One of the most popular megaweights on he pro naked bodybuilding circuit, Ian Kolberg is a freak of muscle and astounding 
cum production.  He plans on dominating the Mr. Alpha in hopes of being the first ever megaweight class overall winner.

The thick bulging muscle and dangerously oversized cocks of the IFNB megaweight classes have always been a high point for fans of the sex-driven muscle freak image that all men regard as the unverasally superior ultimate male aesthetic. However, it is rare that the aggressive bulls of the megaweight class win contests.  

The lack of overall wins among megaweights simply because of what a man must do to become a megaweight: to swell muscle to above 270 lbs and develop a cock so oversized and with a perpetual production of sperm means undergoing years of intense experimental chemical enhancements.  And such enhancements have side effects; specifically changing the very physiology of the body to turn a man into a cock and muscle crazed monster.  While this is an amazing result that we all adore, it meanwhile sometimes causes a deficit in the refined posing and cum control true naked bodybuilding champions possess.

Well, enter pro megaweight Ian Kolberg.  The self-worshipping "Dong from Denmark" changed the game at the 2012 when he took the overall at the IFNB BruteFucker Invitational with an astounding display of monster cockm, monster muscle, multiple loads and incredible control.  In 2013 Kolberg won the much more challenging win at the 2013 Freak Show, and this year stole the overall at IFNB BruteFucker Euro, The IFNB MuscleGod Australia, as well as placing 2nd in the 2014 Dick Show and breaking top ten in last year's Mr. Alpha.  Many of his fans thought the only reason Kolberg did not do better at the 2014 Alpha was a mid-contest change in his cock coaching, which seemed to disrupt his power.  

However, Kolberg is a real man, and being a man will never admit he made a mistake; he is right simply because he is superior.  And his rack record seems to back that, affirming all us fans that muscle, huge cock, ego and power is the ultimate male quest.  And this year at the Mr. A Kolberg plans to continue redefining the megaweights singlehandedly.  His cock has a devoted coaching team led by the team of Kolberg's long-term cock coach Peter Bradt and equally famous pro cock coach Vic "Suck" Saccoro.

Fans will recognize both Bradt and Saccoro as the two main coaches that helped bring Kolberg so high in the ranks.  Bradt coached Kolberg for 7 years and then was fired suddenly and replaced with Vick Suck at last year's alpha.  While Saccoro's methods definitely worked, the two coaches have differing approaches.  The fact that Kolberg hired Bradt back into his prep team is surprising, and many worry that the two coaches may not see eye to eye in bringing this perfect muscle cock the victory he's gunning for.  

"I have given up eight years of my life happily devoted to the pleasure of what I consider the greatest dick of all time," Bradt told us.  "Pleasing that muscle cock with no reciprocation and pushing it towards better and better performance is the life I love.  So I will work with Saccoro because I believe Kolberg's pleasure comes first, but I do not know if Saccoro has as reliable methods as those that I use."

Is Kolberg worried about dissension in his ranks?  Of course not.  "I have no time to men who do not live to worship my muscle perfection and devote their attention to my perfect dick," he told us.  "I am the perfect male, and so do not need to worry about other people's feelings, so long as I am pleased and so long as I win.  This is all I watch in my coaches; if they do what they are supposed to do as I instruct them and I win, then they continue the privilege of being able to work with my cock towards victory."



  1. Kolberg is an amazing monument of a man. No one has greater muscles and a fatter, studlier cock than he! But as a serious contender for the Mr. Alpha...no. He has yet to display ANY cock control on the big stage. He will go up there, he will look impressive...and then he will uncontrollably spray HOT MAN JUICE all over the stage and judges.

    1. AWESOME feedback, man. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO DEBATE THE ACTUAL SPORT instead of just whine about what they like and don't like personally.

      GREAT insight, man. But I gotta disagree a little. Do I think he will take the Mr. A this year? No. But do I think he has what it takes? YES!

      You're right he takes he stage WAY too horny to manage the monster dick he contends with. The thing is so fucking perfect but the price of a dong that awesome is it takes years to control! Holberg has definitely shown he can control it, but his control isn't consistent enough.

      I personally think he could be a serious Mr. Alpha contender. In 2013 he as leading the pack a lot, and if he has made improvements (which it looks like he has) we could see a killer Kolberg this year.

      While I don't think he has this year, I also think it would be fucking AWESOME if he surprised us with a Mr. A win. Can you imagine Kolberg taking the whole show? He competes as a megaweight, so he would have to be SOOO on his flexing and cumming game! He would have to be mesmerized by his own biceps, pecs and lats to time his ever-ready-to-spew muscle dong on command. It would be a show to see! Wo even though I don;t think he will take it, I think the idea of HOW he would have to compete if he DID take it is awesome to imagine.

