The youngest pros and the top Junior amateurs take a post-contest victory shot: Yann Perrod (far left) gives his best showing
in the pros, landing a contentious yet deserved 3rd pace.  Carlo Emanti (second from left) lands his first 1st-place win of the
preliminaries in the Teen Amateur class.  JK Roher (second from right) brings in another 1st place preliminary win,
zooming ahead of Carlos Monza numerically.  Fred Gabon from Kenya (right) took the top Junior Collegiate amateur prize.

There is something uniquely exciting about a young muscled stud who wants to wave his monster dick in your face and show off his thick muscle.  While the seasoned, perpetually-horny, ultra-male veterans are always the main attraction, the enthusiastic arrogance of a young muscled bodybuilder will always inspire fans into rock-hard cocks of approval.

In the Fifth Preliminary Round at the IFNB Mr. Alpha it was two o the youngest pros who dominated the field.  JK Roher, the current defending Mr. Alpha, took the stage in an obsessively horny state that was simultaneously inspiring and frightening.  Thick, full muscle was well matched to his tree-log of a cock, which seemed to be as over-stimulated as any real man can hope to be.  Splattering judges, audience and fellow-competitors alike with 18 juicy loads, the champ was able to hold perfect flex-peak timing for 16 of them, which mimics his stunning performances of last year which won him the top prize.

While still an amateur, JK Roher had a rival of teenage monster-cock sensation, young Yann Perrod.  The two rivals captivated fans for two years, with Roher always in front yet Perrod desperately trying to flex and squirt his horny teenage loads like a real and gain pro status.  While Roher went pro first, Perrod gained his pro status on a "technical grant," making him the youngest professional naked bodybuilder in IFNB history.  Yet many consider a teenager unprepared for the man-sporty of muscle and cock, and Perrod has struggled to retain any advantage against veterans in the pro ranks.  That is, until this round, which many consider the young boy's best pro outing to date.  The young hopeful blew a glorious 17 loads – a personal contest record – and controlled a stunning 15 of them.  Perrod has always played the cock game, and was spotted early as an amateur for having remarkable stimulation from his own muscle, and thus a natural for flex-and-cum timing.  His full, thick muscle and aggressively horny flex show earned him 3rd place – sending his long-time fans into paroxysms of celebration!

In the teen amateur class of the Jr. Alpha, the arrogant stud Jeremy Ducet has dominated consistently, yet this night his biggest rival – Carlo Emanti – took home the first place prize with a thickly muscled body beyond his years. His horny muscle cock spewed 5 juicy loads, all perfectly timed, which for an amateur teen is quite a competitive feat.  Looks like Ducet and Hackelberg may have to fight harder to take down this marvel of amateur muscle cock sports!

The Pro Standings so far in the prelims now shift dramatically:
1.) JK Roher 18/16, currently in 1st overall
2.) Carlos Monza 14/13, currently 2nd overall
3.) Yann Perrod 17/15, currently in 4th overall
4.) Jan Kolberg 22/16, currently tied for 3rd overall
5.) Eduardo Bedone 8/7, currently tied for 3rd overall
6.) Njals Bogarsen 25/13, currently tied 5th overall
7.) Pierre Douton, 19/9, currently tied for 6th overall
8.) Matt Boyer, 8/8 currently tied for 7th overall
9.) Buck Poirier, 27/10, currently in 9th overall
10.) Jerome Terlove, 9/5, currently in 13th overall



  1. An interesting mixed bag comparing apples with oranges yet again! This is not a marvellous shot technically, but, that having been said, I would not have recognised Perrod without the accompanying comments. I think that Roher looks dreadful the way the photographer has captured him – really a rotten shot – and if I were he, would be very annoyed as it does not do him justice. (Will someone please tell him to get rid of that stupid little beard!!) The African guy suffers from a cock which is way too big for his physique, which, come on guys, is pretty ordinary, in fact so ordinary, that one wonders why he is in the competition at all. Why do these African contenders appear so often on stag with their cock soft? I would have thought that it must be embarassing for them to stand there with a soft cock when all the other guys a rock hard.

