The IFNB (International Federation of Naked Bodybuilding) is the worldwide competitive organization for bodybuilders who possess fantastical levels of masculine form, attitude, muscle and power.

It's a world where the most massive muscle imaginable merges with reality-defying, gigantic cocks and then becomes real right before your eyes! Bodybuilder fantasies of arrogant, over-endowed muscle-men – eager to show off their amazing bodies for devoted fans – become a reality here. The IFNB is where the line between imagination and reality blurs via imagery and words . . .

Official IFNB rules require complete nudity and mandatory cum shots during judged competitive bodybuilding posing.

In this blog we cover those IFNB competitions and events. Posts include onstage pics, pumproom shots, and exciting nude bodybuilding stories and reports, as well as hard-dicked posing, naked gym training, IFNB competitor nude bodybuilding lifestyles, and much more.

**Please note that as of April 2018, all archive posts (pre-May 2012) have been added back to the main site. The private archive site is still up for now but will close at some point


IFNB 2012 Seoul Dragoncock 04

Hey contest expediter lucks out and gets showered by a load ofmuscle cum from an IFNb pro!

Pro IFNB bodybuilders keep their massive, enhanced cocks arousedfor hours at a time — sometimes even days! These amazing gods havetrained themselves for years to be able to cum on command and droploads very frequently. in a contest scenario, they train to keep their arousal nearly constant, and are perpetually ready to bust a massive shot of sperm.

sometimes the pressure just gets too great, and very often the competitors start shooting cum all over the prep room. Here, IFNB pro Yao Dasukai drops a delicious shower of man juice on one of theprep room organizers.  Often, pro bodybuilders don't like therecome to "go to waste," and prefer to unload on – or better yet,inside — of a lucky bodybuilder assistant. Apparently hereDasukai's assistant was not nearby, so Dasukai requested a preproom attendant to receive his incredible load.

Fans will be familiar with the calm and casual (and arrogant)expression Dasukai wears on his face while cumming. No doubt this is only the first of many dozens of loads Dasukai will shoot during
this first event at the Dragoncock. Thus, he is not concerned with dropping a few huge loads while still in the prep room— he will no doubt has the ability to produce a whole lot more! What does he
care about one measly load? Pro nude bodybuilders are trained to shoot pints upon pints of cum at the height of their game; one load is easy for them and doesn't impact their incredible virility and cock stamina at all.

Top IFNB Pro Nude Bodybuilder Kenny Jeung at the Dragoncock mega-plex gym opening party.

This year the Dragoncock featured an incredible and massive all- nude mega-plex bodybuilding gym!  On the first night of the Expo the gym was transformed into a private party to which IFNB blog reporters gained access.  IFNB officials and top nude bodybuilding corporate brass were invited to mingle among the incredible  nude muscle athletes  competing in Dragoncock Contests. Over 180 naked, swollen muscle studs brought their massive, horny erections to the gym to mingle with the sponsors and officials of the nude bodybuilding world.

Among the amazing competitors there, the incredible heavyweight pro champion of the 2011 Dragoncock Kenny Jeung was on hand. Kenny would be competing in his first round the following morning, so was in contest-prep during the party. That is why his coach made sure that his cock remained tightly bound and his erection was ferociously and powerfully hard.


  1. Holy shit, that prep room attendant is a lucky kid! Dasukai's loads are AMAZING! Imagine a top pro telling you to kneel down just because he doesn't want to waste a load - a naked bodybuilding fans' dream, for sure!!!

    I love how casual Dasukai looks, too; like it's no big deal to just drop a massive load of hot muscle sperm! I can only imagine how intensely this muscle stud must blast when he's VERY aroused!

    I can't wait to hear how he did in the contests!!


  2. I am PSYCHED to see Kenny Jeung in the IFNB Dragoncock again this year! His legendary massive pecs look even bigger this year, and his overall thickness is even more dense than last year! Truly going to ROCK this contest!!

    Also, judging by this pic, his amazing bull-cock looks even thicker than in previous contests! Apparently he has undergone a LOT of cock enhancement to prep for this show, and that's what judges look for! A lot of bodybuilders forget that, when they get their body thicker, they also have to work to get their cock meatier as well, so that the body and dick match. Jeung seems to be bringing a package that is overall more uniform and swollen than ever before!

