Pro Aroused Physique Modeling competitor Diego Pene (left( won the first place overall in the AP Division.  He attributed 
much of his on stage cock arousal to fellow 4th place competitor and lightweight bodybuilding crossover Michelle Laveaoux, 
who frequently mounted Pene and fucked him "like a ruthless rabbit" to help prep the winner's arousal for his stage 
presentation.  In spite of their success in this modeling division, neither competitor is certain they will stay in AP in the future.

Diego Pene likes to look you dead in the eyes, and grin while he bounces his pecs and bounces his cock.  "You already know I am a stud," he smiles.  "You already lose control when you see my perfections.  But this is about me, not about you, and what I like is to force you to look at my perfect muscle and intimidating cock."

Showing off is the focus of the Men's Aroused Physique Modeling Division, a new form of physique competition stated this year in the IFNB pro circuit.  Athletes do less flexing and more posing – and a lot more arrogant strutting – thus making this the sport for the smaller, bigger-hung studs who just love to show off.

"I like to show off as much as possible," Diego told us.  "My sponsorship includes regular flex shows and public cock training, and I love it.  I literally make money off of fans who want to pay to see me cum in their faces!  So while I love bodybuilding, when I heard that Aroused Physique was basically about showing off, I knew I could do well."

And do well Pene did, taking the overall first place in the division.

However, he also told us it is not as easy as it looks.  "In bodybuilding you can flex, and that gets a guy hornier.  But in Aroused Physique, you don't flex a lot, so staying hard and cumming really depends on being very into yourself, " he explained.  "But also you need to have your cock twice as horny for the stage.  Which is why I switched over to heavier pre-stage ass stim for this division.  And few got my cock hornier than the ruthless fuck power of Laveaux!"

Pene was referring to Michelle Laveaux, a lightweight who competed in BOTH men's naked bodybuilding AND the Aroused Physique Modeling division in this one contest.  He placed 3rd in the bodybuilding and fourth in the Physique modeling division.  But his real talent was prepping fellow AP athletes for the stage.

"I do not see a man when I approach a hole," he explained of his method.  "I see a hole for me to indulge my cock's needs.  That is all it is.  If you worry about the dude you are pounding, you will hold back on your prep.  So I shut everything off in my mind except for my cock pleasure, use my strength to look on to the ass, and just pound as fast as possible until my own cock is satisfied.  That is how I learned it bodybuilding, and it seems no point in changing that strategy for this silly contest."

Laveaux's ruthless power fucking drove many asses to a horny apex of on-stage hard-cock perfection.  But in the end Laveaux decided that his little experiment was not worth it.  "I probably could have performed better in the bodybuilding had I not done this," he reflected.  "And while it is fun showing of my cock and muscle, in the end I love to flex too!"  Which seems to mean it is unlikely we will see Laveaux compete in AP ever again.

As for Pene?  Well, he told us he would gladly do AP again, but also "I can use my buddy's power cock to help me prep, so if he stays with bodybuilding, I will probably stay inn that sport as well, too!"



  1. Think what you want, but I think that these two studs are absolutely terrific. As everyone knows my own taste is for the lighter style, which is shown here to perfection. I just love their physiques::every muscle is perfectly balanced and shown to perfection. And the two of them have nothing at all to be shamed of in the man meat department. - two stunning cocks - I wonder what Cockwatcher might say, if he decides to make a comment. I particularly like Diego, on the left, with his massive cock knob and tightly held balls, but his companion on the right has a very attractive pair of balls even though they are a bit low slung for.my taste. But this shot really shows us just what a massive rounded pair of jewels Michel has.(Michelle is a woman's name, by the was, as I think I have said beofore). . I am really sorry that this AP division is viewed with such little interest. I seriously think that this is one of the best shots of the year and yet another winner of the Pan Africa series, which, overall looks as though it might well be the best of the year..

  2. Diego Pene is the perfect example of how a muscle-cock stud should look. His truly is a text book cock, rigid and hard, perfectly balanced between length and girth and what a terrific head, beautifully presented thanks to some perfect cutting at some time in this stud's life. I also like the tightly held balls this guy has. In fact his fucking combo could well serve as the model for the golden phalluses which winners are awarded as trophies. Michelle Lavoux is also quite a stud, with a magnificent pair of balls - among the best, if not the very best, we have seen this season, but his shot is spoiled by the fact he is holding his cock. Why did he do that? Is it because it will not stand up by itself and needs some support? Also if you look closely, you will see that he appears really to be really his tool which had made the shaft bulge out and spoil the overall effect. But the other thing I really like about both guys is that they have not overdeveloped their thigh muscles so that their upper legs are in harmony with their torsos. They both have the balance which so many competitors miss. I think that any young aspirant to this sport would do well to look upon Diego Pene as a role model on which to base their own development. For me he is just the tops.

  3. It's great to see two young bucks - meant to be competitors, but also helping each other out in the cock game by pounding their oversized muscle dicks into each other. That kind of camaraderie will serve them well as they mature into competitive muscle beasts.

  4. No one is going to read this now, as all attention is on 2015, but these two studs are quite exceptional. They moved the Pan Africa into a different style with their beautiful,physiques and superb cock presentations. So, I think they both ought to consider competing somewher in 'Alpha Complex' of events. Are there any African and Asian competitors yet?