      The bottom line is I still think Roher is a shade better than Kolberg anyway, when it comes to overall package. As long as Rohger is tin there, Kolberg's game has to be that much stronger to take a title like the A.

    2. I agree, RealBBer, by all appearances, Kolberg has been training like a madman since 2013, with jaw dropping results. ( Or jaw-breaking, lol!) Seeing on point megaweight action is my naked bodybuilding wet dream! It may sound crazy, but I wouldn't count the big boys out just yet.

      Don't forget the success stories from back in the days before the IFNB, when naked bodybuilding was still taking shape. The 270+ lb Alphas of the 60's and 70's gave megaweights the pseudo-cult following they have today. Flexing their glistening muscles in perfect time with their orgasms and brandishing veritable third legs to launch their loads into the crowd, it's little wonder they cleaned house, across competitions. And unless I am mistaken Aethon Ouroborus still holds the record for the greatest number of wins from back in the days of the Maîtres de la Masculinité. The rules may have been a little different, but the essence of the competition is still the same. So, I could totally see an experienced competitor like Kolberg placing if not winning overall.

    3. Just to take you to task, RealBBr,, with your remark where you say:-‘FINALLY SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO DEBATE THE ACTUAL SPORT instead of just whine about what they like and don't like personally.” You should be thankful that there are contributors like Cockwatcher and me, who , even though we do not necessarily ‘debate the sport’, as you put it, do comment on the blog and without which, the comments section would often look pretty bare. If you feel you want change things, then why not comment more often than you do. Donovan gives us the low down on what he knows about the competitors, many of whom he seems to know personally and with many of whom he appears to have had ‘close contact’ about which he is never shy to divulge the details. In fact, I myself never cease to be amazed by the number of studs whose cocks he seems to manage to service, for he seems to be here, there and everywhere where cum is being shot. Our comments are not in fact ‘whines’ as you put it, but just our views on the pictures as we see them, for this is the only source of information we, as outsiders, have about the competitors. In my own case, I also have no great historic perspective about the blog as I came to it only in early 2014.
      You know, all too often I feel a lot of you guys are on a diet of Harris Tweed sandwiches and sliced raw lemons, which help you keep your ' prickly sourness’ index up. And I am not addressing just you, but others, who, if one says something they do not agree with, have no hesitation in using abusive language, and telling us we do not know what we are talking about. At the end of the day, if you review the comments section over the past few months, you will see that without comments by Cockwatcher and me, things would in many cases, have looked pretty meagre. And this goes for some really super shots, which, apart from Cockwatcher’s and my own contributions, received few comments from anyone else.
      Take Pan Africa 25, for instance, which was a unique shot of two absolutely extraordinary guys. Apart from CW and me, there was one other comment , whereas I thought that this shot would have generated much discussion. And again, in PA20, another unique shot of four middle weight guys all of incredibly well balanced physiques, uniquely posed and all four with superb man- meat, there were 6 comments in all, of which CW and I contributed three, one anonymous commentator made some good points and the rest was piffle. We could not make the type of observations you would obviously like us to have made, about how many flexes and cum shots the guys made and how they fucked their release NBAs’ arses to death etc. etc. etc., as we do not have any knowledge of what they did: we have the picture, and nothing more – get it???
      And at the end of the year, in PA 26, I thought it was interesting to make a review of what I thought were some of the highlights of the year, which was extremely rich, especially in the Asian and African contests. Well, in such a review, done by one person, then you can only expect to hear what the writer himself thinks. And if you make a review of the comments made in PA 26, then without my own major contribution and one good piece by Cockwatcher, it would have been pretty slim pickings, even though we were looking at three of the heaviest weight, biggest cock competitors, of the year, including the much admired Pierre Douton. But because I criticised Douton I was told, rudely I might add, by two anonymous one sentence contributors, more or less to piss off! Well I still continue, as I enjoy the blog, I enjoy writing, and I also like to comment on what I see. Neither Cockwatcher nor I whine. We just express our views and I shall continue to do so, as I hope will Cockwatcher too.
      If I was as rude as some of my critics are, then I would tell them to stuff their he ads up a part of their anatomy, which politeness forbids me to name, but as I am not intrinsically a rude or vulgar person, I shall refrain from even thinking of making such a suggestion.

    4. Donovan, thanks for that perspective! Hearing discussion of the focus of the sport is what this blog wast started on so many years ago and we're lucky to have an alpha NBA in the mix!