    So I think that my new protégée, Carlo Emanti shines out. I think this miserable shot shows nevertheless what a magnificently proportioned stud Emanti is. OK, he is not as big as either Perrod or Roher, but he is what he is and he has made the very best of his natural self. Just please look at him compared against Roher and Perrod. He is absolute perfection in my eyes. Everything about him is perfectly proportioned and this shot also shows us just how perfect his balls (nice and tight to his body) and cock sit harmoniously together. Of course his solo pose in Expo 29, shows off his exceptional cock to perfection, but this present shot is better on the combination cock and balls. In my eyes, he even has perfect thighs, as he has succeeded in developing them, without the overlaid muscle look, which everyone except me seems to like.
    No, I am not getting paid to promote Emanti! I am just stating what I think. For me he should place first in his class. He is quite exceptional!

  2. I thought I would put in this general observation here, in an up to date picture, but, as an ardent observer of man-meat, I am beginning to wonder about the ability of our African friends to ‘hold up their ends’, so to speak. This guy Fred Gabon from Kenya, typifies what I want to comment on. He has a massive cock by any standards, but why is it soft when all the other guys are hard? But he is by no means alone in this. In expo 25 and 28 we have examples of African contenders, each with huge cocks, but without any sign of what I can but describe as life. They all looks as though they could do with a dose of Viagra! I would have thought that the Africans might have been embarrassed in not holding an erection when their co-competitors were all rock hard.
    But it goes back still further, if we move to the Pan Africa, where there were lots of Africans with enormous cocks, and I do mean enormous, which are, for the most part, soft. And this goes also for that iconic pair, the Ballos, uncle and nephew. In the one truly amazing pose of these two guys, they are showing of their truly world beating meat, but again it is soft. Even Pierre Douton in Expo 24, with his huge fuck-stick, has not managed to raise it to the horizontal when Monza is shooting cum across the assembled group. It is not so soft as in the general run of thongs, butt I am beginning to ask myself what is going on with these guys. Anybody got any ideas? Also, I personally hate the look of these soft overblown pieces of meat. These guys all need an intensive course in cock training, in how to get and hold an erection.

  3. In my above comment about the flaccidity of African man meat, I completely forgot to say, that I think Emanti in the above shot is the star turn, even though he is between two confirmed pros, Perrod and Roher. It may well be that this particular shot has caught him in a perfect pose, but there it is:: he looks perfect to me. So we shall have to wait and see who gets the number one slot, Emanti or Ducet, or will there be something totally unexpected?

  4. What the hell would the African guy on the right look iike with a hard on? This just as to be one of the biggest cocks ever, but does he ever get it up? Apart from his dick, it is difficult to see what this guy is doing on stage with the other pros, as he clearly does not fit in here.

    In reading the other comments, I do agree with Jason. Emanti shines out as the best of the bunch, even though he is between two giants of the sport and this picture shows just what a perfect physique has - perfectly proportioned body, complemented by a huge cock, Emanti is an up an coming contestant a man to watch..

  5. With his ripped physique and massive horse cock, Fred Gabon looks like a winner. But the real reason he came top in the Junior Collegiate wasn't just his looks and size. He busted loose on stage with his strutting and posing. Busted his nuts too! Fred shot the biggest loads of any competitor in any division. Not only did he spew what seemed like gallons of cum, he juiced fifteen times on stage and nailed twelve of them. Word is that prior to his stage performance Fred was jacked in the prep room by each of the other competitors, who also gave up one or both of their holes to him during the post competition release party. After that homage of respect, Fred showed solidarity with the Junior Collegiates by pulling a train, All that is what what makes Fred Gabon an AlphaFest champ.

    1. I really cannot agree with you when you say that Fred Gabon look like a winner, and AlphaFest champ. Frankly apart from his huge flaccid tool, what the hell does he have, for I don't see much of that 'ripped physique' you mention? For me he is too puny to be on stage at all. But, you are of course, entitled to your view as you clearly see something in Gabon which I do not. Beauty is in the eyes etc. etc. etc!

      You know, just relooking at this pic, the truly,outstanding contestant has to be Carlo Emanti. He looks better in the pose he has struck here than either of the 'stars' Perrod and Roher. I have just given him,another boost in an additional comment on his superb pose in Expo 20. He does not seem to have captured the fans' imagination' judging by the lack of comments.. I think everyone needs to open theri eyes and take a good look at this guy's credentials, Just take a look at his cock. it is a masterpiece of young male meat. it looks as good here as both Perrod's and Roher's tools. Waht Emanti has is proportion and balance: I just love the guy!

