A monstrous Carlos Monza shows up competitors in a call-out by posing and shooting across all their muscled bodies.
Monza has never shown such a perfect package, and many feel he could take it all.   Meanwhile, fan favorite
Pierre Douton (second from right) looks far less impressive than his typical top-level showing.

When a man like Pierre Douton corners you and glares in your eye, you aren't sure whether he is going to demand you feel his thick pecs and describe to him aloud how perfect a man he is, or if he is just going to use his brute strength to spin you around, growl in your ear and start forcing his alpha-cock into your strained ass hole.  It is tis sort of unexpected yet willful power that makes Douton one of the biggest names in the IFNB.  And with his glorious win at this year's Pan-Arica, many saw Douton on his way to becoming the world's Mr. Alpha.

But Douton had originally announced at the Africa that he was not going to be competing in the IFNB Alpha, leaving his cock-hardened fans fantasizing about his muscled flesh and cock for another year.  However, two weeks out form the Alpha, Douton reversed his decision – showing his famously characteristic penchant for surprise and impulsivity – and brought his mass and cock to the alpha.

"I was not here to win it all," Douton told us.  "But here to do you all a favor by allowing you to see male perfection.  The best naked muscle is in the Alpha, and while my plans were not to compete, I realized the world should see the one man who is truly the perfect male stud: ME.  I'm just in this to be admired; next year I'll make a genuine run at the title.  For now, I know everyone is probably more happy to see me than any other competitor on that stage.  And I don't blame them."

And while Douton did get into the top ten in the first round of preliminaries, he was only in ninth – far lower than he is typical of placing!  But his big, greasy fuckpole was just as exciting as always, and the beef he brought is definitely world class.

Douto landed in 8th overall at in the second preliminary. Who took the top spot?  Carlos Monza, who's package is one of the best that has ever come to the Mr. Alpha stage.  Monza's sheer muscle has been giving the title's defender, JK Roher, a tough run.  Roher brought a horny and charismatic game of flexing to the second round, blasting 17 juicy loads and timing 14 like the in-control male stud he truly is.  Monza only nailed 14 total cumloads, timing 11 of them, yet his body was so on point that he snuck ahead in the judging based on how mind-bowing his muscle was.  Yes while this is a sport of ultimate manhood, sometimes a close-call boils down to muscle as much as cock!

But there is a LOT more to go, so these early rounds may not always indicate the ending of the contest, as true fans know!!!

The results for the Third Round of prelimaries and cum stats (total loads/timed-with-flexing):
1.) Carlos Monza 14/11, currently in 1st overall
2.) JK Roher 17/14, currently in 2nd overall
3.) Njals Bogarsen 22/14, currently tied 5th overall
4.) Eduardo Bedone 9/8, currently tied 5th overall
5.) Jan Kolberg 17/8, currently in 3rd overall
6.) Yann Perrod 13/13, currently in 4th overall 
7.) Matt Boyer, 8/7 currently in 11th overall
8.) Jerome Terlove, 9/5, currently in 23rd overall
9.) Pierre Douton, 18/8, currently in 10th overall
10.) Buck Poirier, 26/9, currently in 12th overall



  1. I am personally getting cooler and cooler about Monza as we see more of him. it is a pity that we do not have Roher a.longside him here, as I think that Roher, even if not as big as Monza, would show better class and balance. For me, Monza is just coming over as too big, but I know that is what lots of fans ar looking for. Pierre Douton is not my favourite, but I reckon he looks pretty good in this shot possibly because he is more relaxed. But, what is happening to his monster meat? Why is it looking so prune-like? Compared with Monza and Douton, all the other guys in this shot are really no in the competition. And what gives with some of the guys we just glimpse? They seem to be wearing posing briefs. Is this not a mandatory nude event?

    How about about another shot of Njals Bogarson? We have only seen him once and he seems to be placing not badly. It would be great to have a totally naked shot of him, which we have not had so far in this series,

  2. Why do some shots attract a large number of comments and some others, this one, for instance, virtually none at all? The same is true of the third shot of Hackelberg, where he is having his cock sucked in his promotional booth. His previous shots, the first we had seen of him, attracted many comments but this third shot, hardly anything at all.
    Is the reason here, that Monza is the only guy in the line up actually posing, so that he, even though not dead centre, is, never less, the focus of the picture, so that the three other guys, whom we can see properly, become irrelevant. This shot ends up in being just a picture about Monza. What I find very strange is that Pierre Douton has been sidelined and stuck in line with a number of other guys whose physiques do not begin to compare either with his or Monza’s. So Douton drones on about being there not to compete to win but to show us all an example (him) of male perfection. Well, all I can say to that is rubbish. Of course Douton with his enormous ego was there to compete, but how he allowed himself to be relegated to the ranks escapes me. To be fair to him though, he looks, to my mind, really very good in a totally relaxed pose – if one can call it a pose, as he is just standing there. I wonder, though what he has done to his fuckstick as, monumental though it is, it is looking a bit worse for wear in this picture of him. As Jason says above, it does look a bit prune like with its shrivelled quality.
    Finally, being hypercritical of what we are now being shown, I think that it is a mistake to mix the big guys with other contestants who are not in the same league. I do not see the relevance of this approach. Also, I think, as several others have remarked elsewhere, what we really need are shots of the three ‘biggies’, Monza, Kolberg and Roher, together on stage so that we can really compare them against each other. I get the impression that this present series is turning into a ‘Monza-Fest’ So let’s see him together with the others. Kolberg has been given scant attention and Njals Bogarson even less, as Jason says above..
    Anyone else have views on all this?

    1. I do agree with your comments on Pierre Douton, Cockwatcher. He does have a magnificent body, and looks absolutely terrific here, especially lined up with the other guys who are not in the same league. In fact, truth to tell, I prefer to look at Douton's body here, rather than at the heavily striated look which Monza shows here. I do not like (to use a very approriate word introduced by another writer into these comments some time ago) the corrugated look of Monza's pecs at all. I do not find it attractive.

      I cannot understand how a guy like Douton, with his experience and ego has allowed himself to be sidelined like this. Do you suppose it has anything to do with his cock, which although massive, does look a bit peculiar in this picture of him.. Its a strange business, isn't it?

  3. I am disappointed with Douton and surprised for all the wrong reasons. I figured lack of success would be from a change in his notorious SPH use, but he's still cumming quite a bit. So, what's with the sudden loss of timing? He was doing so well just a few weeks/months ago I thought surely he had figured out his strategy for winning. WTF, dude?

    Just have to echo the other guys here. Douton does have a rockin' body in this shot. Even semi-hard, you know he's gonna ruin your ass good.

    Still, I am loving Monza's performance this year. Guy's so prolific we're having trouble keeping up with him in the release room. Having to keep at least 2 pro NBAs on standby for him. Can't wait for the final judging, when competitors really let go!


    1. The most disturbing thing about Douton in this pic is his cock. What on earth has happened to it? Is its present state related to the SPH he used, whatever that is?. His body looks absolutely fine, as good as ever as far as I can see, but that cock!!! i would be worried about it, if i were he.

    2. That's the thing about Douton. He always plays his own game. And sometimes fans are disappointed. I am equally frustrated, but have been a Douton fan long enough to know not to question your superior alpha males, and he does only what he wants when he wants. It is just part of the thrill of being a Douton fan!

    3. The Monza Monster continues to dominate.