      I am very familiar with a lot o the history of the IFNB, but you're right that it is easy to forget the early days. The IFNB has been working in some form, since the late 40's, but under different names and organizations. The IFNB we know, with it's current judging and authority on what makes the ultimate alpha male, really only emerged in the 80's. And like you said, during the 50's, 60's and 70's the variations on the sport produced some incredible records and competitors regardless of not being "sanctioned IFNB standards."

      The minute you mentioned Aethon Ouroborus, my cock jumped! What a great classic naked muscle competitor that we origin in the thrill of the contemporary stud line up! I am not sure of the official stats, but yes, I think he is considered a record holder of some sorts for his cum flexing skills. What a classic!

      People or get Ouroboros was REALLY big, too! A 6'3" bull, his ability to get as massive as he did at a time when chem enhancing was barely in it's infancy and nowhere near the sophistication today's competitors have access to! He was truly a naturally gifted as a REAL MAN who understood massive size ALWAYS trumps sleek form in the game of competitive alpha image.

      I would say that Ouroboros – along with other classics – could be considered one of the fathers of the megaweight class! We forget, too, that the megaweight class was added in the mid-90s (under the controversy so typical of changes in the IFNB), but has grown to a respectable and favorite class among fans and competitors. But prior to that, there were shining studs like Ouroboros who pushed the limits of massive muscle, cock, and intense breeding ability of a man!

      When you said Maîtres de la Masculinité, I smiled (and again felt my hard cock ooze with appreciative pre cum). Was a shame that that little league – which was as much or more a performance as a competition – and so many others like it gradually disappeared. While the IFNB is the best standard for the naked bodybuilding sport, the variations from the earlier days were often uniquely remarkable because of the variations they could allow. I remember in the 70s the early IFNB even ran a contest called "Masters of Masculinity" as a connection to the Maîtres de la Masculinité tradition.

      There's always talk that the IFNB will make a new Masters of Masculinity competition in the pro circuit, including an exhibition of the old time tradition o the massive competitors actually SPEAKING while flexing and shooting, to "show their prowess as gentlemen epitomizing all things truly of the ilk of man." Haha. That old time rhetoric still gets a cock revved! I wish they would do at least a pro exhibition in the tradition o the Masters of Masculinity old time style, even i it wouldn't work under current judging standards and procedures.

      GREAT stuff Donovan, as always!!!

  2. If you want sheer raw muscle and an unbelievable cock, then this man is for you. If I have to make a criticism of Kohlberg’s physique, it is simply that he has so overdeveloped his upper body and pectoral muscles, that his traps and head do not look as though they belong to the same body. Just look at the picture closely and you will see that his head and traps look as though they are standing behind the torso. They just do not seem massive enough to belong to what is directly beneath them. Now, I have made this same comment several times in the past about others, including, quite recently Pierre Douton, But as I see it, the reason J.K. Roher is the perfect male, is that the avoids precisely these imbalances. This having been said, our friend Kohlberg is a magnificent stud and I should think that his monster cock strikes fears into the NBAs

    1. It's true, Jason, most NBAs clear the room when the likes of Kolberg enter the prep and release rooms. Impressively massive tools like his require equally impressive durability and sphincter strength to service. That is, if the would be bitch plans to walk after the encounter.

    2. I might also add that judging from the photo here, Kolberg has balls held tight and close to his cock something I really like, as it enables the owner to slam his meat really hard into any target arsehole and to ensure that he really bottoms it, with his balls battering his target' arse. It must be an exciting experience to feel that mega-meat pounding your arse but as you say, Donovan, what shape is the recipient in after Kolberg has finished with him. I could see some hospital care needed to repair the damage. But for the onlooker, his man meat is really something else. It would be great to see a shot of kolberg actially in action with his meat inside an NBA. We hear so much about what happens, but never really see much

  3. I can see where the previous comment is coming from. Even experienced megaweights are notorious for inordinate cum volumes with no hint of control. That's to say nothing of their red-blooded arrogance and raw, unbridled power. At this point it should go without saying that I LOVE worshiping megaweight muscle, guzzling their cum and taking their vigorous ass abuse. As for competition performance, I sincerely want to see more high placing megaweights. Looking at the Mr Alpha '15 rosters, there are three or four megaweights I think could pull it off, and Kolberg is one of them. (Although Rundstrom and Volkov could give him a run for his money)

    His mind-lowing dimensions aside, Kolberg has a crack training team keeping him at peak performance. Their laundry list of awards speaks for itself. He also has the attitude of a winner, supplanting a lot of arrogance for assurance of his place in the world. He just calls it like he sees it. And who could argue? The judges? Besides, Kolberg is has more experience under his belt (or lack thereof) than he did in 2013. I'm sure we'll be wowed with both his performance AND his scores.