    2. Sorry, sorry, I should have said Expo 29 and not Expo 20 in my above comment

    3. Perrod, Emanti and Roher are top quality beef. But for cock and cum development they have to defer to Gabon. And they all want a piece of him. Word is they were pissed that they weren't at the Junior Collegiate release party so they could. Gabon pulled train at the party, which shows how fair minded he can be. Maybe he's too modest and needs more top dog attitude. Privately, Gabon admits that he posed soft for the post competition group photo because he did not want to intimidate the others when they were celebrating, not competing.

    4. All well and good that Gabon has an absolute monster weapon. No one would dispute that.But there is more to the competition than a huge piece of man-meat, What else does Gabon actually have? And if we are told that Gabon posed soft so as not to embarass the other guys in this shot, are we also to believe that the moon is made of green cheese? And, how anonyme of March 3 can say that Gabon looks like a winner, beats me. If Gabon is as great as his supporters claim then we need to see a shot of him with his cock fully erect. That this is bigger than anyone else's I can believe, but what else does he have? Come on, let's see the goods!

    5. We see "the goods" and they are better than good. Yes, the blog needs to post a photo of Gabon's cock in its erect magnificence.

  6. Holy cow! I never really looked at this post before but gabon is fucking huge! Who the hell trains this guy and what enhancers does he use? Seriously where can I get my hands on that kind of gear. I love the look of his muscles and schlang and would love to train to look like that.

    Does anybody know if there is a naked bodybuilding gym in Boston?

    1. There is no designated NB gym in Boston, but you should check out the workout area that's adjacent to the locker room for the nude beach on L Street. There's nice meat on display on the beach -- mostly muscles and soft dicks, but some men sport hard-ons. I've enjoyed feasting my eyes as well as showing off. Also, I've worked out in the gym wearing only a jockstrap, but most men wear shorts. On the plus side, they free ball, and they're shirtless.

    2. The problem facing amateur NBs is that there is practically nowhere (Boston and elsewhere in the US for that matter) where we can strut our stuff outside our training facilities. We amateurs who cannot devote all our time to BB and Cock training as the pros. do, are sort of the Cinderellas of the sport. The pros have their IFNB events around the world, while we have nothing. And let me tell you that lots of us would really enjoy a chance to show off the results of our efforts on stage somewhere.
      I think that we are all fond of looking not only at our own bodies but also at those of other like minded guys and there is a great deal of pleasure on just being naked among a group of big cocked, muscular guys just to chew the fat. Of course if we could get a forum where there was also some action that would be even better, as most of us seem to like the chance to shaft a new hole. Any idea guys? Also remember that we amateur guys all work for a living and that we cannot afford the sort of staff, NBA's, cock trainers etc that the pros do. So, we tend to be Omni-purpose studs who service each other technically and for pleasure. The guy called Kevin who has written occasionally, typifies our situation. He and his buddies are serious about training, but they do not have big bucks, so they make do and mend. At the end of the day, I guess that is what we all do.

    3. Amen, brother,

    4. Hi Anonyme, I know how you feel about the lack of any forum where young amateur NBs can strut their stuff and show off their muscles and cocks as the pros do. But just back track to Expo 20 and read the comments by Mogym. There the guys have set up their own weekly posing event each Friday night and it sounds to be a great success. So all you need is a group of like minded studs and to twist the arms of your local gym owner and you are in business!.

      Also I sense that the attitude to naked body building is changing and the hard core resistance on the part of many gyms to allow guys to work out naked is softening. Just think back a few years when gays were looked on disapprovingly by pretty well everyone who was not themself gay: the attitude today has totally changed and the gay way of life is widely accepted, at least in the US and Europe. I think we shall see the same in gyms, NB will become a normal activity. What i think is that we should not go about matters in a way which offends people. I am not an advocate of strutting around in public naked but if it is done privately then where is the harm. If NBs want to get together and pose and fuck each other, then why not. Just don't force it down the throats of those who do not want to see the action. This blog is a good example. Lots of ujs ust love to follwo it, butI can well see tat many folks might be offended by both pictures and comments. But they do not have to visit the site, for there isi always the warning message to head unsuspecting viewers off.

