After the contest, the SuperHeavyweights return the stage for fan photos.  Joff Ballo (left) – already in cock training with a 
tight ring on his monster dick – arouses himself with his crab most-muscular, the pose that always caused him to shoot on
 stage.  Jeff's monstrous muscle uncle Tedi (right) gets his beats dick hard for the fans by flexing his beast biceps.  And 
overall champion Pierre Douton (center) seems content to appreciate the muscle and cock he's sandwiched by!

The men of muscle and cock are aggressive and blind with arrogance and horniness, which means contests are often filled with rivalries and trash talk as these brutes seek to out-Alpha one another for the top spot.

Studs will get n each other's faces back stage, and the slapping of meaty pecs against one another is common.  These self-worshipping monsters will step right up to an adversary and throw up a thick are in their face – sometimes going so far as to shove their head into it mockingly and insist they kiss it!

Yet this year the rivalries were few at the Africa, and instead replaced by remarkable camaraderie and appreciation.  "This was my contest from the start," top winner Pierre Douton said.  "I think my perfect monster dick and ideal male form was the obvious alpha from the beginning, and whether these men admitted it or not, they knew I was the stud who is their superior.  There was no need for rivalry."

Dolton may have been right, as the fellowship after the contest proved.  Many of the big men heaved their heavy quads upward, welcoming the asps-destroying cocks of fellow muscle studs to dive in and pound out the left over aggression.  The Release Room was intense, yet without the usual domination so common at pro level events.

No doubt you have a few tales from the Release Room action?  We'd love to hear them below!



  1. It may well be a year with no rivalries, but Douton has shot of bis big mouth yet again by saying that he was the obvious Alpha from the beginning. This guy is the perssonification of arrogance and I should think that his co-competitors are totally pissed off by his continuous boastful remarks. This having been said, to be fair to this loud-mouth, he does have the most stunning cock. Just look at it it has to be the greatest anus pounder of all time!!. It is interesting that Joff Ballo is wearing a cock ring, which is not allowed in the competiton, but I guess here off stage it is OK, but what he needs to do is to forget the ring and get his cock put in order. He needs to get himself circumcised.and stop hiding his knob under that rumpled foreskin which we see here.. With all the mandatory requirements of the IFNB rules, I wonder that they do not make cut cokks mandatory.. We have seen a few guys this year whose tools need some surgical attention , notably young Greg Stone, whose magnificent knob is robbed of its proper profile by being sheathed in a load of tight foreskin. it is as if he was posing wearing a condom!

    1. Pierre Douton finished #2 at the Mister Alphas last year. He has a MASSIVE HORSE COCK and PERFECT MUSLCES I think he'll be just fine and does not need amateur speech coaching from an inferior man like you.

    2. I agree with Anonyme. You don't understand the sport, and Douton is a champion! Champions DESERVE to boast big! Get a clue!

  2. Hi I admire your work and would like to request access to your archives BUT I'm not sure how to contact you to do this. I am a morpher myself (more-than-morphs) in yahoo groups.
    Thanks! I hope I can get in touch
    my mail: mmgarto@gmail.com

