An incredible body and a thick man-cock, teenage competitor Tim Hackelberg drew large crowds at the Univers Supplement Co.'s booth 
(makers of new Top Cum cock stimulator).  There to promote one of the companies owed by his billionaire father, generous musclecock-sponsor 
and naked bodybuilding mogul Hugo Hackelberg) young Tim wowed fans regardless of his insider status, encouraging men around him 
to eagerly jerked their cocks in admiration of the remarkable young competitor.

A crowd of dudes stark naked, clumped in a circle, stroking their cocks and shooting moaning loads of cum while a monstrous stud with a massive cock smugly hits poses, commanding the fascination of the horny dick-strokers with his arrogant flexing.  It's the norm at naked bodybuilding coveting.  And while these mini-shows at vendor booths are a popular, casual thrill, the shows are nonetheless unofficial.  

However, in the world of naked bodybuilding, you show respect and admiration by brandishing your horny cock.  Throbbing dick is a naked bodybuilding fan's version of applause, and while the competition is always the top attraction, sometimes a bodybuilder can command nearly equivalent admiration on the expo floor.

Being the first ever naked muscle expo attached to the prestigious Mr. Alpha competition, AlphaFest has had a large umber of impromptu crowds of obsessively cock-stroking fans showing their superior muscle stud of choice the respect he deserves.  Yet these stars are typically pros; only rarely does a young amateur command such attention.  Many have seen the popular young Jeremy Ducet and Carlo Emanti gain instantaneous fan attention, but few have been drawing such consistent fan beat-offs as the "Silver Cock" heir to a billion-dollar musclecock sponsorship empire, Tim Hackelberg.

When your dad is one of the top sponsors of top IFNB pros and partly owns several naked muscle and cock supplement companies and research labs, it is easy to get promoted at a vendor show like AlphaFest.  But Tim Hackelberg's critics can't disagree that the young boy has his own charisma and alpha power in spite of the constant boost of the wealthy forces behind him.

Many who saw the muscled and thick-cocked golden boy as merely a muscled brat have begun realizing the stud has talent regardless of his own.  Captivating crowds of horny fans eager to honor Hackelberg  on the show floor of AlphaFest with a load of their lesser-man cum, the boy is clearly more than just a privileged, over-produced package.  Many have begun realizing this is a young man deeply obsessed with thick muscle and in live with powerful cock.  

Hackelberg may prove what many fans already know: regardless of your advantages, what makes a true muscle cock alpha is a quality of obsessed self-worship and a true passion for male muscle and dick power.  By showing this side of his personality, Hackelberg may have a chance of shedding his silver spoon based "Silver Cock" nickname as he comes up in the amateur naked bodybuilding ranks.



  1. I think Tim has a way to go to getting to truly Alpha size, but he's got an amazing start, and despite his access to almost any muscle drug or enhanced cum available, he's kept a beautiful and balanced cock and physique, which match is handsome and youthful face. I know we'll continue to see great things from him.

  2. It's great to meet some of these competitors. Will we see more of the Pre-show competitor profiles we saw before last year's Alpha's? They were so informative, and by the time we got to the competition, we really knew who these Gods--amongst-Men were.

  3. This is an amazing shot, not only because this young stud is magnificent, but because it illustrates the importance and influence of the pose on one’s opinion. Here we have had a unique opportunity to two back-to-back shots of Tim Heckleberg. I had not commented on the first picture, but had I done so, I would have echoed much the sentiments of Anonyme, who said:-

    “ How do your rate him compared to Greg Corwin? Corwin has the wow factor for me. This guy does not. He's OK but does not give me any deep yearnings, In fact, apart from his enhanced cock he could be any late teenage guy who works out regularly. For me, with much the same build and I guess the same age as Corwin, Corwin is just in a different league.”

    But, now we see him in a better pose and the difference is chalk and cheese. Here he comes over as a magnificent young stud with an outstanding cock, up there with the best of them. This is a cock which any guy would be happy to take a dose of anal stim. from.
    So, it is important that we have good shots of all the competitors, otherwise, if we are just presented with a, dare I say, mediocre shot, we can come to some very erroneous conclusions. We need to see every competitor naked and posed like young Tim here to make any balanced judgement. This is why we need another shot of the fabled Jan Perrod, to allow us to see if he has mastered his hosepipe like cock and given it a bit of balance, hitherto so sadly lacking. It’s great to see him milking is dick, but what does he actually look like? And yet another. Bedone has received relatively little comment, and I wonder if this is because of the strange angle of the pic. we have of him. What would he look like if he adopted the same pose as Monza. for example?