      So, coming back to Mogym, the lesson there is that God helps those who help themselves. Things just don't happen. They are made to happen, so go to it!

  7. Mogym is a good role model. He owns a gym and took a risk. He turned out successful. Franchises like Gold's and LAFitness, which have pretty much taken over the gym business and put the small owners out of business, probably aren't gonna go the NB route.

    When I was lad growing up in Quincy, MA, a working class town south of Boston, a couple of men who saw me at one of my wrestling meets invited me to join them for workouts. They were amateur power lifters, who had competitions with buddies in the area. One of them had set up his cellar as a gym. He had a mess of free weights and benches. The most I ever seen one dude have. The first time I worked out at his place I busted the crotch of my singlet while doing a squat. That's not uncommon in power lifting, it happens even in competitions. But I wasn't wearing underwear or a jockstrap, so my junk popped out. Of course, being a teen with raging hormones, my dick was hard. The guys were cool. They just said for me to take my singlet off and keep working out. Other times after that, when a guy's shorts got too sweaty, he'd strip them off. Usually by the end of the night, we'd all be naked, 3 or 4, may be 5 or 6, however many had shown up. The guy with the gym in his cellar had a grown son. I say grown, I guess the dude was 22. He did construction. Sometimes he came over. He'd come down the cellar stairs, strip off his work clothes, and work out without a stitch of nuthin on except his work boots. I worked out in that cellar for three years, but since I went away to college I haven't been back. I miss those guys. They helped me out alot.

    1. Hey, Ano, Tell us about sex in the cellar. Did the power lifters abuse your virgin holes with their beefy man hammers?

    2. Sex wasn’t as common in the cellar as you might think.

      I did get a blowjob after my second work out there. Steve gave it to me. He asked me to stay to spot him for an extra set of bench presses after his buddies left. We weren’t even naked, just free balling in shorts. I spotted Steve first; then, he got off the bench so I could do reps. He reset the barbell with my press weight and handed it off to me. But instead of staying back of my head, he came around to the foot of the bench, stooped down, and put his face in my crotch. He rubbed his face in my sweaty shorts and bit them. He struggled, but he managed to get my shorts down to my thighs, pulling them with his teeth. My dick was maxed for hardness. Steve put his mouth on it and took it all.

      I was scared shitless. I didn’t know what to do, so I pressed the barbell up. I did 12 reps, 4 more than my usual 8, but 8 was when I started cumming, and between cumming and pressing I had to keep on doing both. By the time I pumped the last of my jizz into his mouth, my arms and even my legs were shaking. Steve came around behind the bench, took the barbell out of my hands and placed it on the rack. A gob of cum dangled, then dropped from his piss slit. “Ok, let’s get you home,” he said.

      That was the best blowjob I’d ever had. Teenage girls can’t suck for shit. They just want to give you a little lick. Steve sucked me like a man.

      After that, Steve sucked me off pretty often. He always showed his desire by stripping off his shorts, then getting half-hard, then soft, hard, soft, like that. Maybe he’d chuff a full stiffy for a half minute. I guess he wanted me – and the other guys – to watch. Those nights, Steve always asked me if I wanted to finish my workout. “Do you want to finish your workout?” That meant I’d get a blowjob before my ride home.

    3. Frankly you have my deepest sympathy. You sound to have had some truly depressing experiences. But, I guess a cellar is a really dismal environment to indulge in any form of activity., sex included. Gay sex can be a lot better than what you describe and I am nbot sure that the type of experiences you have had are what wewe want to hear aboutonn this blog. As one presidential candidate once said, " We are better than that!"

  8. Coming back after several weeks to this posting, and being a fan of Emanti, I havee to say that I think he is the best of this line up. he has the perfect physique and cock, as I said recently in my apprecation of him and Bedone, Together, they are for me the stars of the present competitors. just look at Emanit's cock, up at 45 degrees and cumming with the best of them. Just think he more than holds his own in this picture with two acknowledged stars, Perrod and Roher. OK, so he is a bot shorter thatn them, but what the hell he is phenomenal.