The boy who grew up immersed i alpha muscle cock sports makes his debut in the Jr. Alpha Teen Division.
TIm Hackelberg represents the new breed of muscle teen competitor.

Where do the top monster-muscled, freak-cocked pros get their incredible enhancements?  How do they support their gym-driven, self-worshipping lifestyles?  We all know that there are wealthy sponsors who eagerly show their worship of these alpha studs by emptying their wallets in the support of naked bodybuilding superiority.  But while these deep-pocketed sponsors tend to keep low profiles, every once in a while one or two becomes a recognized name.

Hugo Hackelberg may not be a name many fans recognize, but inside pro circles his is a name of vital importance.  Hackelberg is worth billions, and has become one of the most generous supporters of muscle alphas globally.  Hackelberg has contributed to top names like Otter, Perrod, Wang, Douton and Kolberg as well as investing in several laboratories who specialize in male muscle growth and cock enhancement.  He owns five properties on which naked muscle men live, workout and prep for competition, including the exclusive Musclebull Ranch resort and Herculanum, the all-male nude muscle training compound.  If it were't for wealthy men like Hackelberg who are greedy for more nude muscle many top pros would not have the support they need to count to dominate our eager imagination.

Hackelberg's own private life is well guarded, and little is known of the eccentric muscle-money mogul except for a few details.  One of which is his two sons, Bret and Tim Hackelberg.  While Hackelberg and his boys generally avoid musclecock media, the two young Hackelberg's grew up surrounded by the most masculine, perfectly-built men in the world, so it comes as no surprise that the younger Hackelberg, Tim, evolved a passionate interest in the nude muscle sport.

Seen as the heir to the muscle financing empire, Tim Hackelberg is only interested in one thing right now: winning a naked teen bodybuilding division!  Backed by one of the best muscle sponsors in the world and able to meet and train among the top muscle, young Hackelberg is not just a spoiled rich kid from Sweden but a true contender.

"Even if I wasn't surrounded by thickly muscled studs with massive fuckpoles bouncing around hard every day, I know I would have fallen in love with the idea of being worshipped by men while flexing my naked muscle," the generally quiet Hackelberg told us.  "It's just in me.  I know everyone will look at the world I grew up in and think I was taught this, but the truth is I am an alpha and I want my body to cause uncontrollable lust and intimidation to every man I meet.  It is just who I am, regardless of where I come from!"

Hackelberg tries hard to shake his nickname "Silver Cock," a play on the "silver spoon" concept of a spoiled kid.  "If they're going to name me for my cock," he growled sternly.  "Call it the Iron cock, because that is what you;re gonna see!  No better yet: the Cement Fucker!  Haha!"  



  1. Already got the hots for him. have you? I'm not surprised, for he looks like a real good fuck. Best of luck

  2. Ok after my wise ass remark above regarding his money and inheritance. This kid is fucking beautiful if he can bulk up that body nothing can stop him. I'm really impressed by the girth of his equipment at such a young age. For a teenager, fuck for any age he is sporting some heavy artillery. It is always impressive when a kid from that kind of wealth peruses a carrier on his own. With all that money he could just sit back and be a fat slob and just "buy studs" . He defiantly has it in his DNA if he has the discipline to do the work to become an alpha.

    1. How do your rate him compared to Greg Corwin? Corwin has the wow factor for me. This guy does not. He's OK but does not give me any deep yearnings, In fact, apart from his enhanced cock could be any late teenage guy who works out regularly. For me, with much the same build and I guess the same age as Corwin, Corwin is just in a different league.

    2. I agree, Bench. This kid definitely has some good things going for him, naturally. Considering there are other young men in similar positions who never really pursued the sport, it seems to me he really does have that strong "Alpha drive" motivating him to build and compete. That being said, I cannot help but wonder how much of his physique is pure genetics and hard work and how much has come from his daddy's connections.

      Either way, he is packing some serious heat for his age. I'm not worried about him bulking up further; he is clearly getting some good advise from his trainers. Great balance, thick cock, and clearly developing for the long haul.

    3. Donovan I agree! You can't deny the kid's alpha superiority, but I still wonder how much is him and how much is his daddy's connections in the sport.

      But it seems he has the kind of drive it takes to be a champion, privileged or not, so I can't put the kid aside as a true contender.

      He is a remarkable contrast to Jeremy Doucette, who I think could go far in this contest. Doucette is self-made and driven, while Hackelberg is the product of privilege. It will be interesting to see which approach has the advantage in the alpha naked muscle game!

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