IFNB pro heavyweight competitor Dev Ulawe competes as a heavyweight for the first time at the Pan-Africa 
after turning pro as a middleweight a year ago.  He brings a formidable balance of thickness 
in cock and upper body that may alter the expectations of fans for the winners.

The IFNB Pan-Africa has traditionally been a show which attracts many newer competitors to the pro ranks, and has thus been the contest competitors hit to rack up quick wins and get o the board.  Top pro Pierre Douton was a small-time pro who rose to mega-stardom by ruling the Africa ranks every year, and setting an example that's is the show to get your thick cock shoved unrelentingly into the eyes of fans where it might be overlooked at bigger IFNB pro events.

This means there are no "long shots" at the Africas, and just about any pro could enter the top mix of winners.  Which is what Francis "Dev" Ulawe is counting on.

Dev turned pro in late 2013 as a middleweight, and while his name was big on the amateur circuit he has been relatively undistinguished in the pro game.  A solid poser, Ulawe always carried excellent cock scores from judges, yet did;t have the full package that it takes to stand out.  His last outing was the 2014 Mr. Alpha, where his inability to break the top 30 left him unknown.

But "at the Mr. A I had the chance to hold the heavy cock of JK Roher [who went on to win the whole contest]," Dev told us.  "When I pumped that thick dick backstage and saw how eagerly he wanted to push his pecs in my face, I knew there is another level to pro competition I needed to seek.  I told him I was ready to do what it took to learn what he knew, and got the chance to train for 3 moths at Roher's ow nude gym facility this spring."

The alliance between Ulawe and the reigning Mr. Alpha paid off, as Ulawe arrived 27 lbs heavier than his showing at the Mr. A, and his cock was an inch thicker in girth, with a uniform fatness that says this is a ma who ravages all he fucks.  Most of his muscle gains were in his previously lacking upper body, and his cock and muscle balance is remarkable.

Douton won the Africas 3 times as a heavyweight, where a competitor with a terrifyingly attractive cock can gain points and muscle out the big boys to win.  Dev's loads have been thick and frequent in the Contest Training Facility, and he buzz has begun: could Dev Ulawe be the next phenomenon to be launched from the Pan-Africa?



  1. Maybe, but I would not bet on it. I would put my money on the Ballos. They look terrific, uncle and nephew. - a very well matched pair.

    1. I don't know. Ulan's shape is incredible and he has an awesome cock that is BOTH thick AND long. If he blows a lot of cum when he flexes, he is a definite threat to the big boys.

      Of course, Ulawe is a heavyweight, so would not be compared to the super heavyweight Ballos except for the overall final of any round. So his horny cock could get judges on his side in a lot of posedowns long before he has to out flex the beefy Ballos. He has a few advantages that his lust-inducing look can exploit.

  2. Ulawe definitely has a great champ body, but there's so much talent at this year's contest it's too tough to play favorites at this point. My only quibble, and I know there's only so much one can do with genetics, is his curved dong. He has great muscular symmetry and form, and the cock itself is magnificently fat and veiny, with a huge bubble head that I always love to see. But it is spoiled by that pull to the right - it just throws off the overall look of his body to have that monster shooting off that way. On side poses I'm sure he can roll it in a pleasing way across his left thigh, but on a frontal lat pose like this, it just pulls too far over. As I say though, that's my preference, and I'm sure that if his cum game is good, he can make up some points.

    1. Good eye! Cock curves are preference, and as they are not scored, judges try to negate biases. But we are all human, and so a curved dick can definitely cause skews in posing.

      You;re right that he can probably be rock hard and throbbing while he hits side poses and loo like the epitome a dominant, horny stud. But your point about his front lat spread is totally correct: his front poses can very much throw his scores due to imbalance.

      Fortunately, as you mentioned, that cock of his is SOO fucking delicious and horny that he at least can make up for it in quality scores. Likewise, he doesn't look rock had here, so there could be a soft effect we are seeing.

    2. I have to sy that i do not find curved cocks very attractive. But I also find this style of chest out- stomach sucked-in pose unappealing. Just compare him with the Ballo joint shot a few days ago; uncle and nephew look so much better. and they have super straight fuck sticks of enormous proportion. Just ask yourself whom you would rather look at. I know my own choice.

    3. As realBBer says above, this guy's cock looks as though it is not fully hard. Let's hope it straightens up when he is truly ready to shoot, for at the moment, horny or not, it is not really very attractive viewing. As others have remarked elsewhere, some of the middle weight guys have better looking cocks than their heavy weight counterparts. Overall thought, he is just not one of my favourite PA competitors.

    4. Ulawe needs to get something done about that bent cock. I am sure that it is a great tool, to fuck with - even that huge bend might give an added sensation both to him and to his trainer, but in my view it will be his undoing at competiton level,. I also think his upper torso is out of kilter with the rest of his physique. He has lots of upper body and arm muscles but his abs are hardly visible. He needs to work on them. Sorry, but this guy is not for me. Shall we see him again later in the competition?

    5. You know, bent cocks are not always so bad. It is the direction of the bend which is offputting here. If Ulawe's cock, after leaving his body dropped straight down parallel to his legs and then bent backwards, it would not be too bad. It is this sideway's bend which is not at all attractive. I'm surprised that some cock lab. has not produced a cock straightener to help such guys, as bent cocks are quite common and I guess that their owners ain't going nowhere in this sport..

  3. Dev looks like a champion. His upper body shows strength and power, especially his wide lats, which are only glimpsed here from the front. His nipples are small. They do not dominate his pecs, but instead give his pecs sexy tit points. His thighs are muscular but lean. They have good cuts, and they make an excellent setting and contrast for his fat,fleshy, not heavily veined cock shaft and smooth round cock head. Dev's curved cock is a distraction and disadvantage for some fans. But it might possibly be a secret weapon that could win championships for him. In this pose, Dev's cock is not fully hard, so all its power and glory can not be seen and appreciated. On stage in competition, Dev's fully erect curved fuck stick will be a power tool in performance. Others might have perfect symmetry, but Dev has "la differance" to set him apart and above. Jizz will spew in majestic arcs from his massive curved missile. These arcs of cum will be definite show stoppers and audience pleasers.