Former bodybuilder Peto Mjabwe (left) has done well in the Aroused Physique division, where he has placed first three times in a row.  
Yet while fans of this new modeling-heavy division are pleased, overall there is a huge resistance to the addition of this "less powerful" sport.

Back stage near the pump room were clusters of muscled young men, bent over and begging for a gigantic cock to get shoved in their muscled asses.  Several of the massive, muscled brutes used these eager holes to prep their horny cocks for the stage, but there always seemed yet another well-muscled young ass begging he massive men of naked bodybuilding for a hard, ruthless fuck.  

"I thought they were NBA's," The Piston Elan Destin said.  "I thought they had too many NBAs and they were getting crowded.  Then someone told me that they are the male models int he Aroused Physique division, and they mostly prepped through anal stim.  I never saw a pump room with so much available fuck hole!"

It seems the prefered way the man of Aroused Physique prep is primarily anal – and a lot of it!  "We do not flex on stage like bodybuilders," said contest frontrunner Peto Mjabwe.  "We can not get horny off of muscle flexing.  So we have to hyperstim our cocks to maintain erections under less on stage stimulation.  Using the prostate and monster muscle cock is a preferred prep for us."

While most naked bodybuilders dislike the new division because it is more like muscled models with big cocks, backstage there has been the obvious benefit of more holes for the pro muscle men to prep their cocks with.  



  1. Looking at these two young studs grasping their cocks as if they need support to hold them up, saddens me for as I have repeatedly said, cocks should not need to be supported manually on stage as it spoils their true outline. Anyway, these two young guys have nice muscles, but, frankly, their cocks are just too, too, big for their bodies. Just look back one shot and take a relook at the four middle weight guys shown there. They are just so very much better. I can see the AP division falling flat on its face if we go on like this. At the end of the day, we the fans rely on interesting pics for our almsmen. All that happens off stage is just a load of words. So, please can we concentrate on really attractive shots rather than this sort of thing? I think that the AP idea needs a complete rethink as it does not fit in at all with the driving ideas behind the IFNB blog. Let’s have some other comments on all this.

    1. I share your views on this shot, but on the positive side, we really get a good view of Mjabwe's balls. This is a quite exceptional pair of sperm generators better than most. Also they look twice as big as is co-poser's

  2. As Mjabwe explains it, it makes total sense that the Aroused models need deep anal stim to stay at top horniness-levels, since they cannot get as worked up on self-worship as the regular naked bodybuilders, since their muscle is just not that impressive and the posing is more fluid and about cock position and cumming.

    I suppose it’s a good thing that the Aroused models are putting their asses out there, since at the most recent pro events there has seemed to be a shortage of quality NBAs with fuck holes and throats wide enough and deep enough to be available to the monster-dicked muscle competitors to get keep their fuck-sticks appropriately stimulated to perform at Alpha levels. But it seems like a bit of a waste to have all those lean bodies with huge, long, cum-filled dongs idle while their owner’s asses are getting rammed by another huge-cocked muscle beast. Maybe some semi-planned “daisy chains” or tables set out for “69-ing” in the pump rooms would help get some better organization around getting competitors hole-dominating poles into the appropriate man-cunt.

  3. I do agree with Cockwatcher that grabbed cocks are not kosher! Why do they do it? As to our friend, Anonyme, he has lost me in his wordy analysis of the whys and wherefores of pre- stage copulative techniques culminating in his final sentence which I find totally incomprehensible – but then. I am a simple soul

    The thing I do not understand at all about this new AP division is just what the contestants actually do on stage. Are they or are they not capable of coordinated non-manually assisted ejaculations with their body poses, as is the case with the normal IFNB contestants? So, looking at this pic above, where both guys are spouting sperm out of their fuck sticks, how do they do it? Is the fact that they are grasping at their cocks an indication that what we are seeing here is as a result of jerking off – straightforward masturbation in fact? If not, how do they do it? Perhaps Donovan who is an expert on all copulative matters associated with the training and performance of contestants and their NBAs could throw some light on things. And if you do, Donovan, please do not blind us with science – just tell us simply how it all happens.

    1. Most Alphas I see squeezing their cocks are trying to stretch them by forcing them to get bigger. After a moment they can release their grip, let more blood flow in, and their erection is bigger than it would have been. It can also help in shooting cum farther.

      As a part of their performance on stage, Alphas know that they getting the crowd worked up usually leads to the judges scoring them higher, and nothing revs up a crowd like massive loads hitting the cheap seats!

  4. As for the original question, I am not surprised in the least that the Aroused Physique athletes are using so much anal stim. My cock is at its biggest, hardest and most prolific, at the end of competition season, after getting hundreds of Alpha loads and first-rate prostate abuse.

    Having so many AP athletes was actually a good thing in the end. With so many Naked Bodybuilding Assistants taking 10+ loads per hour, we needed a way to release all their pent up aggression (from all the Alpha cum). Those of us over 250lb were in particular need of release, and having all those tight candy asses (sorry guys) eager for dick was a convenient outlet.