Yann Perrod shows us how even the mightiest of cock-control get the urge to pump out a massive load after gulping 
thick globs of the premium muscle cum served up at the Spunxx Cum Bar.  Spunxx will open a concept bar 
during the AlphaFest Naked Bodybuilding Expo hiring Yann Perrod as the face of Spunxx, among other top pros.

Is there any more motivating feeling than your biceps swelling after a hot load of thick muscle cum is pumped down your throat?  Is there any more satisfying moment of manhood than feeling your pecs pump up after guzzling thick wads of sperm from a monster cock?  

The secret chemical enhancements the top pros in the IFNB undergo have resulted in a type of genetically-altered sperm that has more muscle-building properties than even the most potent cycles of steroids.  It's no wonder, then, the rise in popularity of naked bodybuilding has launched an entire naked bodybuilding sports-supplement industry based on the precious sperm shot by the enhanced man-dicks of the pros.

Not only do these companies allows regular men like us to get some of the benefit of alpha cum (all be it very watered-down versions), the industry also allows pros to earn more money for their work through sponsorship opportunities.  While older muscle studs tend to hang back from cheapening their perfect image with advertising, the younger IFNB pros reap the cash by eagerly whoring their naked muscle images to the highest bidders.  And few have a bigger reputation for selling out than the youngest pro of them all: Yann Perrod.

And at this year's AlphaFest Perrod's appeal will be bet upon heavy by one company who hopes associating themselves with the long-dicker muscle marvel will give their brand a boost.  Spunxx is marketing itself as a "high-end" cum bar, and launches it's concept at the AlphaFest with Yann Perrod as their main spokesperson, among several others. The gamble will cost the Spunxx owners literally a few million dollars, but they hope to earn it back and then some:

"What separates Spunxx from other cum bars is our selection and access," said Spunxx CEO Orin Dwayne.  "We carry the largest super heavyweight selection of muscle cum anywhere, and all our milking processes include forced anal tap, which we feel delivers a better grade of sperm." While the expo has not yet opened, when we were at the press meeting we saw them stocking at least 30 men over 250 lbs on tap above and beyond the other cocks on their menu.  Likewise,e the bartenders and staff looked enhanced enough to be milked for drinks themselves.

Perrod told us he finds the drinks at Spunxx superior regardless of his paid sponsorship: "I love how they will separate thicker globs into a separate glass if I ask, so I can chug the liquid part and then really enjoy the globs," he told us.  "Also, I have been force-milked many times, but can tell you the anal taps at Spunxx are a lot thicker and harder than I've seen before, and when they milked my cock the orgasms were blinding.  I could tell the bartender was pulling some of my best sperm from me."

What of the high prices at Spunxx?  "We're delivering a superior cum cocktail," Dwayne said.  "We think they prices are actually low for the quality you are getting."



  1. Where can I buy this incredible product and how much does it cost?. How often do I have to take it and how soon do I see results? If I order it, how can I be sure that I get Perrod's cream rather than stuff from the other memenrs of the herd? Is his cum more expensive than that of others?


    1. So I'm looking at a menu here at Spunxxx, and they seem to have a good selection that will suit most expo goers. Single alpha drinks are more expensive, with frothy pints and mixed drinks cum costing less. You can sample most items for free, though the primo splooge will still cost $50-200 for a sample shot. And don't worry, each time a premium keg is tapped it is tested by an experienced connoisseur, verifying the unique flavor, pallet and bouquet of the contents. But all cum drinks are worth the price. Muscle pumps and hard-ons are guarunteed, and the blended cocktails are packed with flavor

      Still not sure? Ask your bar tender. Each is very familiar with the menu and all the studs on tap. (Or, if crowds are down and you tip well, you may be able to blow your bar tender for a fresh flavorful shot of steamy muscle-cream. But you didn't hear it from me. ~_^)

      My regular drink is a "hot shotty": a smooth blend of super-heavy wt cum, topped with the thick/buttery "cream" of Petr Rundstrom (when available) and mixed with a shot from the bartenders dick and stirred with his hot throbbing tool. Delicious.

