Surprises all across the fourth preliminary round of competition!  Tim Hakelberg (left) places first in the teens, followed by
Mbawe Obud in 2nd (center), to bump teen/junior frontrunenrs Jeremy Ducet and Carlo Emanti.
But the big news of the fourth night was a surprise first place position for Jan Kolberg in the pros!

A real alpha man is alpha all the time, and can sustain a state of domination and superiority over other men no matter what.  This is why naked bodybuilding competitions are not just one competition, but a rather a whole series of Preliminary contests and Final contests, which create compiled scores to produce an overall winner.  This prolonged competitive process allows judges to see which muscled, naked stud is most consistently an arrogant, beautiful and aggressively horny man over time, as opposed to just in one instance.    

This is why the earliest rounds of a competition are not always predictors of the winners in the IFNB.  And at the Alpha there have been clear early-round front-runners in both the pro classes as well as the Jr. Alpha teen and collegiate classes.  The unstoppable power and thickness of Carlos Monza and the densely-muscled, monster-cocked JK Roher have kept the top placements of the pro heats charged with aggressive male power.  Meanwhile in the Jr Alpha, the attention-demanding muscleboy arrogance of Jeremy Ducet and the eye-popping muscle and dick of Carlo Emanti have dominated the early rounds among the young amateurs.

By the fourth round of Preliminaries changes everything!  The Megaweight known for his flexing and cum-control, Jan Kolberg,  came to the stage with a thick, chubbed and rock hard cock that looked angrily aggressive ad so overstimulated it is a surprise the muscled brute didn't go crazy and plow every hole he saw in front of him.  But the beast of thick muscle was the picture of arrogant self-indulgence, and had the perfect thickness and proportions to back the swagger.  Shooting a mind-boggling 24 times, it was baffling how a body could be so horny as to produce that much delicious man-spunk!  But what had the crowds beating off their dicks in the aisles was Kolberg's casual control of his loads, timing 19 of them perfectly with remarkably-executed biceps shots, lat spreads and other signature "mass-emphasizing" poses.  It was a performance that earned him his first 1st place in the contest so far, and makes fans wonder if one day we could see a megawight Mr. Alpha after all!

Kolberg's incredible performance caused a shift in comparisons.  Defending Alpha JK Roher compares well against megaweights, and with Kolberg in the mix was able to maintain another second placing round.  Roher seemed far more stimulated being next to a beast like Kolberg, and the two pros have a friendly relationship off stage.  In the IFNB's video series "Training With The Gods," Kolberg and Roher teamed up for two of the filmed training sessions in the series, "Biceps and Asspounding" and "Leg Training With Rapid Cum Shots."  Te two seemed to enjoy flexing nude so close to one another, and one of JK Roher's only uncontrolled cum shots was clearly due to being so stimulated by Kolberg's sheer mass and horniness so close to himself.

The changed places bumps the magnificent Carlos Monza to 3rd place int he fourth prelims, but he remains the frontrunner overall.

Similar upset occurred in the amateurs when Tim "The Silver Cock" Hackelberg landed his first top placement in the Jr. Alpha.  Tim's young body was thick with muscle, and his horny cock was the epitome of a young stud driven mad with muscle lust – just what the judges seek in a winner!  Hackelberg bumped rivals Ducet (4th) and Emanti (3rd), who were also beat by a surprise presentation from young Mbawe Obud from Ghana in second place.  The shift in placings now leaves the Jr. Alpha title wide open, and he next rounds leading to the finals are critical!

The Pro Standings so far in the prelims now shift dramatically:
1.) Jan Kolberg 24/19, currently in 3rd overall
2.) JK Roher 16/15, currently tied for 1st overall
3.) Carlos Monza 12/12, currently tied for 1st overall
4.) Eduardo Bedone 7/7, currently 5th overall
5.) Yann Perrod 16/9, currently in 4th overall
6.) Njals Bogarsen 23/12, currently tied 6th overall
7.) Matt Boyer, 8/6 currently tied for 8th overall
8.) Pierre Douton, 14/9, currently tied for 8th overall
9.) Jerome Terlove, 8/5, currently in 16rth overall
10.) Buck Poirier, 27/8, currently in 10th overall



  1. We seem to be looking at a mixed bag of contestants here as Kolberg ought, by rights to be posing aginst Monza and Roher. Anyway, he looks terrific. But the real gem of this shot, to my mind is the young Ghanaian, Mbawe Obud. His upper torso and arms are my idea of utter perfection and I am not at all surprised that he placed second. i could see him being the overall winner at the end of the day.l reserve judgment on his meat, as we are not seeing him fully hard in this shot. But it sure looks to ahve great potential. He is a handsome stud overall and really highly desirable. I should think tha NBA's just love him. But who is the sad looking type on the extreme right. He looks as though hje has just lost a dollar and found a dime! What on earth was he doing in the company of the other three guys, all of whom are 'up there?

