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Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

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Former pro naked bodybilder assistant and now pro naked bodybuilder Eduardo Bedone was a popular face at one of the 
private nude muscle receptions sponsored by AssBred Muscle Systems, Inc., looking sharp with yet another new hairstyle.
  Eduardo was recently signed on to AssBred as a spokesperson for their online training consulting.  

Most fans know the arm-girth cock of reigning Mr. Alpha JK Roher is one of the most intimidating fuck tools for any naked bodybuilding assistant to get bred by.  Roher regularly causes NBAs to pass out and need replacing, and only the well-used, fuck-ruined holes of veteran NBAs can be provided for the superstar to prep his cock for the stage.  So you can imagine the surprise at the first night nude muscle reception when pro naked bodybuilder Eduardo Bedone arrogantly strolled up to Mr. Roher, pulled open his thick, muscular ass, and without asking pushed the minster dick past his sphincter and slid it deep into his muscle hole – all without the slightest hesitation!

Bedone is a legend in the sport for being a career NBA who became a pro naked bodybuilder.  So much of his gains came from years of receiving the enhanced cumloads of pro cock, which causes insane muscle growth far beyond any known steroids!  Bedone's ass was one of the top in the NBA ranks, able to take ruthless poundings from even the most unreasonable muscle fuckers – including Roher back when he was still coming up in the ranks.

When the playful Bedone had Roher mounted, obviously the megastud wasted no time brutally pounding the cocky ass slut.  Bene amused the other competitors with arrogant lat flares and biceps poses while his body was shaken by the angry fucking power of Roher.  Finally, Roher bred the hole with a huge bellow, and the enhanced cumload caused a visible muscle swell in the still calm Bedone.  

Bedone slid off the cock and showed how professional he was by dropping rapidly to his knees to suck the ass-flavored mega cock and get every last potent drop of super-cum into his greedy system.  Squeezing his swollen pecs as the testosterone-increasing load entered his system, Bedone once again proved the power of enhanced muscle cum to he crowd of laughing nude muscle beasts.  



  1. Bedone is a good friend of mine, and was my mentor for a number of years. He taught me how to be an aggressive cum-hungry, cock dominating machine. That's to say nothing of his own muscle and cock prowess. He's WAY bigger than the last time I saw him. And his draining of Roher's balls may have been more shrewd and less spontaneous than it seemed.

    While playful and even inspiring, Eduardo's performance was not just a show of his insatiable lust for cum. From where I was standing, Roher was more than a little winded by the encounter, being well and truly drained. Ed may have been trying to psych him out and start sapping his energy ahead of what is an intense competition. It's doubtful Roher would expect that level of virility from someone he wrote off as a fuck-bitch. Can't wait to see how all this unfolds!


    1. Also a huge Bedone fan, here, man! That guy is a legend – and proof that the backstage fuckholes of he sport gain a HUGE perk by allowing themselves to be the objectified ass-fuck ragdolls of the true men of the sport.

      Redone DOES look WAY bigger than last year, and I like that he keeps ascending the ranks. Could we one day see a formerNBA turn Mr, Alpha? While that is not anywhere in the foreseeable future, if it did happen a man like Bedone would be the one to do it! He not only knows cock, he knows the sport and loves it!

      And I agree that I love his playful side. So many years of being treated like fuck trash have helped him not give a darn about maintaining some sort of image, a nd so opens him up to the wild antics and fun play he is known for!

      Great stuff!

    2. Donovan I LOVE LOVE LOVE your own blog! PLEASE KEEP IT UP! I hope you post more - especially your supplements (AWESOME!!)! And also hope to hear more about your backstage work here at the Alpha!


    3. Where is your blog, Donovan, Can you give us the address?

    4. It's great seeing Bedone do what he does best - as Donovan notes, he's found a way to dominate Alphas not through dominance posturing, but by showing that he can use his ass as a way to turn that posturing around and control the beasts who would dominate by showing his mastery of their alpha cum sticks. It's a bit of a gimmick, but still great that he's found his niche.

  2. A nice looking stud, with a super cock, but he suffers , to my mind, yet again from the overdeveloped thigh syndrome. Just look at his right leg which is very visible in this picture and you will see what I mean. That huge muscle looks as though it has been imported from somewhere else and stuck on the leg. But Bedone does not suffer from the other great fault of the very muscular, which is that of an upper body too overdeveloped for the head and shoulders it supports. Bedone’s upper body is perfect. As for his cock and ball, they are terrific and what a knob he has. But you can see why looking at the studs we have been shown so far in 2015,why J.K. Roher is the top guy. He is perfect whilst all the others have flaws.

    1. You are dead right, Jason, in fact Bedone doe not hold a candle to Roher. Bedone is also a great looker, bu the just lacks that something which Roher has to put him into the star quality top spot. It is the same in all walks of life. There are many who would like to be, but there is only,one place at the top.

    2. Just a brief observation, but Bedone does not seem to have captured the fans' imagination as there are few comments beyond Donovan and RealBBer. Is this any indication of his ranking in the minds of the fans, compared to Kolberg, Roher , Monza etc? I just wonder. he does not really do it for me, but DP and RBB seem to rate him. More comments ???

    3. Jason is right, Bedone is not getting much attention. Come on Bench, give us your views, as you always seem to be able to comment in depth when you write anthything. Why is Bedone gettting relatively little attention? There has been much more ink spilt recently on much lesser guys. Why is it?

  3. I hope we see Bedone's training buddy Matt Boyer at this year's Alpha. I know he is reaching Masters age, but I'm still a big fan and hope he shows his big perfect cock to the upstarts at the Junior division.

  4. Ass-flavored cock is the best!!!