  3. Well, here we are just before Christmas and it seems that the editors have finished their year’s offerings. I have to say that it seems to me that 2014 has been a bumper year for super shots, especially in the Dragoncock and Pan- Africa series, so I thought it might interest fans to see a round-up of what I personally think are the best of a brilliant series. Perhaps some of you might like to add your own favourites.
    2013 MR. ALPHA Pre-Show Preview 6 / 22 Jan 2014
    This is a classic pose and shows what a perfectly proportioned body and cock this young guy, Njals Bogarson has. There is nothing exaggerated about this young stud, though coming from Iceland I wonder how he gets that tan – not from outdoor sunbathing, I am sure.
    2013 MR. ALPHA 1 / 6 Feb. 2014
    This is a shot of Jaro Geurille, an professional cock trainer. I reckon he could give a lot of the heavy weight competitors a run for their money. He has massive proportions, including his cock, but perfect balance.
    2013 MR. ALPHA 20 / 17 March 2014
    I have included this shot of J. K. Roher as he has to be the text book example of huge muscle and monumental cock which are the very essence of the blog. For fans of huge sinewy muscles, posed so that every last one of them is beautifully defined, this has to be the true dream shot.
    2013 MR. ALPHA 22 / 20 March 2014
    This shot of Jan Kolberg shows what a well equipped guy he truly is. His upper body here borders on perfection and as for his cock, well it is a true monument. Must be one of the best cum shots of the year.
    2013 MR. ALPHA 25 / 20 March 2014
    I have included this shot of Pierre Douton, not my favourite stud, but it is without a doubt one of the best shots of him posted in 2014. He is just too exaggerated for my taste, but lots of you love him. Later shots towards the end of the year in the Pan Africa series are, in my view not quite so good as this one.
    AMATEUR SPOTLIGHT 7 / 14 April 2014
    This is just one of the top shots of the year in my view: I absolutely love it. These two young Portuguese brothers satisfy my personal taste 100%. I love their silky bodies, beautifully muscled but not overdone and what a unique presentation shot of their two cocks – rock hard and both of them with superb knobs. I know many of you like heavier stuff, but come on, these guys do look terrific, don’t they?
    AMATEUR SPOTLIGHT 9 / 20 April 2014
    This is the only mention we have of this Hungarian guy, Janos Peralek, but it shows a young amateur of perfect proportions. He has lovely muscles and a large very fat cock. I wonder what became of him?
    2014 DRAGONCOCK PAN-ASIA 6 /23 May 2014
    This is one of my absolute favourite shots of 2014. Yan Chen has for me the absolute perfect physique and looks terrific in this shot. I really like is big thick cock and the creamy cum adds to the reality of the moment. Whatever has happened to him as we have seen him no more?
    2014 DRAGONCOCK PAN-ASIA 10 /16 May 2104
    We have been treated to many shots of Kenny Jeung, but this has to be the most iconic of all. This is a superb profile pose by Kenny and it shows of his magnificent muscles and cock to perfection: and what a cock this guy has. It is unbelievably massive: perhaps not the longest but certainly among the best and most appealing pieces of man meat we have seen in 2014. You know, he almost looks as though he is posing to be cast as a statue in bronze. A perfect picture!
    2014 DRAGONCOCK PAN-ASIA 12 / June 1 2014
    This shot of young Greg Stone is certainly one of the most unique of the year. Greg has lovely muscles and what a magnificent cock, made even more dramatic by his wearing of a (much commented upon) triple cock ring. I think he looks absolutely stunning. But, Greg, if, by chance, you are reading this, for goodness sakes, if you have not already heeded the same advice offered to you multiple times, go and get your cock circumcised. You have one of the biggest knobs in the business which you are hiding under that totally useless cloak of foreskin: get rid of it!


  4. JAson's 2014 review - concluded

    2014 DRAGONCOCK PAN ASIA 27 / 3 Sept, 2014
    I love this shot because it shows a new type of competitor in young and handsome Tony Kim. His lighter physique contrast beautifully with the heavy weight look of Itakara, who by the way, I think, is one of the very best proportioned Asian heavy weight competitors. But also take a look at Tony’s cock: he could give everybody a run for their money with such a formidable fuck stick. This is one of my very favourite shots of the year.
    2014 PRO PAN-AFRICA 7 /16 Oct. 2014.
    This is perhaps the shot of the year. It satisfies guys like me who look for proportion and balance as well as the regular fans who like big muscle and big cock. Well, we should all be satisfied with this iconic shot of Tedi and Joff Ballo, uncle and nephew. There are later shots of both of them, but for me this is the absolute winner. Does any other competitor have a larger cock then either of these two guys? But Joff, please go and get rid of that useless lump of foreskin and make more of your knob.
    2014 PRO PAN-AFRICA 18 /4 Nov. 2014
    This is an iconic shot of the Piston and Jeff Ballo, which shows to perfection two guys who are the living incarnation of what the creed of this blog: big muscles and massive cocks. If anyone typifies the true Alpha male it has just got to be these two guys.
    2014 PRO PAN-AFRICA 20 /7 Nov. 2014
    I love this shot for two reasons. It shows how well balanced the intermediate weight guys can be. All four guys here have perfect physiques, but Carl Broder, the stud on the extreme left gets my vote as striking the most original pose of the year. Just take a look at him: he is physical perfection with a massive cock and what an original pose. Quite magnificent!
    2014 PRO PAN-AFRICA 25 / 19 Nov. 2014
    I have included this shot of the two studs, Diego and Michelle, as they both have superb physiques and magnificent cocks, even though Michelle is grabbing his tool (totally unnecessary) which usually turns me off. But Diego Pene is just my idea of perfection and if there were to be a contest for man of the year, then he would get my vote. It is the shot to which I personally return time and time again. Diego just has, for me the most perfect cock imaginable and his body is a pure joy, so silken and inviting. I guess that the NBA’s must have been lining up their holes to compete in releasing this magnificent stud.
    But if there were a prize for the very best shot of all, which would I choose? Well, I have to say that it as to be Pro PA 7, Jeff and Tedi Ballo, who in this shot are the incarnation of what the IFNB blog stands for – huge cock and huge muscle. This just has to be the shot of the year and I find myself returning to it regularly. It is truly remarkable. Let’ s hope that the high standards will be maintained 2015, but 2014 will be a hard year to beat.
    I’m off tomorrow with three of my regular buddies for a two week ski holiday. We’ve hired a chalet but so far there is not much snow. But doubtless we four young studs together, will find some other pastimes to occupy us, for as we all know, there are many activities no matter how often repeated, never fail to please. So it remains for me only to wish all fans a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015.