    2. We love you Donovan, but come on! Where the hell are you getting all this lot from? It is just too far into into the realms of 'what might be'. I think you had taken too many loads up your arse, before you wrote this lot. But pray do continue, as you are always outrageously entertaining.

  2. Perod looks a lot better now that he has let his hair grow back. When he was a hairless wonder, he looked as if he was undergoing chemotherapy!. But how long is his cock now. It looks terrific

  3. What a magnificent cock Perrod has got. Is it the longest ever as it looks here as if it is almost touching his chin? And what terrific biceps - they are beginning to approach many guys' thighs in their size. We really need to see a recent shot of Perrod totally naked so that we can judge, whether he has overdcome the often made criticism that he has gone for length rather than balance with his cock. What weight category is he now competing in?

    1. Pretty sure he's still heavyweight, but you're right – with all his new size he could have bumped up to superheavy!

      And I agree abut his cock! WOW! He has always been an amazing cock on stage, and while he has been plagued with criticism from judges and fans alike for not having balanced girth, I am glad he plays his own monster dick game and is still growing that freak dick to amazing proportions!!!

    2. Lots of fans would agree with you but an equal number probably think that Perrod goes (has gone?) too far. What we now need, as anonym above said, is a full pic.of Perrod naked, so that we can all see where he is now at.

    3. I'm actually in agreement here. Some stats for the competitors would be nice. Until the official weigh-ins measurements are usually kept under wraps by each team. The only numbers I have on hand are from previous events or fish-stories my staff keeps coming up with. If only they made trading cards with Alpha stats, lol!

    4. In my view, Perrod had better get stripped and let us look him over PDQ, now that Monza has reappeared as a real top notch contender. So, come on Perrod, let's take a gander at that monster cock of yours to see whether you have managed to give it the much lacking girth, for lack of which it has been heavily criticised in the past. Today's buzzword is 'Balance' so you had better get with it if you want to remain the blogs young phenomenan.

    5. His dick still looks a bit on the thin side to me, so as anonym above say, let's see him stripped. He's got some strong competition to beat and has had lot of negative criticsm in the past.

    6. Looking at the old shots of Perrod when he first burst onto the scene and became the flavour of the month for many fans, he had one of the longest cocks ever seen. He and Chris Garter were sort of the 'new look' in dicks. Some liked it and some did not. But after all the brouhaha had calmed down, the tendency since has been to root for balanced cocks, long but with girth commensurate to the length. New look Monza has to be the prime examples of how a big cock should look. And with respect to the other 'greats, Monza has seized the nigh ground and is in a class ofmhis own at the moment. Now,Perrod has turned himself into something akin to a 'milk cow;' which I guess is ridiculous comparison, since cows are female and he is a male, but you know what I mean, as he is really milking his cock, how far has he managed to bulk up his tool and give it the balance that was, in the eyes of his critics, missing. So, as Jason says below, what we need is a full frontal naked look at today's Perrod. If he has succeeded, then he must have one of the most formidable fuck sticks ever seen on the blog. But has he is the question? If he has not, then I suspect that he will be relegated to a sort of has-been category.

  4. Boy, what a load of anonymous comments - are we afraid that Perrod will use his cock as a cosh and beat us over the head with it? Perrod has had buckets of ink devoted to him, some positive and some negative, Now he come back here with some hair on his head. To make any judgement we need a full photo of Perrod naked, as all we see here is a muscular arm - a very muscular arm, and a cock spewing forth cream. The cock looks unusually long, which was, of course his claim to early fame, but let's see him in full with all the bits that count visible. It is surely not too much to ask for a guy who was, at the time considered as the next best thing to sliced bread. Let us see whether the bread is still fresh or has it gone stale? Having said all this impartially, I have to say, I was myself, never a fan of his. But things change. I did not like the original Carlos Monza, but now, the new version is absolutely amazing and I love it.