    PSYCHED to see him kick ass and flex his meaty muscles in competition!!!!


  3. There is a new product my company is making, "keepHard", which prevents such unfortunate waste. It is a two-stage product: one spray lets you stay hard and orgasm as much as you want, but prevents you from cumming. (It has become a huge hit on the S&M scene). The second stage spray reverts your ability to cum, for That special climax, or for the actual show in the IFNB.
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    1. I am eager to try that supplement!

      That sounds familiar to the specialty treatments a lot of the pro's use. Some apparently put these muscle studs into orgasm states that last well over an hour, even if they are not cumin during that time.

      Of course, being in a perpetual orgasmic state means they are very volatile and basically only good for flexing - and fucking, of course, haha!

      I know that training to maintain arousal, orgasm or cum load is a key point to becoming a top pro bodybuilder in these leagues, and even if I never hit a pro stage, well, who WOULDN'T want to have the cum power of these guys???

      Keep us posted on other supplements. Currently, at the gym I use BoneRX, which gives me RAGING swollen hard-ons and when I pump up or flex my dick gets double hard. It reacts to the creatinine levels or something in the body, so the more muscle activity, the more dick intensity. But it does nothing for cumming. Sometimes I try Splatter Force Pre-Workout, and that creates HUGE loads, but it is hard to control them and sometimes I am cumin my pants when barely through half a workout.

      Goes to show that the over-the-counter stuff is good, but the "special treatments' the pro's use are CLEARLY what makes it work. Even still, there are some damn good supplements out there.

    2. Thanks for your comment. The pros use massive amounts of steroids and peptides to make their muscles grow while maintaining low bodyfat, so it is no wonder they use our supplements to bring their ultimate erection to the competition.
      When Viagra first came out, it was very popular at the IFNB, but our products blew v out of the water with its targeted control over ejaculation and orgasms. virtually all competitors take massive doze of fast-actiong testosterone and keepHard just before the show, to be able to get hard, stay hard, and cum so much, again and again. The average athlete will take the whole 3-day supply before the show, and another full supply during the break (the sex-exposition and the ejaculation competition).
      Have you seen the hand-free cum competition? it would not be possible without our products.

    3. I have seen there Hands-Free competitions! I know they are not "official" bodybuilding competitions, but I haven't seen an IFNB event that didn't have two or three hands-free cum contests at the expos.

      I knew that keepHard was popular among the pros, but that is FASCINATING how much they use!!! Are there any products your company produces that only pro's have access to?

      Recently, I tried a double-dose of keepHard, and when I applied the second stage, in five minutes my cock began cumming a MASSIVE load!!! Lasted about 5 minutes, and then about 15 minutes later it began again. All my mind went into my cock, and I couldn't control it! Just cum and cum! Then I calmed down, but my cock was still rock hard. When I grabbed it - BOOM! - it began to cum again! It just kept happening! Eventually, I was orgasming without barely any sperm coming out. I was writhing on the floor of the locker room for easily 45 minutes, my stiff cock spraying every few minutes. There were 7 or 8 men gathered around, and while at first concerned, they soon switched to impressed, and a few were even finding it funny and laughing. It was embarrassing, yet invigorating. And it taught me that there requires a LOT of cock and cum training before one tries to experiment with these supplements. That foolish and embarrassing experiment showed me just how much the pros train their cocks to have such expert control!!!

      I also once watched a college aged kid pop 6 or 7 Dong Maxx tablets (the dose pre-workout I think is only 1 tablet), and about 20 minutes into his training his cock literally began pulling his shorts way beyond. It looked a solid 10 inches and FAT and the kid was moaning and screaming as his cock grew so rapidly. He had to yank it out in the gym just because the pressure was too great! I was blown away by watching that monstrous dick swell. A dude there who competes started forcing him to do bicep curls and use the cables. He was screaming in cock agony, but the guy bullied and FORCED him to do rep after rep, swelling his muscled body. Apparently, the working of the muscles eases the effect - the kid HAD to train hard or else his cock might literally explode! By doing this, eventually his growing cock subsided. He maintained a hard-on afterward for a few hours, apparently, but the effect of the strained cock was relieved. Apparently, Dong Maxx contains something that can cause CRAZY swelling in the cock and needs to be gradually taken. The kids dick did not grow permanently, but he has put on another inch in the past 8 months since that incident, by taking the supplement pre-workout.