  5. mujhe aap logon k lund ko chusna h...plz come

  6. Jason, I really like your idea of making a year end review of the year’s postings. I wonder how many fans actually go back and take a close look at the various shots and try to make the sort of rating you have done? You certainly seem to have lifted the blog out of the doldrums into which it seemed to have fallen since the last posting on November 19th. Anyway, for what it is worth, I agree with a lot of your choices, but not with all of them but I heartly agree that the ‘shot of the year’ is the one of Jeff and Tedi Ballo, (PA7)full frontal- soft cock pose, which is utterly sensational.

    My favourite solo shot has to be the side profile pose of Kenny Jeung, (Pan Asia 10) which is quite unique. And if I had to name ‘top cock of the year’, then my choice would be a tie between ‘the Piston’( PA 18) , who has an incredible piece of meat and Diego Pene, (PA25) who has a superbly balanced hard cock in this shot.

    I keep a scrap book myself of my favourite shots, which I down- load and print out to have a permanent record., otherwise you just forget what you have seen over the year. I have to say that in my view, the Pan Arica series has produced an incredible selection of superb man meat – quite the best ever in my view – just a magnificent selection of mouth-watering cocks. What more can one ask for?

    As you said, 2014 is going to a hard year to follow.

    A Happy New Year 2015 to all fans of the blog. Long may it continue.

    What has happend to your own story blog, by the way? You have not update dit for a while. Is there a problem.?

    1. Thanks for your enquiry about my own story blog.. I have had technical problems with the blog I set up and several postings I made did not appear. So, I have decided to abandon it for the moment and I am actively looking aournd for another site, probably one of the gay author type sites, where I can post an entire story a one go, along with tales by other writers..

      Also, with my individual blog, as I am an unknown writer, it is difficult for me to attract readers. So, I think that moving to another site with mutiple authors will help. I started writing as an amusement for readers of the IFNB blog to pull it out of what I thought were the doldrums,, but that could clearly not go on for ever, as I was just taking up too much space, although recenlty, there seems to have been a fall in the number of comments made by fans, in spite of some truly remarkable shots of the Pan Africa contest. I have been surprised by the lack of comments from the veteran contributor Donovan Pryde and RealBBer seems to have disappeared completely, It's a ptity, we have had such a superb sequence of shots, that the reaction of the fans has been so muted.

      I want to publish the whole of the story Sebastian Finds Himself, followed by a rewrite of the first story I wrote, Simon and Sebastian, which chronologically should follow Sebastian Finds Himself. And I am in the middle of a sequel to that story,. I also have another totally unrelated erotic tale, set in Arabia about 1000 years ago. So there are plenty of ideas. Just bear with me and I hope that I will get it all settled by the end of January.

      Meanwhile, thanks for the interest and a Happy New Year to you,.

  7. Could we please have some more pictures?
    Happy New Year

  8. It's a bit late to make an observation on this photo, but after reviewing the 2015 offering to date, these three guys somehow look a bit overblown. It's almost as if the pic had lost its 'look-by date'

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  12. I like them huge cocks