  4. Hi Bench! Would you like to go back to Expo 15 and give us your technical assessment? I reckon this young stud is undervalued.

  5. Tim Hackelberg just has one hell of a fine body and as for his tool, well it has to be one of the best cocks ever. It is big, but thick and well balanced and must be an absolute delight to anyone who has the privelege of being fucked by it. I absolutely love that superbly clean cock head perfectly displayed by some very fine cutting at some stage inTim's life. AdI thoink tha cuttignis very important in the ultimate presentation of the cokc head, as extraneous bit of foreskin hanging around te base do spoil the overlla effect. The contributors have talked a great deal about the need for a balanced fuck stick and the 'length above all brigade' has seen its popularity wane in favour of the balanced dick. Well, this is it. Tim has nailed it to perfection and should be a shining example to all young NBBs.. I just love it and I'd much rather see it too thick than too thin. This has got to be the way forward.

  6. What do I have to do to get a taste of this guy's cock? I cum just looking at him. I'd like him to fuck me and then for me to fuck him. God, he is attractive!

  7. I can see where our new friend Gianfranco is coming from. I wouldn't mind going there myself, quite frankly, but let's face it, it’s just a pipe dream. But realistically, our young stud, Tim, here is someone quite remarkable. He already has a completely mature and perfect rod, His beautiful muscles are still those of a teenager, but in a year or so, if he keeps at it he will be up there with the best. His cock really mazes me: that anyone so young has managed that degree of development is mind blowing and it is a real quality article that he has produced. I am not sure that he need go any further with it: it has to count as one of the best pieces of man-meat we have seen this year. To me he is an object lesson for young debutants in how to do it- so much more satisfactory than the path followed by Jan Perrod. I ask myself if Gianfranco had jst seen Perrod in his earlier pics, would he have had the same urge that Tim has given him? I really wonder!
    But while on the subject of cocks, have you noticed that this year we have not seen any soft man-meat at all. For some reason all the shots – and don’t get me wrong - there are many good ones, are of guys totally hard. Why is this? Are they all on Viagra? It would be great to be able to look, at some softer meat in the present series, to see whether the top contestants compare for sheer length and girth when soft with such African contender as the Ballos, uncle and nephew. We had a few truly iconic shots in the PA series, in particular the magnificent PA7 where both Ballos, uncle and nephew, posed together to give us one of the most amazing pictures ever (perhaps the most amazing picture ever?) but later in PA18 where Piston and Joff Ballo strut their stuff together and PA 22 with a magnificent picture of Tedi Ballo, we see some soft man-meat which is hard to equal, let alone beat,
    I do not know how long Gianfranco has been looking at the blog, but if he has just started following things, I would recommend him to go and and take in all the shots from the second half of 2014, which was a vintage period for the blog, in my view,.

  8. I have to concur with the other commentators. Young Tim is sporting one impressive piece of man meat between his legs. There no other way to say it, this kid has one beautiful dick. Long without being a telephone pole and some serious girth give Timmy a fuck rod that has near perfect proportion. Any muscle stud who would be naive enough to have his arse challenge that double wide battering ram, would be impregnated with a life long memory of the tussle – and I'm not talking about the good kind.

    I agree with cockwatcher it is a mind blowing to see a youngster with a baby face, who's physique still displays aspects of adolescent musculature, sporting a massive piece of mature man meat. Teenager above the waist / he-man below. The juxtaposition of boy and man is simply stunning, exquisite. Tadzio emerging from the sea.

    Due to his father, this kid obviously has access to the very best enhancement supplements on the planet. He obviously decided to develop his dick before focusing on muscle hypertrophy. Can't hold that against him. Hey I'd make the same decision . And he sure got our attention. --- Bench

  9. Well as long as we are talking dick architecture. There a few minor, but important, things I thinkTim could work on to perfect his near perfect cock. First I would like to see just a bit more lip on his cock head. Not the over sized Nazi helmet that Doucette is sporting in EXPO 17. Just a wee bit more overhang than he has now would improve both the look and functionality of his tool.