      Does your company have a similar supplement to Dong Maxx? If so, any stories of it's use?

    4. The above poster is correct about the hands-free competitions. They are NOT official IFNB contests.

      However, they are a blast to watch. Literally! HAHA!

      Athletes are allowed to flex to cause their cumloads, but can not touch their cocks or balls. A few years ago, they also disallowed touching of the asshole, which was allowed in the past. They had to because too many dudes were shoving fingers up their asses to cause the cumloads. Sort of defeated the purpose of the contest.

      They give prizes for fastest cumshaw, most cumshaws, shortest recovery between cumshaws, distance, number of sprays, and quantity of cum, both per-load as well as total quantity. There are occasionally fun style prizes, for dudes who cum in dramatic ways.

      In 2009 I saw IFNB pro legend Dan Otter make an appearance in a hands-free contest, and it was MIND-BLOWING! This guy can LITERALLY target someone with his sprays! At one point, he hit a crab, and shot 8 times, landing one spurt EXACTLY IN THE FACE of each of the 8 judges in the front row - dead on the nose of each one! In that same contest, he had an AMAZING 17-shot load, and also shot cum in the air and caught it in his own mouth!!! Otter is an AMAZING pro bodybuilder, but also quite the cum showman!!!


    5. Thank you for sharing stories of how you use our products! I know they're in use by the pros, but I like to read how it inspires people like you to use KeepHard for their own recreational fun.
      We have no secret products, since it is my goal to increase world cum! any improvements I make in the formula (yes, I test them all, on myself and on select IFNB pros who want the latest edge), I put immediately into production.

      The test procedure may be of interest: the bodybuilder takes a doze of KeepHard, and then 3-6 young fitness models enter the test room and start stimulating the bodybuilder at scientifically selected stimulation spots, including nipples, balls, ass (they just fuck him) and cock (they suck him), armpits and lips, creating the ultimate in erection angle and stiffness of the bodybuilder's cock, which is
      measured and recorded. This goes on until he can't flex anymore, since the stimulation is too much to handle.
      Most test subjects beg to be allowed to cum at that point, which is an opportune moment to test the effectiveness and response time of Stage Two. I have top fitness models actually PAY ME to be part of those test sessions, since they get to fuck a bodybuilder while stimulating his huge pecs!

      Dong Maxx was my first product! alas, my business partner stole it and started Dong Industries. It is the base for KeepHard's second stage.
      I'm working on a cum volumizer product, which combines cum production and cock muscle enhancer, for ejaculation quality. Soon, Dan Otter's display of cum will become standard, as I'm seeing amazing results with some IFNB test subjects.
      A certain bodybuilder, who never competed in the IFNB due to average erection performance (like many men with huge cocks, his was not getting really hard and erect), managed to ejaculate 20 shots, 10-20 feet distance, 7 feet height, 2 ounce each! It was a sight to behold, since he was flexing and changing poses between each shots, his massive pecs and biceps bouncing and flexing to the rythm of his cum-shooting enormous cock. He has registered to the next IFNB show, hoping to take 1st place on his first competition!

      Initial testing show that the product creates a psychological addiction. Since the product also allows you to maintain erection even immediately after cumming, and re-cum within 5 minutes (average, n=3),
      test subject became, practically, muscle whores. That bodybuilder used a month supply in a week, entertaining admirers and fans of his muscles, now also fans of his cock. He practically agreed to become my slave for a steady supply!
      So you can see this is a dangerous drug, creating an addictive cycle of erection, orgasm and cum. Addiction is created within 2 dozes. It will be some time before I will be releasing that outside IFNB shows.

    6. This is AMAZINGLY informative!

      First off, I had NO idea that Dong Industries produced knock-off products. That explains the variance in results. I have tried Dong Industries' product Nip Shock, but didn't like it. Yes, it made my nipples ELECTRIC and caused stimulation, but the product was hard to dose, and often I would start cumin shortly after applying it. What good is a stim supplement if it over-stimulates? Sort of defeats the purpose. Also, Dong Industries sperm-based protein drink tastes weak - like, you KNOW there is NOT as much cum in the bottle as the package claims. I like the sperm drink Jizz-X WAY better - tastes more like a fresh load of cum.

      I think your company's testing methods are terrific!!! It is GREAT to see a company working hard to expand the supplements which a naked bodybuilder needs.

