2013 IFNB Mr. Alpha reigning champion JK Roher packed the house at the AlphaFest Expo opening night Q&A Panel.  
Here he shows off with a non-competitive naked bodybuilder (obvious by his cock size) who Roher described cryptically 
only as an "essential part of my competitive entourage for this competition, and an incredible buddy."

One by one the massively muscled studs sauntered on stage, every last one with heavy cocks swinging back and forth with every arrogant step.  Their thick quads rubbed together so evocatively it was like they were having an orgy in their crotch.  Their sheer presence sent the throngs of naked, boned-up fans of massive muscle into a frenzy of stroking and cheering that took ten minutes to subdue, and frequently erupted over and over throughout the program.

This was the scene at the opening of the first-ever AlphaFest Expo, which launched with a raucous Q&A session sponsored by Cum Extrem sports drink.  In between cheers for fan favorites was the sound of hundreds of men frantically jerking off in the aisles, overwhelmed with excitement for the true men of sport.

Most of the questions asked of the pro line-up were boilerplate standard, but a few moments were memorable.  Pierre Douton was asked if he could take a cock up his ass as big as his own, which sent a nervous hush over the crowd.  The notoriously aggressive hole-fucker said he thought it was "a stupid question," answering it only with: "If any man's cock was as perfect as mine and he was man enough to face down my perfection, well, then of course nature would take it's course."

Lesser-known pro Bobby Vencrado was called out for his small-time arrest scandal this past year.  Vencrado went on vacation in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and brought with him literally no clothes, defending his actions as "the right of any truly superior man, and a favor to all humans privileged to see my naked form."  Arrested four times for indecent, the stubborn heavyweight's litigation somehow managed to have all charges dropped, yet became a scandal which many feel misrepresents how the IFNB should be perceived. Fortunately, having won no major IFNB competitions, Vencrado's legal issues weren't even known by many.

But the most startling and compelling non-answer of the night was asked to the current reigning 2013 Mr. Alpha, JK Roher.  Roher was seen arriving to the contest with a young naked bodybuilder with an unenhanced cock but a remarkably thick muscle build.  The two have been inseparable, and the man's name was not on Roher's coaching staff registry.  Identified as Perry Currin, Roher was pleasant yet cryptic in Currin's role and presence at the event.  Curren has not ever competed in any amateur naked bodybuilding competition, in spite of being an obvious fan of attention for his incredible physique.  Roher only left us to wonder by describing Currin as one of his "most important buddies, and essential to my prep for this year's Mr. A."  Naturally, rumors and speculations have begun swirling about the well-build Currin and his close relationship with Alpha Roher.



  1. It does not take a mastermind to interpret Roher's comments about his relationship with his non-competitor buddy. He he has most probably found a congenial place to 'dock his cock' so to speak. And why not if that is the case, as these two studs look terrific together. Currin may not have an enhanced cock, but he has nothng to be ashamed of. But he looks to be uncut and would improve his looks if he had his foreskin removed and exposd his cock head. Over the months, many fans have commented on the undesirability of the uncut cock in this sport. it is like pubic hair and body hair in general - a no no. Roher looks truly natural even though he is flexing, but his star quality shines through as nothing looks forced or overdone. He is still the tops in my book. But just one final observation on Currin: competitor or not, he has a stunning build and his style is so much like that of Roher, that I am not at all surprised that they seem to have clicked.

    1. I totally agree! Whatever the nature of their relationship does;t matter, because Currin clearly is an asset to bringing us the best Mr. A version of Roher we've yet seen. I agree that Currin is probably the main hole Roher is using – which only makes me respect the dude more, because we all know the brutality and ruthlessness of Roher's fucking, especially in training! Curren is a solid man to take that kind of hole ruining and come out looking as spectacular as he does! Whatever he is, keep him around so we see a repeat of Roher's M. A win this year!!!

    2. There is, of course, another possibility, which is that Roher and Currin are truly buddies even if not what is usually called 'an item' and that sex between them is not of the hard core training type. After all Roher probably needs to meet his sex urges over and above what he does by way of training, so that he has at least the odd fuck for pleasure and even takes it himself.. So is it not possible that the two guys just enjoy non-brutal sex together, like any two regular guys? There is life outside the IFNB circuit, isn't there otherwise when does Roher find time to mow the grass, or am I off course? Anyway, I agree with anonym above, that they are a terrific combo, whatever!

    3. I doubt that bro. I think RealBBer is right. While it may be true during his offseason training when a top pro like Roher is in training for as big a contest as the Mr. A, he is on strict cock training for at least 6-8 weeks leading up tot he contest. Which means he probably isn't having vanilla, low-key fuck sessions. Any hole he's mounting is getting the full bore Roher intensity for sure.

  2. A really nice shot, but you know, these guys, or rather Roher, risks being overshadowed by the new version of Monza, as we see in a later photo. Monza is going to take the contest by storm.

    1. I don't really agree with Cockwatcher here. Both guys are great, but this is not a flattering picture of them. They could strike a much better joint pose I think.

  3. Yeah well hell, I've heard the rumors. There have been a blizzard of rumors. Frankly this kid Currin is a handsome feller, with a nice cock (though unenhanced) and he is sporting a major set of cum tanks hanging below his man meat. So good for Roher he found a friend. Since I have been the recipient of multiple rumors... I thought I would put them out there. Not really
    enquiring minds want to know" but maybe you guys can set them straight. In any event here goes:

    1) Roher is getting nut fucked by Currin

    2) Even though unenhanced-- Due to the structure of Roher's ares and the angle of Currin's dick-- Currin is able to head butt Roher's prostrate in a particularly brutal fashion. Sure Crrin has a nice dick (But by IFNB standers It ain't special) but for some reason it just brings Roher to his knees. 3) Currin gives the best blow job in the Western Hemisphere.
    4) Who knows? Roher owes Currin money?

    In any event , and all the rumors aside. I'm glad Roher has found a buddy. Frankly my favorite is the one about testecular insertion. But hey? That''s just me. But this whole discussion has given me some great visuals. --- In the brotherhood, Bench

  4. An interesting clinical analysis, but at the end of the day, size and physical considerations play no part. And whatever training Roher undertakes, with or without Currin or with other trainers, his relationship with Currin will be a thing apart and the fact that Currin's equipment is nothing special by IFNB standards (but come on- it ain't bad) will really play no role. If they are an item, they will fuck each other, come what may and it may all be onesided or totally reciprocal, but if that please them than that is what they will do. I think one has to separate the competition from the personal life of the competitors and the old maxims, 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder' and 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' still reign supreme. So let's forget what they do together and how they do it. If they are happy doing their own thing, then that's just great!

  5. At the end of the day, this particular shot does not really do either of thesse two guys justice.