    And as many of you know -- I like bling. So gaudy jewelry would really draw attention to the size and symmetry of Tim's fuck weapon. Sure he is displaying some light veins right now. But I think he needs to take a trip to Tiffany's and get some gaudy necklaces, bracelets and chokers. Sure a fine web of fine blue lines would be nice. But that sized cock needs some major blue night crawlers winding their way up the shaft and around the girth. By major night crawlers I'm talking about the kind of blue veins that protrude above the surface of the shaft and seem to almost have a life of their own. Major arteries exposed to the light of day. The kind that protrude so much a receiving sphincter can actually feel them. Yeah veracious cock veins. Just as we love seeing a flexed bicep or forearm adorn with blue veins. That kind of jeweler enhances a stiff tool. A pump as an erection is all about blood flow. Lets see the actual conductance of the pump inducing blood. Street racing hot rods have pipes protruding from their motors, well I think Tim's hot rod should as well.

    In the brotherhood Bench

    1. Myv view is that Tim has a perfect cock. Forget additional lip on the cock head. It is just great the way it is. As for what Bench calls jewellry, let's just forget it. it will make his cock look as though he has put a tourmiquet around it.

  10. Hey Jason.. Just posted some comments (long winded rambling dissertation) regarding the cock drool going on in Expo 15 as you requested. I'm am curious of your (and anyone elses) feed back comments to my post in Expo 12 regarding nut stretching and ball drops. Also in Expo 12 there is a bit of back and forth on whether I get too technical. All thoughts and comments appreciated. In the brotherhood of cock and muscle -- Bench

    1. Thanks for the comments. You are more recent than I am myself as a commentator on this blog but I am also relatively new, as I found the site only last year and have been commenting ever since, often being bitterly criticised by the ‘old guard . Anyway, that is neither here nor there, as there are not so many of us who are prepared to spend time writing decent comments on a regular basis.
      At the end of last year, I posted my own assessment of the year (very, very good, by the way – that’s the yea’s offerings and not my assessment). I do not know how far your curiosity has led you back in the blog, but I would quite like your view on three shots which I found terrific. If you have the patience to comment, I should post them under the relevant shot rather than here.
      Pan Africa 7, Ballo, uncle and nephew (very unlikely combo??) , with soft cocks, which I thought was an absolutely outstanding and nominated as ‘shot of the year. My only criticism was that Joff, on the right, ought to get his cock cut and to enhance his knob. Have you remarked, by the way, on the fact that in 2015 we only see rock hard cocks? I wonder why? One thing you milt like to do, as you seem to be much more of a connoisseur of man meat that Cockwatcher, whose comments I welcome, is to give us an assessment of the ‘soft cock’ shots in the Pan Africa series. There were lots of them and buy, some of them were incrediable. What do you think of them?
      Dragoncock Pan Asia 12, young Greg Stone, an amazing shot, but again this young stud need to go under the knife get rid of that useless foreskin which hides his superb knob. Produced a large number of comments, by the way.
      Amateur Spotlight 7 April 14 2014, for me my very favourite shot of all, the two Izzaru brothers. I know they are not what most fans want, but for me they are utter perfection. I only wish I myself looked half as good as they do. But, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so what do you think?

    2. Hey Bench,
      Can you give the dates of the original blog post to which you added comments? That will make them easier to find. Thanks.

  11. Bench, Just reviewing this year to date, I noticed that you had made no comment on Expo 19, Monza (The Monster???) Just look at the man-meat. It is truly extraordinary, or am I wrong, He has to be a winner of something.

  12. Hackelberg really does have the perfect cock. How has he achieved it so young! If he goes on like this he is going to rival Monza, whose meat is mind bending in his present shot. I like this pose better than the latest one of Hackelberg, Here one is less conscious of a teenage body, whereas his latest picture shows how much he still needs to build up,his physique. Just goes to show how subjecive it all is. The pose is hyper-important, I think, which is why we need several different shots of all serious contenders, for it is very easy to make the wrong judgement..