Reigning Mr. Alpha JK Roher arrived at the Mr. Alpha with a remarkable entourage of trainers, coaches, private NBAs 
and young competitors he's coached for the Jr. Alpha.  Here he is in his private suite demonstrating how to 
work a monster cock to a 19-year old whose own cock is in heavy training in prep for the contest.

Known globally as the perfect male, 2014 Mr. Alpha JK Roher is back to defend his title.  Since the Mr. A, he has been showered with sponsorship money and become the most sought cock in the world.  But being the youngest Mr. Alpha in IFNB history Roher still likes to inspire horny young muscle studs to strive for the dominant self-image all men recognize as the ultimate state of manhood.  Roher helped coach nine young competitors for this year's Jr. Alpha, and they seem to be among the most promising young muscle cock studs to arrive.  

Roher loves flexing and shooting on his clients to motivate and inspire them, and you can always tell a Roher client by the drools of cum on their pecs and chin.  But Roher thinks a real man's cock ought to be thick, horny and intimidating, so he also obsesses over the cocks of the competitors he trains.  Long days and nights of forced milking makes his boys horny and heavy-dicked, leading many to guess that Roher's will be among the best of the teens.

What about Roher himself?  The swaggering mountain of arrogant muscle arrived naked, walking the two blocks from his hotel to the convention center completely nude and rock hard.  While most men would get arrest, his sheer masculine power held people in awe!  The one police officer who did stop him seemed scattered.  Roher merely smiled and squeezed a crab most muscular, causing the policeman to give in and whip out his own cock to jerk himself off in the presence of such a perfect image!  Safe to say Roher will have no problems at this year's event.

Looking solid as every contest, Roher stands a good chance to repeat his win and hold his title.  He brought with him an entourage of trainers, coaches and NBAs that numbered between 22 an 25 total at casual count.  There is no way Roher has anything else on his mind but his own muscle and his own monstrous dick!



  1. As seen in this picture, I have to agree that Roher is the perfect male. He has what few guys achieve, which is perfect balance and equilibrium between all parts of his body. He is muscular, but not overblown and, of course, he has a magnificent cock, which looks terrific here dripping with his cum. But you know, looking back at some of the recent cocks we have seen in the Pan Africa series, I cannot help but think that some of those African guys have better fuck-poles than many Westeners, but perhaps I am quibbling when we look at guys like Roher.,

    However, Iam not sure that Roher should have had his young trainee in the same shot, as this guy is really very puny, and to concentrate on further building up his cock seems overdone. In fact, objectively, Roher could let his trainee's cock alone, as it is really quite big enough for his physique. Just looking at him here, I doubt that he is going to go very far in the sport. Just compare him with young Greg in the previous shot and you will see what I mean. Greg is going somewhere, but this guy - I wonder. His position is made even more pronounced by the fact that he is standing next to a hunk of true physical perfection. I know if I were he, I would feel totally inferior, but perhaps he sees things differently and is proud to pose alongside his mentor.

  2. Just relooking at this photo, I wanted to add a further comment. What the hell is the triainee doing wearing that extraordinary cock ring? Frankly, with his slight figure, the last thing I would have thought he needed was to pull his balls lower, which issurely what this monumental ring is doing, In fact he should be doing just the contrary, for with his figure he needs to pull his ball thight up to bis cock.

    1. DUDE WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT??? That is MR. ALPHA JK ROHER! I think that dude knows WAY more about training competition cock than you, bro. Guaranteed. So why would you even question it? Roher knows muscle and Roher knows cock and I would never argue with a training program he sets up. Check yourself, clockwatcher - that guy is a pro legit.

    2. I kinda have to agree with the anonymous poster, there, Cockwatcher. One thing you have to remember is that this is one picture in a long process of intense cock work and heavy milking of that boy - which means there are lots and lots of varied things that cock goes through. This moment of this picture is just one moment, and s we don't know enough of how it fits into the kid's long-run program to make a call on whether it's the right move.

      Likewise, Roher is one of the best muscle cock trainers in the world on top of being the Mr. A himself. He knows how to pull results out of a horny dick. I am are what we're seeing is based on pure expertise.