  2. Hackelberg looks particularly good in this pose. I think it is the best shot we have had of him yet. He has to be congratulated on his cock development, which, for a teenager, which he still is apparently, is up there with the top contenders. Given another couple of years, when he has reached fully developed manhood, I think he will be the equal of Roher and Kolberg. Let’s keep Monza as a ‘special case’. He does have the most massive cock of the present contenders, but is he the inspiration for young guys like Hackelberg?
    Like Jason, I also like the young African, Mbawe Obud, who has a most appealing physique, muscular but not contorted and the most beautiful skin. I am not sure about is cock though, as in this picture it looks too bloated to be really top quality meat: I don’t like the balance of it and big as it is as we see it here, it is not a really menacing tool at all. Quite the contrary! But we need to see him again in a better shot, with his cock fully erect before passing judgement. Like Jason, I am not at all surprised that he placed second, as he really is a very seductive looking hunk. He is someone you could relate to rather than be frightened by. Quite frankly if I was given the chance to fuck any of these guys myself, I’d go for Mbawe. I just find him so very appealing. He is the quintessential hunk, par excellence and if he is bisexual, the chics might dig him also. He has lot’s going for him!

    1. Apparently Ducet is 100% hetero. He only uses man hole for training in the sport. And he remained committed to only man hole while he kept his cock in training for this event. But he plows dude's asses and mouths for the sport, but apparently is a total stud with the ladies.

  3. Jason is right, you know. Kolberg ought to pose on stage against Roher and Monza as these three are all in the same class. This is not to denigrate Hackelberg and Obud, both of whom are mouthwateringly good, especially Obud.

    In fact the four of us who train togther have more or less decided that Obud could be a a role model for us as he has a physique which we might ultimately be able to attain. \but as far as his dick is pncnered, he is out of our leageu. It is massive and we all wonder what it looks like when fully hard on stage. He must almost rival Monza and Roher.

    What would be great would be if you could put Hackelberg, Obud, Emanti and Doucette together on one stage, so that we could compare them one against the other. And what has happened to Greg Corwin? Does he not also fit in with these guys. We four particularly liked him as not only has he a super body, but his cock is also terrific and is of a size which the four of us might eventually be able to approach if not equal.

    1. Hey Kevin. Like what you're saying about getting the Megaweights on stage together. There are lots of mixed groups on stage over the expos, but I like seeing the heavy hitters together. Really gets my rocks off to see that much muscle and heavy weaponry showing off.

      As for your training, did you ever get my reply on MA, 14? I was also wondering if your gym still needed some decent NBAs and cock trainers, I may even have some contacts for you to call. Always love helping men on their path to Alpha!


    2. Hi Donovan,
      Yes, I did get your long message attached to MA 14, for which many thanks. We found your comments very helpful. We cannot afford any 'outside help' for the moment, as college fees take up most of our cash and the rest goes on paying for the gym and condoms (ha-ha!!). But things are coming along and we are not unhappy.
      What do you make of the young African, Mbawa Obud? We four really dig him and would like to see a shot of him with a full hard on though as his cock looks as though it might be a blockbuster along the style of Monza. It is very important we think to see the competitors with a full erection as the cock is a top criterion of the sport. Who do you think will win? Monza or Roher and what has happened to Kolberg and Njals Bogarson, both of who we all like? We have not actually had a shot of Njals and his trainer (what a guy he looks to be!) naked, yet Bogarson is placing quite high in the prelims. And where is the ‘legendary’ Perrod? He is also placing not badly. He was the golden boy a year or so ago, with his monster dick, (too long and thin in our joint view and definitely not what we are aiming for) but apart from one promo. shot of him, selling his juice, we have seen nothing of him.
      Our view, for what it is worth, is that there should be strict separation of the categories, so that we compare like with like. As I said, we are now all rooting for Roher, but that might change again if we could see all the main megas together. They need not be in a cum shooting shot - just a straight line up of the top guys but with a full erection would help us reach a final decision.
      But we four all agree that having been blown away, (were we not all?) by the 'iron man’ pose of Monza, the gloss has somehow gone off him now that we see him in a normal posing routine. He is surely the mega of megas but is that enough to allow him to win. At the moment we think both Bogarson and Kolberg have been neglected and the latest shots have really been about Monza. He has managed to dominate every shot in which he has figured and even succeeded in putting Roher in the shade thanks to the dominant position he took in that shot.
      What do you make of the shot, again Monza orientated, where Pierre Douton is standing meekly in line along with some guys who belong elsewhere? What the hell has happened to his cock? Any view, Donovan, as you are the most critical of observers of a guy’s meat?
      What we four would also like to see, as keen observers, but also as dedicated amateur body and cock builders in our own small way, would be a complete line up of the juniors so that we could make some judgement on them. Some guys, Hackelberg is a prime example, seem to get tremendous attention and others, Greg Corwin, for instance, whom, along with many other commentators, we all love, get mentioned once and then seem to be forgotten. Many young contestants could stand as role model for the likes of us, Mbawa Obud for example, but Corwin is perhaps the best of all examples, as he has a physique and cock, both of which look as though they might be attainable by amateurs like us. For myself, I get a hard on just looking at the one shot we have of him so far this year.
      So to end, for the moment we four are going on with going on and are quite enjoying our training routine.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I hear ya, man. Monza has been dominating screen shots and stage time, letting everyone know he is large and in charge. In the release room he's been performing at an unusually high level as well, blowing nearly 90% his numbers on stage. That's unheard of! Most Alphas will release around 66-75% the number of loads posing. And having taken a lot of those loads myself, I can tell you they're thick, meaty, and HUGE. (40 so far - Fuck yeah!) All that to say, I think he may be holding back to build solid scores and size up the competition, before cutting loose and just hosing Roher into his proper place.
      In any case, I'd be surprised if we did not have a megaweight Mr Alpha this year. My money's on Monza at the moment, unless Kolberg can keep his timing together (not holding my breath for that one).