    1. Just let me ask you one question, Donovan, as a guy who regularly takes contestant cocks up his own arse, would you like to 'release" to use the proper expression, Kolberg as he steps down from the stage?. My God, it must take a brave man to allow himself to be shafted by such a monster cock. How many holes has he reamed to death in his career, I wonder? But he looks absolutlely terrific and in this pose, someone really ought to take an impression of his tool and balls and have it cast in bronze, to remind us all of what a great cock looks like on top form..In fact, the IFNB could take up this idea and make a practice of casting in bronze the great cocks of the moment and put them on show somehwere, to remind us all of what can be achieved if you put your mind - and several other guys' arseholes - to it. This is not a novel idea, as you can already buy mail order replicas of many of the leading porn stars dicks to stand on your desk, and let's face it, none of these guys measure up to the IFNB brigade. Think about it IFNB,

    2. I read your post, Donovan, and stroked HARD as I took it in (that being, o course, the real man's form of "applause" or another man's legit prowess). It really made me think that this sort of analysis is why us fans love the megaweights so much: they are a class you can ALWAYS debate and analyze.

      Not to mention the thick mind blowing muscle ALWAYS gets men revved!!

      I REALLY like how you said Kolberg's attitude is merited, and not idle arrogance. Yes, of course he is arrogant, but looking at him I think we all agree to the fact that it is justified 100% unquestioningly. And you re right: it is that sort of self belief and awareness of physical and sexual superiority that can give a competitor the clear headed approach to take a title as challenging as the Mr. A. Looking strictly at "game", Kolberg's self-worshipping, self-centered, self-obsessed demand for more muscle, more cock and more cum is EXACTLY the recipe for a REAL man to take a win here.

      Kolberg has the game, regardless of the body, which is an edge not all megaweights have. And as Kolberg also has the body and near-erect dangerous fuck pole, you are right that he has the "recipe" for a Mr. A win.

      However like you said, many megaweights have that recipe, but it doesn't always pan out against the talent o lighter classes. Petr Rundstrom is also a competitor that many see as having the recipe, taking the stage at 291 and a sock WELL over a foot in length that seems always threatening to spew hot cum at every movement. So where is he in the top ten mixes? Consistency is key in the multiple-tier competitions of the game, and the mega often flag on that consistency, even thought they deliver one-time thrills that blow the mind! (By the way, I disagree that Volkov could stand a chance. Yes he is one of the biggest men in ANY competition, but suffers too much rom "cockbrain" – when a competitor has undergone so many years o so many chem enhancements that they become little more than muscled, flexing, fucking animals who have little more ability to think beyond flexing, fucking and cumming. Volkov may be a perfect poser of all that beef and cock, but I doubt he could take down the best names in the game for a Mr. A level win.)

      In the end, I agree, a megaweight win would be a HUIGE historic and fan victory! In my heart I want to see Roher repeat his victory, but in my groin I would beg for a megaweight to hold the Mr. A trophy!

  4. I've actually released Kolberg before, back in 2013, and I'm pretty well known for slutting my ass to monster-hung megaweights. When I spend too much time working with Alphas smaller than myself, I get overly aggressive and tempted to assert my own dominance. Megaweights keep fuck-meat like me in check. There comes a time when professional naked bodybuilding assistants needed the domination, aggression, and challenge of that level of athlete.
    See, guys who train like me, who embrace the same enhancing regimen Alphas do, put lots of work into developing a strong, durable muscle hole, for Alphas to fuck. We use our own extreme strength to milk the Alpha's peerless dick to orgasm. After he stretches us to ruination and empties a brutal load, we take time to recover, getting virgin-tight before our next release. It's actually quite a feat, and if you do it well you can earn the very unofficial status of "beta" amongst industry insiders.

    As for casting dominant Alpha dong's, it's already been done. Although, the only "monument" I know of is on Kolbergs estate, where his manhood is routinely re-immortalized as he makes significant gains. From what I hear, it allows his cock to receive worship without making him waste time on lesser men.


    1. Thanks for your reply and details of 'how you do it' You really seem to lead an interesting, if brutal, sex life and what I like about you, you are happy to share your experiences with us fans and give us lots of details about whom you have released. Do you have any stats, as to exactly how many different cocks you have taken up your arse since you started as a professional NBA? Keep up the good work as you are really the only person who gives us any idea of what is actually happening off stage.

  5. Wait -- is Jason actually insinuating that he is comments are HELPING the blog? That the long-winded, protracted journal-entries he tries to ass off pass off as comments are IMPORTANT to the survival of the blog?