      In other words, he might not be trying to stretch his balls as much as put heavy pressure on them to train them. There are many tactics to cock development. We shouldn't question what the pros know better than us.

    3. Anonym and RealBBer, you can both think what you like and tell me that I do not know what I am talking about, but i stick to my contention that our trainee friend here should never have been in this particular scene as apart fromt the ball issue, of which more later, his physique is just so far from fitting into the IFNB scene it is not true. Now, it may well be that Roher is intending to do a ' before and after' deal, to show to us all what a great job he has done, so let's hope that that is his idea, in which case I shall do penance and admit I was wrong. One thing I will give our trainee friend, is that he sure has a great fuck pole, so all he now needs is the body to go with it.

      As far as the cock, or rather ball ring, is concerned, would either of you two like to have that millstone around your own balls?. I know I certainly would not let him clip it on to my crown jewels.

      You should get away from the idea that the 'great and the good' can do no wrong and are never mistaken. Some quite eminent surgeons had been known to amputate the wrong leg you know! So there you have: I stick to my guns. Roher himself remains the absolute tops for me, although I am sure some fans would prefer some other studs with a more knotted muscle look.

  3. As ever, Cockwatcher has summed up this shot perfectly and I was interested to see that he had some positive comments to make about some of the cocks we saw in the Pan Africa series. He is right I think as some of the stud had magnificent tools, difficult to better, quite frankly. But Roher is picture book perfect. He has all the muscles and a super dick but it all looks as though it belongs to him and has not been applied. And it is this factor which makes him so perfect. He has great thighs, well muscled but not overdone and the same goes for his traps. All too often the traps are so overdeveloped that the guy’s head looks like a pea on a drum- the whole lot tally out of balance. His abs are also all there but not relentlessly prominent in the classic 6 pack fashion. So full marks for Mr Roher.

    But, we could have done without his trainee, whom I regret to say, I do not think is going anywhere in this sport. Why do we get these extraneous guys figuring in what could be a top shot? Is it to accentuate the perfection of the key person? In this case it was really not necessary as Roher speaks for himself.

  4. It's great to see Roher looking so casual and relaxed, though still tanned and in top form. Though he trains hard and fucks hard, he's always got such an easy demeanor about his superiority. No wonder he continues to be so popular! Can't wait to see how the event turns out for him and his boys.

  5. I have just posted a comment on young Greg Stone, whom I find extraordnarily attractive. I may be a heretic, and although Roher is magnificent and deserves the title of Perfect Male, which he which he certainly deserves, I nevertheless find Corwin's cock more atractive than Roher's. OK, so it is not so big, but lots of guys sport the type of Cock that Roher has to his credit - and this is not to disparage his achivement in buiklding it up to that size, but for me Corwin isj just so fine. I have noticed recenlty that there is a trend away from the block-buster, sphincter- plitting monsters that were once all the rage, in favour of something a little less aggressive- but big enough to please most fans and Corwin has just this, Of course as a young stud, he does not yet have the muscles, but I imagine he is up there with the best when it comes to using his dick. I would love to see him in action and as I said in my other note, I wouldn't mind taking a shafting from him myself . - some hope though!

    1. Reading back through this I made a mistake in saying Greg Stone when , of course, I meant Corwin, But I had just been looking at the older pictures with Greg Stone, whom really dig, as well. Sorry!

  6. This shot of Roher is just beautiful. He is wwaht he is: a perfect specimen of male manhood, with everything in beautiful proportion. The cat among the pigeons is that fact that he chose to show us his trainee. We could have done without that and accepted that Roher was a great trainer without visual reference to his methods.

  7. Way to go JK Roher! Walking naked from your hotel to the convention center was a display of total male aggression. That's alpha male behavior at its finest. No wonder the policeman got down on his knees to worship and service your glorious man meat. Word at the Expo this year is that for all future Expos pro level NB athletes will be required at arrive naked. It's said that these Cock Walks will build awareness and respect for the sport of Naked Bodybuilding.