      And I hear what you're saying about Kolberg and Bogarson. Two epic competitors with so much muscle and meat to show off, yet a lot of time was spent on Hackelberg promos. Probably have Hackelber's family ties to blame for that one (thanks, daddy!). Yes, fans go ape for teen competitors, and yes he's better than most. But the more time I spend around this guy, the more I think he's more bark than bite. He talks a big game, but prefers taking the sloppy seconds of seasoned contestants in the release room to dominating ass on his own. Probably just likes to pretend he's the one who's ruining ass backstage. What a jackass... But I digress.

      Yes, Obud. Great guy. Awesome cock! Thick, meaty muscle and cum that matches. Between you and me, he has the thickest splooge of any teen this year. You can really feel it as it gushes and swells your muscle-gut. The only area I'd like to see him work on is his endurance. He has a nice pair of big productive balls, but like so many incredibly endowed Alphas, maintaining that massive hard-on and self lusting is a barrier to really excelling. That being said, he has done well enough to place 2nd, so he's clearly on the right track!

    5. Hi again Donovan,
      Incredible that you have actually taken Monza’s monster meat (forgive the alliteration) up your own hole. How about giving us a few closer details of what it feels like to take a fuck stick of such length and girth up your own anus. Does Monza simply thrust himself into you, come what may and leave you to face the consequences or does he take you and your NBA buddies into account when he fucks your holes? We four all wonder how any man can actually take Monza’s pole at all: it just seems too big to be able to push it any normal guy’s arsehole, for if anyone possess a sphincter splitter, to coin a phrase, it’s Monza . More details please, and what does it feel like when he finally cums and shoots his wad into you? Does he pound your arse hard with long strokes of his dick? We would really like to know all! Of course, what we would truly like, is to see him in action, fucking butt, but that it clearly an unrealisable dream. So, Donovan, please wax lyrical and put it into words for us. After all, whether Monza is the winner or in second place, we all have to admit that he does have the cock of the year, which, as such, commands a certain respect.

    6. Donovan that is REALLY useful insight into Monza's release room strategies! It does sound like he is holding back a little, because there is no doubt he could DESTROY as much hole as he chose to.

      And we all know Monza's is a precision and controlled prep. There is almost nothing he does randomly. So it would not surprise me to know he was trying to control himself.

  4. I just love the look of Mbawa Obud. He has for me the perfect body. Can we please have a pic of him fully hard, for that cock of his is sure something! Myself I would have placed him first above Hackelberg

  5. Yet another flaccid black cock. Does the blog have a prejudice against erect black man-meat?

  6. I do not think that the blog has a prejudice against black men. You cannot believe that if you go back over the Pan Africa series. But it is true that very often black men, often those with enormous cocks, do not seem able to hold it on stage. This is a sad picture of Obud who looks a real nice guy and he too has a massive dick flaccid or not. I imagine he was morrified to have the above pic. published. But by placing second, he must have had the guts to hold and shoot and, just looking at the soft schlong we see here, my guess is that when truly hard he is bigger than anyone else we see here.

    And, as someone has remarked elsewhere, just go back to the PA series and look at the absolutely iconic shot of the Ballos in their joint pose, both with soft cocks, but, boy, what a post. I just love it. it has to be one of the best shots of all time. So, soft does ot necessarily mean bad.