    I have been coming here for years and usually keep quiet in general. I love the fantasy world this blog has created over the years, like thousands (literally) of men do. Imagining this hyper-masculine world of brutes and muscled arrogance is a hot and brilliant creation. And it survives quite well on it's own – and has for years – regardless of what goes on among the comments – even when the comments section is "bare" as you put it. So please don't kid yourself into thinking your snore-indiucinf personal opinion essays are "important' to the survival to this blog.

    The best comment threads over the years play out like extensions of this creative world of the INB. They adhere to themes, tones of voice and ideas that would readily coexist as extensions of the fantasy – not as alternatives to it. When there are few comments, it doesn't detract from the story lines. It's just a coincidence. Few comments is NOT a threat to the survival of the blog, nor a deterrent from the story lines. Bare comment threads are just simply coincidences. The blog needs no help.

    Jason, with respect, I saw you arrive and it seems like you use this bog as your own personal online journal. Even your "stories" (which I found dry, to be rank) don't compel the fantasy themes of the IFNB directly, but again just dissipate the sexy concentration of ideas that the creator(s) establish. The blog already has a clearly established theme and mythology about it's world, and has held it true and expanded it competently for years before you burst on the scene to clog the comment sections with your personal writing. It really comes across like you only marginally play along with the themes, tone and mythology we all love here, and you rarely contribute directly to building of this fantasy realm. Instead, you use it as a platform for promoting your personal; you too often write very long describing exactly what it is YOU like most, and how the characters and situations within the fantasy realm of the IFNB fall short of your tastes.

    it's not even the length that is the problem. It is your detraction from the established fantasy themes. I know I am not alone in voicing this – but you rarely take it to heart it seems.

    Then you have the balls to claim your tastes are an important contribution.

    Your posts I skim for their monotonous tone, UNSEXY language and even unsexier repetition. Rarely do they expand upon THIS fantasy world, but really just make this about you and your preferences and tastes. I usually remain silent, but every time I see someone telling you to shorten it down or stay closer to themes theme of the fantasy, you react as if you are being socially oppressed. You are often an interrupter to the themes and storylines of this blog.

    This is a niche fantasy world – VERY NICHE. When I see dudes like Donovan and RealBBer make criticism, they are PLAYING ALONG with the tone and voice of this niche fantasy. Your own comments often place screeching breaks on the thematic feel of the blog. So to puff up your chest and declare your comments as helpful tot he blog is a bit far fetched.

    The length and preposterous tones of your writing already framed you like a pompous twit in my eyes (and others who meet up elsewhere to discuss the HOT content of this blog), but this recent claim that "if it wasn't for your comments..." takes the cake.

    You're not with the program. You're just not.

    1. To use one of your words, you, sir, are a VENOMOUS DESTRUCTIVE TWIT. If you want to write extensive criticisms of my comments then do so under a pen name, so that we all know who the hell we are dealing with. Let me suggest VENOM or HEMLOCK as suiting you. Why don’t you cite PRECISELY the CONSTRUCTIVE comments YOU have made to the blog in the last year. I suspect it will make short reading. Anyway, not everyone thinks like you.

      Take a look at Pan Asia 26, starting with the comments of Donovan on 20/7/2014 and look at these excerpts below: there are lots of others.

      Do go on banging your head against a brick wall until such time as you realise that it is just another way of pissing into the wind. And when you have had enough, then stick your head in a place I , out of politeness, will refrain from naming.

      You are very prolific! The editors LOVE that you are so remarkably dedicated and write SO much inspired by our characters and our world!
      However, the amount of sheer space you consume has turned our comments section into a very overburdened place. Often discussions of other fans get lost in a sea of scrolling, and many fans have begun losing interest in commenting.
      But we do not want you to stop! In fact, quite the opposite: WE WOULD LIKE TO FEATURE YOUR WORK! We would like to post your tales as unique posts – and maybe even offer picture coverage for some of the events you describe!

      9/29/2014 FAN REPORT: FROM THE DESK OF JASON, POST 1 Fan Reporter Jason gives us another installation in his series covering the personal lives of naked bodybuilders
      One of the biggest fans over the past year has been Jason. Jason has been known for (good naturedly) clogging our comment threads with riveting stories of muscle studs in action. With such constant submissions, we figured that it was better to keep the comment threads a tad cleaner and offer this amazing fan some clear space to share his tales.

      • calhoun6 septembre 2014 05:36
      Great stories, Jason! Thanks a lot.
      calhoun10 septembre 2014 06:15
      Fantastic stories, Jason! I especially like the descriptions of offstage action, because we don't get much of that in the blog. Thanks so much!