blog are circumsized & shaved only adds to the excitement.
    I would stand in line to be able to witness their impressive ejaculations and would pay good money to have the honour of drinking their sperm.
    Looking forward to more, many thanks.

    1. stretchedbag, I agree! These studs are GODS! They need to USE us!

      I would love to chat more with you! How do we connect???

  2. Does the young African here with the soft cock prove that coloured guys usually have bigger cocks than Europeans or Whte Americans? Thiis kid has and extraordinary cock by any standrads and we are seeing it here soft. What the hell does it look like when he has a hard on.? This has to be one of the biggest cocks around. I wonder if the young NBA has a hole big enough to take this guy's dick. He hardly seems to be able to get the other guy's cock into his mouth. In fact, our little cokc sucker looks to be just a school kid.

  3. An interesting mixed bag comparing apples with oranges yet again! This is not a marvellous shot technically, but, that having been said, I would not have recognised Perrod without the accompanying comments. I think that Roher looks dreadful the way the photographer has captured him – really a rotten shot – and if I were he, would be very annoyed as it does not do him justice. (Will someone please tell him to get rid of that stupid little beard!!) The African guy suffers from a cock which is way too big for his physique, which, come on guys, is pretty ordinary, in fact so ordinary, that one wonders why he is in the competition at all. Why do these African contenders appear so often on stag with their cock soft? I would have thought that it must be embarassing for them to stand there with a soft cock when all the other guys a rock hard.

    So I think that my new protégée, Carlo Emanti shines out. I think this miserable shot shows nevertheless what a magnificently proportioned stud Emanti is. OK, he is not as big as either Perrod or Roher, but he is what he is and he has made the very best of his natural self. Just please look at him compared against Roher and Perrod. He is absolute perfection in my eyes. Everything about him is perfectly proportioned and this shot also shows us just how perfect his balls (nice and tight to his body) and cock sit harmoniously together. Of course his solo pose in Expo 29, shows off his exceptional cock to perfection, but this present shot is better on the combination cock and balls. In my eyes, he even has perfect thighs, as he has succeeded in developing them, without the overlaid muscle look, which everyone except me seems to like.
    No, I am not getting paid to promote Emanti! I am just stating what I think. For me he should place first in his class. He is quite exceptional!

    1. Sorry, something went wrong with my copying programme. The above comment I published attached to another shot, but for some reason it was still in the copying file and got republished here.

      What I wanted to say is that as Donovan is such a regular contributor to the comments section and is the only contributor with first hand (and hole!!) experience of what is going on, could you persuade him to publish a photo of himself (naked, of course) so that we have some idea of what he looks like. If you click on the thumbnail icon accompanying his comments, then you get a shot of his (at least I hope that it is his!!) torso and pretty impressive it looks.

      So, Come on Donovan, give us a picture of yourself. Jaro Guerille the cock trainer did tis a little while ago, and pretty impressive he looked.

    2. I agree Donovan. I saw you and the other pro Naked Bodybuilding Assistants live and your muscle and cock are well worth showing off even if you are just dick fodder for the REAL men of the sport. Maybe you could show us a pic of your thick, cum drenched, muscly man-hole!

    3. I also wanted to say I think your nickname should be Python. Its not just that youre well hung your ass just opens up to take gigantic dick and squeezes all the cum out!

    4. Gotta be careful with a nick name like that! Guys like "Snake" Assombo might take it as a challenge to their dominance. Still, I do like being known for my powerful ass and cock... Appreciate the respect, dude!

    5. Very good Donovan, so how a bout a pic. or two showing us your obviously much appreciated assets.

  4. Sorry I've been slow to post lately. Kind of a busy time for me, right now. Still, I'm glad the live training show seems to be garnering some positive responses. I don't get a lot of stage time in this line of work, and I'm usually too busy during the season to get much press exposure. So, it was nice to show off and wreck some bitch ass, in front of spectators. Gotta admit, it was a huge ego boost when my muscle hole and cock got cheers from the fans.

    The best part, for me, was when the asses I bred couldn't hold my loads and gushed man-seed down our legs. Real crowd pleaser.

    As for publishing a selfie, sure, I'll pick one out. Better to show an off-season pic, with less soft cum-bulking weight.

    1. Way to go! Post more details about your on stage experience when you get time. IFNB fans are sure to appreciate everything you can you can write. Thanks.

  5. Donovan! I saw the way you were plowing those guys on stage. It was incredible how you stretched their bitch holes open with your massive meat. And the way you and your colleagues just sat on those huge dildos like they were nothing left me speechless. Even after blowing several loads you pros were still long loose and full of aggressive juice! I can see why the alpha males use you guys as fuck meat.

  6. Maybe the best thing about the "live training" is that 20 IFNB fans got to be part of the on stage action. Can any of those fans write in and tell us how they feel about the experience and what their best memories are? Most had probably never been naked in public before, let alone naked in public on stage in front of an audience. And undergoing bitch-slut abuse!