Still oozing cum like a real man, Pierre Douton (center) takes home the Golden Phallus after winning the Overall title 
at this year's Pan-Africa.  The award was presented by two NBAs who both suffered through the intense, champion-level
 hole-fucking Douton uses to prep his cock for the win.  Both clearly experienced visible muscle and cock growth 
due to being filled with so much of Douton's superior enhanced muscle cum.

The sound of deep bellowing mixed with enthusiastic cheers back stage after the final round of posing at the 2014 Pan-Africa.  Pierre Douton won the show that made him famous, and the sauntering mass of wasted no time back stage using the muscled asses of the vanquished to celebrate his victory.  The usually stern and emotionless muscle beast Elan Destin, "the Piston,"  cried out in horror as his hole was torn open by Douton, yet showed he is a valiant loser by holding his massive quads open, obediently allowing the champion to please himself on the second-place muscle ass.

The Piston's pecs bounced in rhythm with Douton's victory fuck, yet Douton seemed utterly unconcerned with the comfort of Piston.  Instead, Douton basked in the cheers and admiration of the naked muscle around him.  Flexing massive biceps shots and wide lat spreads, Douton never faltered from his pounding, instead pleasuring himself off the way we all admire his thick beef.

And thick it was! Douton's prep for his final round in the Pan-Africa allowed him to bring to the stage a level of thickness that was unbeatable.  His biceps ad shoulders were unreal in their growth, and his tree trunk legs the thickest of his career to date.

While criticized for taking the risk of SPD cycles to enhance his cum, Douton nonetheless quieted doubters by controlling his mind-blowingly thick piece of man meat.  The horny muscle stud juiced out 19 loads this final round, controlling a solid 17.  Reports claimed that shortly after leaving he stage, Douton reduced SPD in order to show his powerful domination int he release room.  It is truly frightening to think how much that beast of a man will need to plow ass to come down off this horny victory!

Elan Destin was likewise thick and meaty, and his 15/14 round cum game was impressive, yet not enough to top the unstoppably alpha muscle of Pierre Douton.  Jail Mhoulai took home the third place, bringing middleweight cred to the top three with a perfect cum-flexing 9 shot round. Tedi Ballo narrowly missed third place overall, but his fourth place was gratifying.

Douton promised to show those he beat what a real man looks like and the massive muscled brutes of this contest were no doubt all filled with hot Douton sperm by the time the night was over.  While no official policy exists, it is tradition for the winner to be granted access to whomever he vanquishes, and the caliber of the athletes this year meant there was no griping as the muscled monsters one by one opened their meaty gluten for the arrogant alpha muscle stud to use hole to his greedy fill.

The Africa made Douton an IFNB star, and once again he takes home the top prize.  After last year's embarrassment, the victory is twice as sweet!



  1. Not a surprise after his strong finish at the Mister Alpha. I am very curious: how is Douton protege Diego Pene doing in the amateur ranks this year?

  2. This is an incredible shot of Pierre Douton, who personifies here everything the IFNB blog holds dear, - massive muscle, massive cock and dominant personality. This shot really gives us the best look at Douton’s cock which must be one of the biggest in the business. It is huge, with a magnificent knob and perfectly balanced, which has been, for me, one of the key characteristics of this PA series, Just flick back through the pics and you will see what I mean: we have been treated to a superb selection of fuck sticks throughout. It would have been nice to have a comparable shot of Douton, with a soft cock in the way we have of Ballo in the previous picture, for it is always nice to compare like with like. It would also be great if we occasionally got a shot of one of the winners, in this case, Douton, shafting the second placer, as is the custom, so that we could actually see a fuck scene for real, rather than just in words.

    If we compare this shot of Douton with the previous one of Tedi Ballo, it is quite clear that Douton has the edge, just based on his physique. So, he also did better at shooting cum and so on, but all that aside at the end of the day, he does have a better balanced body than Ballo, whose thighs, at least in picture before us, appear to me just a little too overdeveloped for his torso. This having been said, both guys look terrific, even though I prefer some of the lighter contestants myself. At the end of the day, I personally, still like Ballo better as he does not look so much like the avenger, which is the impression which Douton gives. Let’s face it, Douton’s face is really menacing, which may well be the impression he wants to give, whilst Ballo is much more ‘sympa’ as the French would put it. I wonder why Douton had to have the two NBAs pose beside him, for in his presence they look as though they have been on a starvation diet, although the guy on the right has a cock to rival Douton’s. Douton did not need them as supports, for he stands alone.

  3. There is something horribly wrong about this pic of Douton. His head and traps do seem to belong on the superbly muscular body to which they are attached!. For those of us who like the real heavy stuff, the body and cock are superb, but not the head and traps. The head looks like a pea on a drum in the context of that body. Sorry, but that is how I see it. I am surprised that Jason did not notice this, as from memeory, he commented on a similar anomaly in one of the Dragoncock competitors. anomlay, as he

  4. Honestly did not see Douton taking the overall this year, but his performance more than justifies it. He scored really well, and despite recklessly using SPH like an addict, his cum game, on and off stage was awe inspiring. And those reports of him dosing once after the competition are inaccurate; he dosed THREE TIMES: once coming off stage, and twice during his release. After he over-splooged the first two runners up, he began making his way through the other top ten, in the release room. I counted at LEAST another 19 loads of release for him. I need to see if I can train with this guy before everyone leaves.

  5. I head from someone backstage during the semi-official victory fuck fest, that the greatest yells came from the Piston when Douton was fucking him with his own huge member, but also shoved in the huge Golden Phallus trophy at the same time - double penetrating his ass with two symbols of his Alpha dominance!