      I WISH we could learn the name of the bodybuilder who you were testing! Those cumshot results sound AMAZING!!!! I love that your company is committed to altering men's dicks like that!!!

      I know what you mean by muscle whores. It really is the only way to explain whet these men become. We fans don't see them that way, of course, because when taken WITHIN the context of naked bodybuilding, their constant sexual compulsions make perfect sense; they are top muscled athletes engaging in the world's most intense male sport, all trying to become the best at what they do. It is simple; the "price" for becoming a truly elite muscle freak champion in a sport about male prowess is to accept that they will be transformed into a hypersexual animals with nearly constant appetites for sexual activity. (WELL worth it, in THIS fan's opinion!)

      But taken OUT of context, to the average person these men seem like musclebound mega-sluts. Pretty much every IFNB pro has a literal DEPENDENCY on sex. Most of them can barely stop, which is what makes them such heroes - only a top pro can control these intense sexual needs!

      So it is nice to hear of your company's commitment to the advancement of naked bodybuilding. And it is fascinating to hear of the testing you guys do! As these drugs and supplements are completely addictive and many are not reversible, the testing process is crucial. The brave bodybuilders who subject their bodies to these tests in the name of advancing the sport are incredible!


    7. Low quality supplements can cause strange effects. One employee at a gym I used to go to used a low quality prostate-stimulation muscle builder and had HORRIBLE results. He was a big dude, and wanted an edge. The stuff was one of those prostate stimulators that increases muscle growth through prostate stimulation - but was not a tested drug. He only put on like 10 pounds, his cock BARELY grew, but he became dependent on anal intercourse. The poor guy would BEG to be fucked, and apparently had to be drilled a couple times a day. He would undergo physical discomfort if his ass wasn't regularly stimulated - ESPECIALLY during muscle training at the gym. He kept butt plugs in his ass at first, but the discomfort of NOT being fucked led him to keeping dildos up his ass, and eventually some VERY big dildos at that. I remember seeing this kid moaning after a set of biceps, then running into the locker room. You'd go in there seeing him slamming his muscle butt up and down on a 16" fat dildo - or larger. Pretty much EVER guy in the gym had fucked him. Eventually they fired him because he was TOO much of as distraction. He took a crappy supplement, never got the BIG results he hoped for, and merely transformed into a massive muscle ass pig. Which proves you need to stick with TOP QUALITY supplements and drugs like your company produces.

      After all, if you are going to end up with an EXTREME DEPENDENCY on sex, at LEAST gain the body of a god! Most IFNB bodybuilders have sexual training schedules that are just as intense as their weightlifting routines. If you do not understand the sport of naked bodybuilding, it would look like these massive muscle studs are merely sex pigs. But when you understand that the sexual extremes are actually what help them grow and advance in he sport, it makes sense.

      Every naked bodybuilding pump room or prep room is FILLED with jacked dudes fucking, sucking and cumming everywhere. It is ESSENTIAL to our sport!

      I am curious what other products your labs produce? KeepHard sounds legit and awesome. Do you have any other muscle builders through cock stim? Anal stim muscle builders? Cum-based proteins or workout drinks? Your company sounds thorough as compared to some of the other lesser, knock-off supplement companies out there.

      I know the pro's use specialized drug treatments (which are hard to find and expensive), and while we would ALL love to be able to do what they do, in the meanwhile the supplements like yours are worth it.

      By the way, I currently use Muscle Stroke post workout, which gives me AMAZING hard-ons for post training recovery. It's not for growth, just for recovery. I also like the pre-workout drink CumGuzzle XL, which is a sperm protein drink but is VERY expensive and hard to find. I know naked bodybuilding gyms sell it, but do you guys have a sperm drink for pre-workout?

      Where do you farm your sperm-based supplements? I know reputable labs have cock milking farms on-site, as opposed to contracting in cock milking third party. Do you guys have your own musclecock-milking facility, or do you import cum from an outside cum milking farm?


  4. I love pics like the first one that tell a little story! Also I wish you would morph a series of guys with giant pecs, preferably pawing one another!

    1. The IFNB photographers do try to capture the moments that best describe the thrill of competition and the mood of nude bodybuilding. No doubt at some point they will take a picture of the action at an IFNB event that captures the pec action you're referring to.